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Water uses, benefits and reasons why you should take more daily.

Water, common name applied to the liquid state of the hydrogen-oxygen compound H2O. The ancient philosophers regarded water as a basic element typifying all liquid substances.
It is a natural gift of nature, that is almost becoming an inevitable part of living in different part of the world as resources that is been used on a daily basis. Water is the only substance that occurs at ordinary temperatures in all three states of matter that is; as a solid, a liquid, and a gas. As a solid, or ice, it is found as glaciers and ice caps, on water surfaces in winter, as snow, hail, and frost, and as clouds formed of ice crystals. It occurs in the liquid state as rain clouds formed of water droplets, and on vegetation as dew; in addition, it covers three-quarters of the surface of the earth in the form of swamps, lakes, rivers, and oceans. As gas, or water vapor, it occurs as fog, steam, and clouds. Atmospheric vapor is measured in terms of relative humidity, which is the ratio of the quantity of vapor actually present to the greatest amount possible at a given temperature.
Water acts as a solvent, transporting, combining, and chemically breaking down these substances;
Blood in animals and sap in plants consist largely of water and serve to transport food and remove waste material.
Water also plays a key role in the metabolic breakdown of such essential molecules as proteins and carbohydrates. This process, called hydrolysis, goes on continually in living cells.
Hydrology is the science concerned with the distribution of water on the earth, its physical and chemical reactions with other naturally occurring substances, and its relation to life on earth; the continuous movement of water between the earth and the atmosphere is known as the hydrological cycle. Under several influences, of which heat is predominant, water is evaporated from both water and land surfaces and is transpired from living cells. This vapor circulates through the atmosphere and is precipitated in the form of rain or snow.

Research as made it known that 80% of water used is for Agricultural purposes. There are various activities in agriculture that requires the utility of water and this includes;
IRRIGATION: Water is widely used to enhance the growth of planted crops and vegetables, most of areas where plantation agriculture is effective but rain is insufficient to meet up the required volume of crops IRRIGATION is adopted which involves the process of channeling water from the river, ocean, seas or any water bodies to farm lands.
ANIMAL PRODUCTION: In production like FISHERY, PIGGERY, SNAIRY, RABBIT AND POULTRY PRODUCTION water is one of the major requirement to a successful animal farming but at the commercial level and backyard farming.
PONDING AND HATCHERIES: Water is one of the foremost requirements in hatcheries like fish, poultry, and many other cold blooded animals.
HABITAT: It also serves as a living habitat for animals that are cold blooded (fish, snail, oyster, worms, and the rest of them).
FARMING: It’s a known fact that farming or agriculture will never be a possibility without water. Plant germination, growth, fruiting and to the level of harvesting solely depends on water availability you will agree with me that without water provision most plants will die off.
LABS AND INDUSTRIAL USES: Water is highly utilized in various research labs and agricultural industries for various reactions, experimental cases, production of finish goods and much more.
The human body is made up of 70% water which is utilized in various metabolic reactions going on in the body system at different intervals. There will never life sustainability without water availability in the human body, the following are some of the functions and reaction water is used for in the human body;
Digestion of food, most time after meal the digestion process that takes place in the body depends on the availability of water, and the more water you take the faster you aid digestion in the body system.
Excretion of body, organic constituent that are no longer of value to the human body can come out in a liquid form (Urine, sweat, tears) as a result of the availability of water,
Healthy body state, availability of water in the body can help in getting rid of some illness in the body system that can lead to break down in the system.
Its advisable to take 12 glasses of water in a day or more to keep track of a healthy body state always.
Take water after every meal to enhance a effective digestion process.
Take liquid drinks daily and most often in hot weather to enhance a good, continuous and rapid blood production and flow in the body system.
Dilute drinks with high level of sugar with enough water to help check the sugar level of the body.
Water is a free gift of nature with numerous benefits to the community, and various sectors especially AGRICULTURE it also as countless advantages to life and the human system which is what we just discussed in this course if you’d like to add more to the course you can kindly comment below.


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