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Weird! Christmas cow goes crazy, attacks man in Onitsha

Drama ensued in Onitsha, Anambra State yesterday as a middle-aged man, Obinna Adimora, a trader at the Onitsha main market was hospitalised for being seriously injured after being attacked by an angry cow.
Obinna’s journey to the hospital bed started when occupants of a commercial building at Ben Aghaeze Street contributed and purchased a cow for the Christmas.

It was gathered that the Christmas cow was bought at the popular Ugwuoba cattle market near Awka, Anambra State capital at the rate of N120, 000.
Unfortunately, when the butcher was making preparations to slaughter the animal, the angry cow had sensed what was about to befall it, thus it made a loud noise, escaped from the rope where it was tied and descended on the people waiting to share its meat.
The angry cow further went berserk, jumping all over the place. It broke the table placed in front of the building, used the horns to break the windscreen of a car parked around the place, as the people took to their heels.
But unluckily for Obinna, he fell while running and the animal descended on him.
The intervention of some Hausa (Suya sellers) and security officers in the neighbourhood prevented the ‘mad’ cow from sending Obinna to his early grave.
Meanwhile, the madness could not stop the cow from being killed as it was later bundled and slaughtered by the Hausa boys.
Expressing shock over the reaction of the cow, some residents of Ben Aghaeze Street claimed that the cow might have been possessed.
But Ikechukwu, one of the contributors asserted that the cow’s display of madness was just a mere drama as that did not stop them from devouring its meat.
He also regretted the attack on Obinna and prayed for his quick recovery.

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