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What if Bitcoin Crashes to Zero? What happens to my Investment?

Someone asked a question about cryptocurrency.

QUESTION: What if Bitcoin crashes to zero and my investment crashes to zero as well, will I get my money back if it rises again?
✅Absolutely, YES!
For instance, you bought 0.01 BTC at $10,000 and BTC value crashes to zero, you still have 0.01 BTC in your portfolio.
So, anytime the value rises back up, your investment will rise as well.
This was one of the questions I didn’t get answer to in my early days.


BONUS TIP: Those who are patient will cash out on the heads of the impatient ones.

Guess what, the impatient ones will surely find their way back, in a bid to regain their losses… The circle continues.


0.00000000 BTC will cost you $0, no value.

So, any amount of BTC you have stays the same forever, only the value changes.

If BTC is currently 30k USD, and you have 0.01 USD valued at $1,000, even though BTC price crashes to $0, your 0.01 BTC still remains the same 0.01 BTC.

Anytime BTC price goes back to $30k, your 0.01 goes back to $1,000

I thought you should know this as an exchanger 😂 .

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