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The effect of MMM on financial system of the Nation and Banks

I listened to NTA and was interested to hear from EFCC spokesman.

He said it’s not Law enforcement that will stop MMM but awareness for people not to patronize it.

The law enforcement is aware that MMM doesn’t go against any law of the land.


That even their operatives may be participants.


The truth is that the people sponsoring all these media war are majorly stock brokers.

The stock market is in shambles, they are the highest scam.
So no sane Nigeria will allow his money to remain there after experiencing MMM.


The banks are afraid not because they re not gaining alot from MMM but the deposits they use to loan out are gone.

Depositors are breaking their fix deposits on daily basis and doing MMM.
 Our banks will be more of doing retail banking activities like transferring money than using people’s money to amass wealth and keep the owners poor.

This is real financial revolution and you and I know that revolution comes with heavy price.
It’s either we be steadfast and win through this revolution and get financial freedom or we chicken out and remain on financial bondage.

The choice is ours!!!
I stand and will continue to PH and GH!!!



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