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Ways to Earn Money on Facebook

Social Media is one of the good news of our time and one of the best thing that as ever happened to this generation, a lot of things as been transformed in our world today by the virtue of technology, not just technology but Social Media and Internet Marketing.

Facebook was solely created as a platform to come and have good time chatting with your friends, that is why it is a social media or a social networking platform, but there are so many added value along the line, and one of it, is using Facebook for Business.

So many Facebook users actually burn their data off chatting and having a good time with their fellow friends and loved one, as beautiful as this can be, it is not all there is to Facebook, there are so much more to explore, just like many of us ignore the Facebook games, apps, and inter-wares that can help us enjoy a better experience on Facebook, so also, many people ignore the Facebook Business opportunity, and that is exactly what this post is going to be focusing on, how to use the power of social media  “FACEBOOK” Specially, to promote your business and even earn good money online without having any offline business that you wish or want to promote. 

Facebook is making Business swift and easy to promote and it is also facilitating the ability to earn via the internet as a major factor.

You will agree with me, that one of the most popular trend on facebook this days, is the “FACEBOOK PAGE” Thing, yeah, we have the group where people tend to have fun and keep to the interest of individual and collective selves together as a group, but pages are both for individuals or brands and companies.

Now, how does all this convert to money?

I’d be explaining that right now, money does not fall down from the facebook website into our hands, No!

It is what we utilize it to do, that determines what we earn, there are thousands of individuals today, that are making a crazy money and some brands are even earning a living solely from the power of Facebook for Business growth and development.

Some of you might be wondering, does facebook pay people for listing their business on facebook? NO! 

They don’t do that. but they have so many resources to help keep your business stronger everyday.

I remember my friend once share a link to an health product from Clickbank, which focus weight loss, he share it on his facebook page which deals with weight loss and has majority of the followers to be from United Kingdom, in few hours, same day, he got to discover two people out of those who clicked on the link, end up buying the product.

And without any stress, my friend earn $300 in just one day, even without having a mindset of earning, he was just playing around, so i am about to show you, how you can also earn good money from Facebook.

I will be sharing you with few tips on How to Earn Money Strategically on Facebook;

1. Get your Business on Facebook : Do you have an offline business? You can list them for more feasibility on Facebook, in Australia and Russia, this is continually helping to grow small and medium scale business, even large scale business companies like Coca-cola utilizes facebook Pages to advertise their campaigns and make awareness of their products and brands to Billions of people all over the world, with fb ads, you can gain more likes on your facebook page, and also reach more audience within a short period of time, Selling products like Pizza as just gotten easier with facebook page and campaign management, you can also add a short video of your products, sales and what you are into, to the homepage of your facebook page so that viewers across the world can call you and make purchase.

There is almost no business that can not be listed for marketing and promotion on facebook, many people think its all about e-Businesses alone, No! Its not.

For instance a lot of digital technology manufacturing firms tend to list their products on faceook for sales with pictures showing the products and people who are interested can make an order for it and pay online for a home delivery.

2 . Promote Your Affiliate Business on Facebook : Do you know affiliate marketing is one of the best medium to earn money online today?

 There are a lot of folks all over the world who are making a killing with affiliate marketing and you can not afford to be left behind, if you are into affiliate marketing and you want to utilize facebook for business promotion, then you can be sure of making a whole lot of profits.

Facebook has a large population of users on their database, this tend to make it easy for us to market various vast category of products to users  through the network, You can either set up a campaign to reach those who are interested in health, wealth, business, sex or any other kind of niche on facebook or build a facebook page community with likes of those who’s interest will be in the direction of your products, for instance; you can set up a page for “Wealth Creation ” and teach, share and promote your affiliate links on this page that leads to a sales page, on click-bank or your personal website as the case maybe.

Affiliate programs like amazon associates, clickbank network, shareasale and others can really yield good revenue for you as a publisher, if you embrace the power of the Facebook.

3. Gain Traffic to your Adsense Site : This is very common on facebook already, all the ABC News, BBC, CNN and other top news sites around the web today that uses facebook page to promote their links by gaining a good number of likes on them are all targeted at building a good traffic database for their website which will end up increasing their google adsense earning.

I once ran a facebook ads to convert and make my campaign keyword and some other trending news to go viral to the targeted audience, which i spent $300 on facebook ads, the campaign was a productive one and i was able to earn $700 on my Google Adsense account, that day, this is how powerful facebook ads can be at reaching targeted audience, i also talked at the beginning of this article, about my phone that promoted his clickbank links and the clicks were just coming in as by the right category of audience and they ended up buying the products, which gave him a whooping sum of $500 in just a day.

4. Selling Your Own Products : This is one of the best ways to earn a lot of money on facebook, even without a facebook page, one of my friends in internet marketing business, has a lot of facebook friends, he made a video on how to earn $500 daily on the internet, since majority of the friends were interested in this niche, they quickly made their purchase, and he had a lot of sales even on the first day of launching the product,

Do you have knowledge and idea in a particular field that can help people in their lives and business? even in health and pregnancy? Food Recipe? Sex or whatsoever?

You can create an ebook in that line, you can made a video, and create a facebook page for this same interest, run some fb ads campaign to reach more of your targeted audience and you can be so sure of making a lot of profits.

5. Runs Facebook Profile For Business Brands and Personalities : Have you seen big churches around the world, big musicians, personalities and brands that are consistently updating their facebook handle and pages? 

The truth is, presidents of Nations don’t have the time for facebook, they would rather pay some body to run it for them, so you can work as a social media specialist for people who are in such position, their followers and fans will be excited to receive their updates on facebook as regard situations and circumstances of life; Seasons Greetings, Christmas, Birthday and so on are some of the updates that are always interesting to the followers of Global Celebrities, you can reach out to some of this dignitaries and offer them your skill and expertise with facebook and how important it can help improve their career.

For instance; Barrack Obama, Donald Trump and some other presidential election in various nations of the earth were won by super Online Campaigns that flooded the whole internet and it yielded a very excellent return for these personalities, politics have come to understand the power of social media for engagement, controversy and keeping the interest of people in certain governmental system, social media is a major part of our world today.

6. Promote your Youtube Video on Facebook : Are you a Vlogger? You make youtube videos every now and then?
Then facebook is a good place for your business.

For instance; if you make youtube videos on various fashions styles of ladies, or how to make various food delicacy; you can create a facebook page or facebook group in this niche, add members to the group (majority of interested members will find the page by themselves and join also) and you can run ads to get thousands of likes on the facebook page, and share the link to watch your youtube video after uploading and publishing them, one of the advantage of using facebook for business is that it has the ability to make any of your posts go viral in a short while, thousands and even millions of people all around the world can easily find your update via your facebook page and avenues, interested  folks will share it on their timeline and by so doing, it will reach even more people and you will earn good audience on your youtube video which will eventually lead to more money for you.

Another way through which you can earn is to develop facebook algorithm and associated apps and games, these game can be paid or free, even if its free, when there is a huge audience who are interested in the game, advertisement offer will come in for you and this will mean even more money.

There are quiet a lot of various ways by which we earn money on facebook, i just share some of them with you, if you have any question, you can drop them below and i will answer them.

Kindly share with friends. 


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