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Steps to becoming a Nollywood Actress

Becoming a Nollywood actress is not as hard as it seems, and also it’s not as easy as you think.

There are several ways to be a Nollywood actress, I will just give you a few important ones.

1. Develop the Talent


You have a talent of acting and that is why you want to go into Nollywood.
That talent is the hot spot. You have to develop it very well. That is the ticket.

2. Got to acting school

Sleeping around with directors and looking for phone numbers online always result to several deadly things. Go to a acting school.
That is an avenue to get known.

3. Have a Degree

Education is the best policy. You need at least a degree. It will help you in the long run.


4. Have good attitudes

Nobody like to cast a disrespectful actress. You need a very humble and good character to be an actress.

5. Exist Online

Your social media account must be active. Follow popular producers, actresses and more.

6. Connect
Connect matter most. You have to network yourself. Tell people about you do. Interact and make friends.

7. Be available

Yes, you have to be available.

8. Go for auditions

Many people goes for audition, but that does not mean you cannot be selected. Attend any available auditions.

9. Pray

 If you believe in prayers, go ahead. It helps

10. Believe in yourself.

You need to believe in your talent and what you can do.
If you have those in mind, you are on your way ahead.


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