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Throwback Photos of Bishop David Oyedepo, Pastor Adeboye, Bishop Wake Oke

If you had met E. A Adeboye in the days when the church was just in the bush and the family had to live with squirrels, Would you love his anointing? Would you believe the grace at work in his life?

If you had met David Oyedepo when the church had just a few members in Kaduna, Would you believe in the grace of God at work in his life? Would you believe in the Dominion mandate?


If you had met Paul Enenche when he had just moved into the city of Abuja, living in a self contained apartment, Would you believe that he was called into Ministry? Would you have been faithful around him?

If you were with Jesus in the days He came, Would you not ridicule the carpenter’s son? Would you not consider him a joker?

It is okay to love great men, but can you labor with one when they don’t look like it? Could this be the reason why nothing seems to be robbing off on you despite the impartations you have received.

Men look at the appearance, but God looks at the heart.


Amend your heart, there are Generals in your immediate environment, don’t gloat in pride, recognize what they carry, serve with them. It is okay to love great men, but without a heart that is conditioned to serve, it is spiritual gold digging.

Every great man gives more respect to those who labored with them in the days they didn’t look like it.

You have golden opportunities around you daily, don’t waste it because of pride and lack of recognition.

There are generals amongst us; pastors, church leaders, fellowship presidents, young mentors who are faithfully growing and serving, what they carry should be recognized, and you should also chose to labor with them if you have the opportunity to do so.

May 12 2019.


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