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Why do I love Lagos?

It was a swift transition, from an air of serenity to a place that plunges one into a state of intermittent perplexities
Alas! I had arrived a city fondly admired and revered by its inhabitants
The buses coated in yellow, littered the roads in its insatiable clamour for commuters seeking to earn a living.

In a flash, I began to nurture a fondness that translated into deep love for this unusual city…
The hustle and bustle on its streets sets you in motion, like a soldier armed for battle
its good citizens ever willing to offer directions to a stranger, who may have lost their way
The air of ambition that sweeps across its street, from young professionals to industrious businessmen
The array of pretty women, nicely endowed with admirable physical features
The vigour it inspires in the slothful
the confidence and bravery it triggers in the heart of the timid
The alertness its inhabitants imbibe even in secure perimeters
The bubbling nights that urges you to keep moving
its endless traffic that allows the free flow of sweet memories and fantasies
The solidarity the passengers exhibit in the face of intimidation from the danfo drivers…
These and more are the reasons why I love Lagos.

Ijeoma Deborah Ukasoanya (12/09/2017)
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