• Pastor E. A. Adeboye at RCCG June Holy Ghost Service Tagged’ Peace Be Still‘ God bless you (Part 3)


  • Prayer Points
  1. Praise the Prince of Peace, the One that the wind and the sea obeys.
  2. Thank God with all your heart that with Jesus in your boat, your boat may be shaking but it will never sink.
  3. Cry to God and say Father, please let all generational storms in my life cease.
  4. Cry to God and say Father, let my faith in you remain unshakable.
  5. Father, anything in my life that should not be there, including those pretending to be friends, keep them off.
  6. Father, whatever might be my hidden potentials, please activate them.
  7. Father, please give me a brown new beginning from this moment onward.
  8. Father, please let me end well
  9. Finally, your own personal request.
  • Prophecies
  1. God asked me to tell someone ignore distractions, your great dawn is at hand.
  2. He asked me to tell someone, I carried you this far, I will carry you all the way.
  3. He asked me to tell someone, there will be sounds of music in your home again.
  4. He asked me to tell you a story:

A bird was flying and then a hunter shot it, the bullets damaged one of the wings of the bird so the bird will no longer fly but as it stayed on the ground in agony, the Lord came, touched the wing and the wing was healed and the bird went back into the air singing, ‘the bird with one wing is flying again’.


The Lord asked me to tell whoever he is that, that will be your testimony.
For a confirmation, that is why you heard the story of the brother that for 61 years of his life he had lived on one kidney and he didn’t know and that one kidney packed up and by the grace of God we sent an handkerchiefs to him and now instead of one kidney, he has two new kidneys.

The bird with the broken wing can fly again.


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