My Relationship Journal 05.

Proverbs 5:15-21


Please Note:

Today’s conversation is not an attempt to devalue married women, neither is it an endorsement of the sidechick. Rather it is to highlight some attributes some of these side chicks possess that can be emulated by wives to keep the fire burning in their relationships.


Unlike side chicks, it is easy for married women to lose their fashion sense either due to having their hands full with childbearing and keeping the home or due to the misplaced notion that dressing up is no longer necessary after courtship.

Men however are easily influenced by VISUALS THAN BY FEELINGS.


Men already have a mental picture and expectation that was formed during courtship and it becomes a let-down when the aesthetically pleasing view they were attracted to is no longer available.
This is one weakness side chicks have capitalised on.

Package and present yourself to be visually pleasing to your husband and watch him value and appreciate you more. Remember men are ego-driven and love to brag about their wives.


Men tend to be easily drawn to and end up in the arms of women who show care and affection to them.

SIDE CHICKS SUPPLY MASSIVE EMOTIONAL SUPPORT to men by affirming, caring, loving and supporting them. Contrary to popular opinion, men are very emotional.

There’s a child in every man that craves pampering. Have you not ever wondered why a man in his 60s will want his side chick to refer to him as ‘baby”?

Emotional support is a need for men and they’ll look for it either in your arms as a wife or with another WOMAN.

So you cannot afford to be too occupied or ignore this need. See your husband as your friend, play often and stop nagging him. Pamper him more, affirm him as often as possible.

  1. SEXUAL FLEXIBILITY Side chicks are usually audacious and are willing to offer flexibility in their sex lives.

However, some wives can be very rigid with their husbands and this leaves men unsatisfied. Wives should learn to master and understand the sexual needs and fantasies of their husbands.

Some wives have used the term “it’s not biblical” as an excuse for their sexual rigidity.

But it is ok to be adventurous in the bedroom as long as it is under the sanctity of marriage.

Note that this is not an excuse for men to cheat, but wives should also play a part in spicing up their sex lives.

In conclusion:

This is not to belittle the efforts and weight of what wives have to go through, as many wives have to deal with:

  1. Child bearing,
  2. Child rearing,
  3. Doing the house chores,
  4. Sometimes, contributing financially to the home front; and
  5. Also dealing with unsupportive husbands most of which these side chicks do not have to deal with.

This message is to encourage you, help you to adjust where necessary and ultimately to ensure you enjoy and maximise your marriage.

My goal is to help you achieve marital success & sexual fulfilment in marriage.

Blessings Always!

Lead Pastor

10, Itire road, ishaga b/stop,

@pstfemiolaitsn:. Instagram.


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