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Vice president Mikel Pence Helping with the Hurricane (Photos)

Vice president Mikel Pence.
 A servant leader per excellence.if you like call this political or call it campaign argue with your keypad.
We had “Hurricane Buhari” in Makurdi no federal character has identified with them.
Lets assume the governor is on sick bed.
Africa is under the curse of LEADERSHIP. 

We believe a leader is a boss. I remember few years back I was at a shopping mall in Singapore the person next to me was the finance minister also on the que. He waited until it was his turn.

In 2014 I was in Dubai at the gold shop in Deira.The wife of the Nigeria president came in for shopping and so she ordered that no should be allowed to come into the gold shop until she’s done.A servant leader would go far. Jesus speaking said if their is anyone that wants to be the greatest let him be the servant.
It’s a New day Africa!

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