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-Bishop David Oyedepo

  • That’s how much speed, God will grant everyone person that is involved in the Cell growth and replication wonder of this year.
    *’That God said it’ does not guarantee its delivery, we must secure the hand of God to have it delivered.
  • The hand of God cannot be organized. It cannot be programmed by man.
  • Thanksgiving is a mystery that puts you on top of the issues of life.
  • ‘Stand ye still’ means Worshipping, Praising God and then you transfer the battle to God.
  • It is heart-based engagement that counts with God, not the activity.
  • Your genuine engagement will always be noticed by God.

Somebody’s house was flooded, heavily indebted, could not pay house rent, packed into one room out of the uncompleted building and then building 1, building 2, building 3, building 4, a sanctuary for the Lord (documented testimony). She heard the voice of God, that sound of joy, “I’m pleased with you.”
-Everyone will catch a voice from Heaven this time.
Everything began to answer in their favour. You favour God’s things, He lavishes His favour upon you in return, that is what He does. That is what He does all the time. She entered through the gate and peace, she said, “one breeze blew on her.” She knew God was her last bus-stop and God said, “hey, I am here.”
“I settled down”, she said. I joined a service group, I was serving God tirelessly. I just got hooked up, to a point where God said, “I am pleased with you.”

Prayer: Lord, help me to reach that point, having arrived at my Promised Land. I must reach that point where I will hear from You, “I am pleased with you.” Help me Jesus.
Go ahead and pray that prayer. Help me to arrive at the point where I will hear from You that You are pleased with me. Help me to arrive at that point in my stewardship where I will hear from You that You are pleased with me. Help me to arrive there!!!
In Jesus precious name we have prayed.
Heavenly Father, thank You for this great moment in our lives. Let everyone’s package for this season be fully delivered. Let no one return empty handed and thank You for this, in Jesus precious name.



Let’s again be reminded that every prophetic Word requires the hand of God for fulfilment. It cannot be organized by man, it cannot be orchestrated by a group of people. There is no way to push the Red Sea aside for Israel to pass, it would have to be the hand of the Almighty God.

There is no scientific method anybody can use to pave a highway across the Red Sea: No but the wind blew and parted the sea on either side; 3 Million people walked through without having to jump or climb or needing a ladder.


He built a highway for them: children, adults, old and young. When Pharaoh thought this is one great wind that would help us to capture these people, he went down to the deep and were drowned there: all the host of Egypt were drowned in the Red Sea. It takes the hand of God, my friend.

It takes the hand of God to feed 3 Million twice a day. It takes the hand of God to supply water for 3 Million people all through their journey in the wilderness. That’s how the hand of God is the only way to see the plan of God in our lives delivered. The hand of God. It takes the hand of God!!

I know that it was the hand of God that built Faith Tabernacle. I know, because I am close to the operation to know that this is the raw hand of God. In fact, I said, “if any of the Pastors went round this building and said, ‘we built it, God will kill him’, because we had no capacity, no resources, no speed in our hands to do it.” His hand!
His mouth spoke it, His hand delivered it. That’s the process for every prophetic Word that will ever find fulfillment. It will require the hand of God for delivery.
1 Kings 8:15
That God said it does not guarantee its delivery, we must secure the hand of God to have it delivered.
1 Kings 8:24
Only the hand of God has capacity to deliver the plan of God, we must learn how to secure the hand of God if we must see prophetic Word agenda delivered in our lives. Church Gist. We must learn how to secure the hand of God, it cannot be organized. It cannot be programmed by man, it requires the hand of God to see the plan of God delivered in our lives. Thank You Jesus.
We saw the example of Paul and Silas. The Word declared, “you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free” (John 8:32). That is “thus saith the Lord.” You know the truth, then you are entitled to liberty.
Now they (Paul and Silas) were held bound in the Prison.
Acts 16:25
They prayed, “no sound, no voice”; they sang praises unto the Lord: loud praises, the prisoners heard them. They just secured the hand of God to confirm His Word and suddenly as God stepped in, you know He inhabits the praises of His people; as God stepped in, there was a great earthquake, the foundations of the prison were shaken: and immediately all the doors were opened and everyone’s bands were loosed (Acts 16:26, Psalm 22:3).
They sang praises and the prisoners heard them: so they were not quiet praises (Acts 16:25). They invoked the hand of God by bringing Him down through the mystery of praise and when God came down, the foundations of the prison were shaken, all the doors were opened and everyone’s bands were loosed (Acts 16:26). Great earthquake. He said, “the Lord reigneth, let the earth tremble” (Psalm 99:1). As God came down, the earth trembled. There was a movement as God stepped in and they walked into liberty. The prophetic Word was confirmed in their lives.
Remember, “whosoever the Son of God shall set free, he shall be free indeed” (John 8:36). So, they became free indeed, dignified. I mean, they had their bath in the Jacuzzi of the Jailer, “sirs”: something has turned.
-As you celebrate God and glorify Him, things won’t stop turning for you.
Let hear your loudest Amen.
Sir, the devil won’t stop you from praying as he will stop you from thanking God. He stops you from praising God, He gives you enough reason why you should not. He dampens your spirit by pointing you to somethings that are not working in your life. He blinds your life to things that are working so he (satan) can keep you stranded, but No More. I said, “No More”!!
-By this encounters of this month, I see you smarter than the devil all the days of your life!
It’s the way up.
Let’s look at this interesting analysis. In John chapter 11, we saw Mary and Martha saying to Jesus that Lazarus is sick and Jesus said a prophetic Word in verse 4, “this sickness is not unto death, but for the glory of God, that the Son of God might be glorified thereby” (John 11:4).
First prophetic Word: This sickness is not unto death.
Verse 23: Thy brother shall rise again.
Verse 25: I am the resurrection and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live.
And now got to the tomb of Lazarus (verse 39), he’s been there 4 days, by this time he stinks for he’s been dead 4 days.
Jesus said: if thou wouldest believe, thou shouldest see the glory of God
Verse 41: see what happened.
John 11:41 – “…Father, I thank thee for thou hast heard Me.”
Those 3-fold prophetic Words came alive, quickened, activated:
“Lazarus come forth”; he that was dead came forth (John 11:44).
You know the story. That is even from the mouth of Jesus, thanksgiving was required to see prophetic Words fulfilled. Remember, He abode there 2 days more (John 11:6). I don’t know but I want to assume that He was praying for He said, “I thank thee for thou hast heard Me” (John 11:41). Now the man is still stinking, “Father, I thank You for hast heard Me. Lazarus come forth” and he that was dead came forth (John 11:44).
That’s how powerful thanksgiving is in seeing prophecies fulfilled.
Now there is a Word that we have always interpreted to be peace but that’s not all the meaning. In Ephesians chapter 6 verses 10 to 13
“…wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day and having done all, to STAND”
Stand doing what?
Go back to 2 Chronicles chapter 20
2 Chronicles 20:3,12,17
They gathered together and prayed and fasted for 3 days. Jehoshaphat called the whole of Judah to pray.
Why? “We have no power or might against this company that has risen against us but our eyes are on you” (2 Chronicles 20:12).
Then a prophetic Word came that God is taking over the battle
Verse 17: “You shall not need to fight in this battle: set yourselves, STAND ye still and see the salvation of the Lord with you, o Judah and Jerusalem: fear not, nor be dismayed, tomorrow go out against them for the Lord will be with you.”
Stand ye still! Doing what?
You go to verses 18 and 19 (2 Chronicles 20), they were worshipping God. You go to verse 22 (2 Chronicles 20), as they began sing and to praise, God set ambushment against their adversaries and they were all smitten and not one of them escaped all the way to verse 24.
They invoked divine presence through praise.

“Stand ye still”
Now look at Psalm 84:4, “blessed are they that dwell in thy house: they will be STILL praising thee.”
So you are not just waiting aghast.
You are not just looking and gazing into the sky. You are to be still. To stand and be still means to stand in praise like Abraham: having done all, stand and he was strong in faith, giving glory to God (Romans 4:20). Then the prophecy was fulfilled.
To stand still means to be still, worshipping, blessing and praising God for His Word and then He comes through. Somebody’s story is changing. If that is your story, let me hear your loudest Amen.

They will be still, praising thee (Psalm 84:4).
Stand ye still and see the salvation of your God which He will show you today (2 Chronicles 20:17).
Having done all, stand with intense thanksgiving, praise and worship; He will confirm His Word.

Stand ye still: Thank You
Stand ye still: Worshipping, Praising Him and then you transfer the battle to Him.
It takes the hand of God to deliver the plan of God in your life and that hand is secured by having done all: you have engaged in warfare. He said, “this charge I commit to you my son Timothy according to the prophecy which went before thee, that thou might by them war a good warfare” (1 Timothy 1:18)
Having prayed, give thanks and then God will stretch forth His hand and bring His Word to pass in your life.

Can I hear your Amen!
-Grace to take responsibility in securing fulfillment of God’s agenda in your life, receive it now!

Let me remind you again, nothing of value is free, everything of value delivers at a cost. 20 years of membership won’t change anybody’s story but one month of genuine engagement can transform any destiny Sir. Not just the activity, but the heart-based engagement.

God is not looking at the outward, He is looking into the heart. The heart-based engagement.

Not that you are going for Covenant Hour of Prayer: “Well, we are going again. Hello, I am going again. If I don’t go, won’t they say I am not there. You know there is a place I sit, they will know that I am not there.

Oh God, I am here ooo. Thank You.”
You are not, at all. I can only hear what you say Sir, I can’t tell what is going on, on your inside.

Your genuine engagement will always be noticed by God sir. He will always show Himself strong on behalf of those whose hearts are perfect towards Him (2 Chronicles 16:9).

Let’s ask genuine questions and let’s re-position to get to the point where God is pleased with our engagement; watch what will happen afterwards.
-Many will hear from Heaven this month, God saying to you, “I am pleased with you.”
How many want to hear that from Heaven?
You will in the name of Jesus. You will hear from Heaven.
Be still and you will know that I am God. I will be exalted in the earth, I will be exalted among the heathen (Psalm 46:10).
Be still. Stand strong in your addiction to thanksgiving, praise and worship; you will know that I am God. I will exalt my name among the heathen, I will exalt my name on the earth. Church Gist. Be still and you will know that I am God.
You have prayed, nothing seems to be happening, begin to give intense thanksgiving. It’s the next point. When you don’t know what next to do, thanksgiving, praise and worship is what to do. When God comes down, solution will come.
-You will never know stagnation again in your life.
It’s a mystery and it’s a mystery that puts you on top of issues of life.
-You will never miss your steps.

Thank You Jesus!

You can praise your way out of that Prison house, because that is not where you belong. That is not where you belong.
You have been redeemed as a priest and a king, not a slave and a peasant; to reign on the earth, not to struggle for survival (Revelation 5:10). That’s the Word concerning you, yes it is real but we have to take responsibility to actualize.
Yes, it is real. It is settled in Heaven forever but we have to take responsibility to see it actualized in our lives.
So I see Queens and Kings.
-I see crowns on your heads.
-I see your slavery over.
-I see struggling for survival over.

Lift up your two hands and begin to bless the Lord. I will bless the Lord at all time, His praise shall continually be in my mouth (Psalm 34:1).

Please sing this song, Praise Team:
🎼We bless you Lord You are holy. We bless You Lord, You are faithful, You are holy, You are worthy. 🎼
Just bless Him and I want you to sing that song prophetically.
-From now, blessing God will become your new lifestyle!
-Every issue of your life will be met with thanksgiving.

I bless You Lord, You are worthy and forever You are God because I don’t know whether somebody else is doing that. So you can do that for yourself: I bless You Lord, You are faithful and forever You are God. I bless You Lord, You are glorious and forever You are God. I bless You Lord, You are dependable and forever You are God.

Now, I will like you to bless Him in your way while they (Praise team) lead us in song but you sing it on a personal note, not ‘we bless you’: ‘I bless you Jesus!”
I told my brethren, “brethren, the time of brethren ‘let us go’ is over. I am gone if you are interested you can come after.” If I had waited for them, I would have wasted my life. I am on my way going somewhere.

Praise God. How you look doesn’t stop it. Your coming doesn’t stop it. I know where I am going. If I am going to catch a flight and you are insulting me, I don’t have to wait, I might miss my flight and I can’t trek across the Atlantic, so please keep your insult, I am on my way going somewhere.
How many want to bless the Lord this morning?
Is He faithful to you? Is He wonderful to you? Is He glorious to you? Is He dependable to you? Is He holy enough to count on His Words?
Come on now: 🎼I bless You Lord 🎼
Give the Lord a biggest clap of praise. Amen.

-All the days of your life, you will be blessing the Lord and you will keep enjoying His favour.
-He will keep changing your story.
He is ever dependable, ever reliable, His hand can always deliver what His Word has said.
-You will walk in the realm of supernatural fulfillment of the Word in all areas of your life.

Tomorrow is our Covenant Day of Favour and that’s what you are entering into.
-It shall be an adventure of favour from henceforth till the end of your time on the earth.
-You will never know misfortune again.
-Your children will never know misfortune again.
-Your business will never know misfortune again.
It’s a day, a certain day, your Turnaround package, another man will not take.
One more time, stretch forth your hands towards these fliers, ask the Lord, for the fire of the Holy Ghost to be upon these materials.

Those that already have it, to be quickened, stirred up in their spirits to meet with their God tomorrow.

Those who are going to receive it today, ask the Lord to cause His fire upon these fliers to prick their heart, point them to the Saviour and gather them tomorrow into His presence for their own turnaround story in the name of Jesus and so shall it be in Jesus precious name.

-For every one of us who has been a been a part of this cell growth and replication wonder of this year, be blessed.
-The same way we are seeing what we have not seen for a long time, what you have never seen nor read in terms of God’s hand upon your life shall become evident.
-For every home that is opened up, you have opened up for the Ark of blessings: the blessings of God will keep speaking in your life.
-For every house provider who has been there all these years: watch out, your cloud is full, your rain must fall in the name of Jesus Christ.
-Everyone committed to this growth, nothing will ever be stagnated in your life.
-Everyone that is a part of making it happen, good things will never stop happening in your life.
-I proclaim God’s blessings upon everyone here this morning, everyone under the sound of my voice this morning: be blessed in the name of Jesus Christ.

Isn’t God wonderful? As at the last count, we had 10,208 new cells planted over the past 9 weeks. Give the Lord praise.
That’s how much speed, God will grant everyone person that is involved in praying, involved in going, involved in planting, involved in leading those new cells, in the name of Jesus Christ.
It shall be your year of supernatural speed in Jesus name.

Give God thanks.
Thank Him for His good hand upon your life.
There is water baptism this morning, please all the ones involved should get set and be part of this glorious encounter with Jesus.

CHoP is an acronym for Covenant Hour of Prayer.


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