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[SERMON] COMMANDING RESULT – Apostle Joshua Selman

Matt 21:18 The first thing we see in this chapter is HUNGER, the tree had no fruits just leaves and he cursed it. 

Every hungry man must have been deceived by the tree having leaves all over but no fruit.


So many believers, ministries, leaders they look like they are green and you come close only to see there is no fruit that can satisfy, John 15:8 the father is glorified not that you become green and blossom but you bear fruit. So why are certain lives like this? 

The end of faith is a performance, there must be an evidence e.g. Noah waited a while but there was result at the end, Abraham waited 25years eventually there is a performance.


Jh14:12 this is Jesus himself said this, smith Wiggle worth found this, kathryn kulman generals of old found this, if your not seeing greater works it means you do not believe.
There is a mystery not every body everything is impossible for. The fact that you see someone doing what your not doing kills your excuse. 

Whatever I fear in my life then the revelation of Gods word has not entered it yet.


Talking about the ministry of Jesus Christ, he was a man of faith and he commanded result, when the word enters you there is a performance. We make confessions and come out at the front of challenges filled with doubt and fear and then manifest auxiliary faith, look at Jesus christ, Look at the book of mark talking about Jesus in a room and the whole city gathered in front of the room. What kind of result will a man command like this ?

The secret of ENI is found in mark 1,2,3 it says Jesus went to Capernum there multitude gathered, he went to the desert they same multitude came he went to the sea side the same multitude came, Jesus climb the mountain the same multitude came, same result same power he casted out devils he healed the sick he preached and taught the word a performers. If you were to see the real Jesus and he said am giving you 10 minute the first 10 people who come to me no matter what their needs are it would be met, how many of you will check your weavon before coming?

Why are you not doing that to me simply you do not yet trust that my level of competence has gotten to that place.

If you Jesus Christ walked here right now, the ministers would gap you they would say i already had my list any time they heard about him they were happy because they knew the result had come. if you drop your prayer point all will be met, the average pastor, there are 3 things every man of God is satisfied with

1. To have a crowd
2. To at least say something from this bible
3. To have at least one person who would fall, they would say do you think am playing?
What a shame is that what you think would shake the world, that’s not uncommon enough, we are talking about commanding authority and territories in the days of the generals all newspaper was about the generals and they fearful miracles they did. 

But now if you see an advert in the newspaper he paid for it there are people in Zaria that have not heard anything about koinonia so what are we boosting for, look at Elijah the whole city didn’t hear him when he asked the rain to stop and when the whip lash of drought people started making people ask and the gist of Elijah spread that the king ask them to get him and he was on the mountain having a fellowship then the soldiers came to interrupt him and he said if I be a man of God let fire fall and fire came, but today we have all method of command, if I be in the department, in the office standing in the authority let fire come down and fire doesn’t your not getting it. 

We are only speaking English and vocabulary so we are having a brilliant and educated but powerless church well right now there is improvement everybody is falling everywhere and that’s all you have to show the world.

That you stand and tell the people what Satan wants to do the power of the spoken words, the closest thing is what government Officials are doing, you see a man with 5 children siting outside its called hunger for hours and waiting for his excellency at least the man is producing fruits. When believers come to church 1 hour they are tired.

A man called saint Patrick from Ireland a dangerous man, a snake bite a woman’s daughter and saint Patrick was meandering round the street and he saw her and asked madam why are you crying? And she said a snake bit my daughter he asked where did they snake go to he searched and found the snake he held it and said I banish you and your kind from this land, till today there is no snake in Ireland.

The king got to hear gist about saint Patrick, he said who is that man and he said what sign will he show me the king’s son died 6 month ago and they called saint Patrick and he signed his signature on the boys grave and told them to dig it out and that was how they carried the boy out. 

What are we boosting for?

It was saint Patrick that started what we hear in Uebert Angel channel, Christ in me Christ before me, Christ around me.

Today they introduced a man of god with big stomach no revelation under closed heaven and we waste people’s time telling them the price of suit we are buying.

There was a catholic monk they were having construction and the wood was not measured properly he just drag out the wood and completed the measurement.

Aimee Macpherson would organize a miracle service stretcher only that’s a real miracle service, Charles and frances hunter in a single meeting they raised 100 wheel chair, Men lined up in the street and the shadow of peter healed the sick.

Right now there are many people on air and as the broadcast is ending you don’t know what was said.
Arc bishop Idahosa they were him and army robbers stopped them, Idahosa looked at them and said one of this 3 would happen to you this night either your paralysed, blind or dead at least one must happen this night.

Spokane was known as the cleanest place during the time of John J Lake to prove that you have healing anointing you go and bring the healing anointing, with what use to happen to them before and now.

But now we have ministers saying I came all the way 5km to and the demon around are like “na wa ooo”  before when men where around there was fire you know this demon has been around since.

They knew the fire on this men and they discuss within themselves saying ” ah han” when this guys, died didn’t they transfer anything and all of those men were called brother this and that now you call Joshua Selman an apostle, you know I fear that name. 

Apostle Paul, john g lake, saint Patrick, Apostle Josh for where?

2. THE LAW OF HONOR (Hebrews 7:1-7)
Respect what your about to read, And without all contradiction the less is blessed of the greater.
The anointing is carried in the kingdom through human vessels, and without contradiction that’s this one you cant argue it the lesser is blessed of the greater. Abraham is what known for the Abrahamic covenant.

He spoke of a king called melchizedek and after the war Abraham took 10 percent of the offering and blessed a man called melchizedek and the king blessed him saying blessed be Abraham possessor of the most high, Paul is giving us a revelation here that in the realm of the spirit it is only one who is higher has capacity to lift you and draw you into his capacity and to the limit he can draw you is the extent of his anointing.

No man can draw you higher than his anointing. That was why when God wanted to pray he looked for one higher than him but he could not find so he said I swear by my name. 

When you want to rise you don’t sow to people lower than you, they cant lift you when you get to your wealthy place this is called charity, You sow upwards and then you are called higher.
In 2004 I wanted the anointing so badly, I had been seeing the manifestation of Gods spirit in my life and Reinhard Bonnke came to Jos, the first day there where 100 of thousands of people there I was angry because I could not serve in that crusade.

Because when you honor a man, honor opens the door of any man’s anointing. you can’t receive of any mans anointing you dishonor.
So the second day I was looking for what I can do and when I saw them pushing the sick and ask can I join them they said your not part of the committee I said committee or no-committee I came from Zaria with a hunger and as I was pushing the people that I said I believe, respect, a covet and honored the servant of God.

Then I had not started praying for people for baptism and I wondered how will this man pray for the multitude of people for the baptism of the holy ghost, then suddenly Reinhard Bonnke was going to drink water and I saw the visible manifestation of the holy spirit I saw a big bird like this auditorium had silvery wings and after the encounter I was backing the auditorium and from that day an anointing came upon my life there is no one I pray for that is not filled with the holy ghost.

I could remember buying sugar cane for two old women and they prayed one of them said forever you would walk on gold.
As you see me am a product of many encounters and many anointing, because I realize everything you have not seen in your life you have not known how to receive it because its available.

Before Frances and Charles hunter died, I wanted to book two weeks to go to them and help them scrub their toilet and wash their cloth for two weeks not preach to them the way many of you would do. When I heard they had died I cried.

Whoever have what you do not have has the capacity to bring you into it, they may not be able to pray for you it’s a law that happens automatically. Solomon was so blessed that his news spread and when the queen of Sheba heard about it bible says she gathered seeds, how will you run to a man who already is blessed.

Because the lesser would be blessed of the greater, when she got to Solomon kingdom the first thing was that she acknowledge that Solomon was greater than her. Its not weakness to acknowledge someone is better than you in this realm when you acknowledge the anointing open up for you.
Honor God with your tithe there is away you value your tithe that you sow to someone you know he his higher than you.

Let me tell you a little secret about the prosperity of this ministry, am sowing into the life of living faith, Kenneth Copland, Benny hinn, Reinhard bonnke, kobus Van Resburg.
When I got to south Africa I was fasting and praying not to show I went abroad but he was a carrier of an anointing others was discussing and critizing him but I said lord I know there is grace.

Smith wigglesworth laid his hand on Lester sumrall, kobus was with lester sumrall for a week and when he wanted to prayed for me he said I want to connect you to the linage of the generals and he laid his hand on me 3 times. 

It’s not by age if you understand the principle you would rise, my mum and father laid their hands and blessed me for ministry.

 I will never allow a man greater than me pay for what for what I can do for him. When the lord told me I would sow into the life of Oyedepo I went to cannaland and when I entered the car the lord said come out and kneel down then he said where ever you go to the land would open for you.

The carriers of your anointing are not always in your reach, everyday the price keep getting higher.

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