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What God cannot Do doesn’t Exist

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I was married for 22years without a child I could call my own. I got married February 13, 1999 in Osun State, like every other woman after Marriage, expecting to get pregnant and have children, but my own case was different. Sometimes due to frustration I would want to commit suicide, I was harshed at God for even creating me, but in all this God nevered gave up on me. I called my husband one of those days due to pressure to get another wife, but He refused still trusting God.
One day I called one of my Sisters and said to her what is life? Why is God so un-fair to me? I don’t have a good House, I don’t have a certificate, even child I can call my own, I became more frustrated.


I and my husband thought of adopting a child, only for the management of one of those adoption houses we went to adopt to tell us that a Male child goes for 1million while female child goes for 700k.
You can imagine how expensive even adoption is because the money was not there to have it. I have taken all kinds of medication both native and English all of no avail. I visited several doctors on fertility issues but none worked out as expected.

I and my husband later thought of IVF (in vitro fertilization), but where is the money going to come from? And with what we have heard sometimes it can fail. Do we have a choice? I’m 52 already and my husband is not getting any younger either. But this time we trusted the God of all possibilities and miracle for answers, we then decided to go for IVF to God be all the glory I tested positive in the first attempt (I became pregnant). The very day the doctor confirm me pregnant a man ran after me in the Hospital to ask me how we did it? That this is the seventh time his wife is going for it all of no avail it kept coming out negative. But I did it once it turned out positive….God is worthy of Praise!
Fears came in again on how I was going to carry the pregnancy due to my age and I am on BP drugs. I’m 52 years of age, to God be all the glory althrough the 9months, there was no complications on due date I delivered of a bouncing Baby Boy. Today to God alone be all the glory I and my Husband have our Samuel Miracle in our Hands, Secondly, we have our own house and I am a graduate today. The God of Signs, Wonders & Miracles have won all my Battles for me.
“What God can not do doesn’t exist”

Whatever you are trusting God for today is very much possible if you don’t give up Hope. He did it for Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rebecca, Hannah, Elizabeth, and Myself. It is Your turn, He will make your own Happen in Jesus Mighty Name!

Testimony by Mrs. Bosede G.O.
Compiled and Posted by Dickson.


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