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Success Secrets of John D. Rockefeller

John D. Rockefeller is recorded to be the wealthiest American of all time and the richest person on the modern history, who happens to be the second of the six children and the eldest son in Rich fold; he was born to the family of an English and German descent while his mother was of Scots-Irish descent.

He was born on July 8, 1839 in RichFold, New York, U S. and died on May 23, 1937 in The Casement, Ormord Beach, Florida, U.S.

John D. Rockefeller started his business work at the age of 16years when he was an assistant bookkeeper; he also went into business partnership with Maurice B. Clark and his brothers at the age of 20years.


After buying them out, he and his brother founded Rockefeller and Andrews with Samuel Andrews the foundation focus on refining of oil. In 1867, Henry Flagler entered the partnership.

The Rockefeller, Andrews & Flagler company grew by incorporating local refineries. Rockefeller formally founded the Standard Oil Company, Inc. in 1870 as an Ohio partnership with his brother, Henry FlaglerJabez A. BostwickSamuel Andrews and a silent partnerStephen V. Harkness. He ran it until 1897. As kerosene and gasoline grew in importance, Rockefeller’s wealth soared and he became the richest person in the country, controlling 90% of all oil in the United States at his peak. Oil was used throughout the country as a light source until the introduction of electricity and as a fuel after the invention of the automobile.

John D. Rockefeller is a man worth reading from, the secret of any man lies in their stories, if you want know about greatness you read about great men, if you want to be rich you read about the rich people, even to understand wealth creation you read about men who has touched wealth and handle wealth, talking about being wealthy John D. Rockefeller is a man that is worth reading from, no man in modern history is in any means reason richer than this man, and there are only few that can raise a business empire that is as big and powerful as STANDARD OIL.
Knowing how powerful this empire was, it was able control 90% of the whole United State oil and Standard oil was also able to crash the price of kerosene in the whole world by 80%, this is really an empire that stood mightily in control of oil.

The Standard Oil was an empire that owned 20,000 oil wells in America alone; also have 4,000 miles of oil pipeline, 5,000 tank cars, and a very large workforce of over 100,000 employed workers. John D. Rockefeller was a man who dreamed his company being in the control of the John D. Rockefeller world entire oil, but was only able to attain 90% of the entire world oil not because of inability do it but as a result of sentiment, he said in one of his statement that “We realized that public sentiment would be against us if we actually refined all the oil.”
When the US government finally broke up his company based on anti-trust grounds and public sentiments, it divided into 34 separate entities, some of which are: Chevron, Exxon, Mobil, Conoco, Amoco now part of BP, etc.
These individual oil companies today are giants on their own, actually all these are not our focus on this article our major focus is to check through some of the things this man apply that made him fly in his days;

  1. Start Early. If there’s anything that most time cut shirt people dream in this part of the world in particular is the ideology that I am too small, many has aborted great dreams all in the name of I  am too small to do it, I am too small to make things happen, one of the great investors Warren buffet in the world history actually start investing at the age of 11years and was still quoted to regret starting investing very late, if there is one thing that is so common about all this great men in history and present is the fact they all took the bold step and started earlier, even as at when it doesn’t seem like they will look like what the dreamed they still started and almost all of them excelled in their field and became successful. If Warren buffet can start at the age of 11years and Rockefeller can start at the age of 15years then you are not too small to start that which you have dreamt, if you can visualize it you can achieve it.
  2. Don’t Let The Bound Of Backgrounds Hold You Down. Your background or not, there is no limit to what you can achieve only if you can lose bound from that which your background is, greatness is not determine by how much your parent are able to spend on you. We have men who have written their names in the heart of men forever in spite of their background, John D. Rockefeller has a con man as his father who couldn’t even provide for his family sufficiently and this doesn’t in any way disadvantage John D. Rockefeller from being the richest man in the modern history.
  3. Choose Your Path. Making it right and choosing that which you want to do before starting will help you a lot in the business world, many just come into businesses and things they don’t even know about or think they can do it at all, once you are not sure of doing it is better you don’t come into it, because get along may seem so difficult if not what you are really interested in, John D. Rockefeller was a man who choose his path and is not discourage about the fact that there are few or even no one doing that which he has set to do, but he was not afraid of choosing that which he believes.
  4. Start Small And Dream Big. You are not ready for anything if all you want to do is start big, no one can build a house from the root the start from the foundation, the major problem we have in particular this part of the world id the fact that we don’t want to start small, but I tell you no one ever get to the top from the top all that get to the top begin from somewhere, there’s no problem about dreaming big but the only way to achieving your big dreams is to start small. John D. Rockefeller was a man who had a dream of controlling the whole oil of the world but didn’t start with it, he had the dream and worked towards achieving them even though he dreamed 100% but was only to achieve 90% of his dream so close to that which dreamt, but didn’t attain that in a day he started from somewhere.
  5. Maintain Focus. This is one of the thing that can help you go far in any part you’ve choose being it business, education, ministry, political witness or whatever you’ve have to pursue and a very successful outcome from it, focusing and maintaining your focus is very important, you don’t need to have too much people to believe in your dream, all you need is yourself and few people that are ready to journey with you and the ability to neglect that which other says about you and what you are doing is key to achieving greatness. Despite all sentimental issues that rose against the empire of this great man John D. Rockefeller  he was still focused on that which he want to achieve, he maintain focus. That which you have chosen you can always make something big out of it only if you can maintain your focus.

In the bit of closing this article I will like to close with one of the popular quote of this great man John D. Rockefeller says and I quote “From the beginning, I was trained to work, to save, and to give.” And I will like to bring to our notice that this great man was a die-hard giving and giving is one of the greatest principles these great men understand that made them to live even beyond their contemporaries then and made their name to always ring in the heart of men even till today.


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