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Sirbalo Biography, Comedy and Net Worth

Sirbalo is a Content creator and a Nigeria comedy that leverages the internet to make people happy and laugh through his funny videos, you can’t watch Sirbalo videos and not laugh, you will be forced to laugh, they are too hilarious than for you not to laugh. 

Sirbalo original name is Timothy Obotuke, he is a YouTuber and social media influencer. Is a Nigerian popular online comedian with a large volumes of followers rich into millions of viewership on his videos.


Sirbalo is still one of the best online comedian in Nigeria and is gaining attention of various audience all across the world with great brands and businesses advertising on his platform sabalo was born in Nigeria he has been in the comedy industry since 2018 working hard to gain prominence now he has come to limelight in the entertainment industry the rate at which is found base is growing is enormous currently has over 5.5 million followers on Facebook and his YouTube videos again in millions of viewership as well he has over 200 thousand Instagram followers and about 500000 YouTube subscribers. Even though he has recorded success in the online entertainment industry is still have a long way to go concluding the quality of his considering the quality of his contact and comedy no that’s a future is bright .

Watch His Video below;


  So many people have been asking about Sirbalo current net worth, it is around $250000.


In Nigeria online entertainment industry Sirbalo seems to be the richest presently and is also the most influential comedian among the

Few days Ago, Sirbalo announced on his Facebook and instagram page that he just bought a new House in Lagos, which is running into some millions of Naira

Sirbalo New House

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