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Woman who had ribs removed needs corset to stay alive


   According to National Mirror; She’s the model who became famous for removing her ribs to look like Jessica Rabbit.

But after shelling out £80,000 on the surgery, doctors are warning her that her corset may need to be worn at all times to keep her organs in place.

Pixee Fox, 25, got the dream body she wanted after having six ribs removed for a thinner waist.
For good measure she also had a boob job, facial interventions and a lift to her bottom. This allowed her to get a record-breaking 14-inch waist.
However the self-proclaimed “body modification artist” who has also compared herself to a “living cartoon” has been criticised by a health expert during an appearance on Romanian television. See more photos
Pixee-FoxPixee-Fox (1)

Woman who had ribs removed to look like Jessica Rabbit warned she needs corset to stay alive

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