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See How MMM revealed the truth Identity of Nigerians

I hate the very fact that I have to wade into this MMM talk. For starters, I did NOT participate in the MMM scheme, even though I understood their business model. 

My sole reason for commenting on this, is the annoying self-righteous, high-horse, whitewash talk coming from people. You hear people arrogantly declaring how the scheme was horrible and stupid, insulting those who participated, and aiming thinly veiled mockery at them.

My questions is this, to what end? I mean, for what purpose? Check well and you’ll see all the warnings came from either of these 3 sets of people:

1. The angry: This set of people are actually comfortable in life, and somehow are bitter that some people of lower financial estates had the guts to want to change their financial fortune. Almost 40% fall in this category, and involves the banks who are angry that their fixed deposit customers are running away; the government people who actually would love to strike a deal with MMM for tax returns in exchange for legitimacy; and the plain wealthy people who just hate to see the poor feed himself.

2. The jealous: This set of people are usually not so comfortable financially, but are jealous that some of their peers and lower-downs had the balls to put their money in an unknown scheme in order to change their level financially. I don’t know which percentage to quote, but considering the Nigerian factor, I’d say 50%. You know, from the jealous uncle, to the jealous landlord, to the jealous mates. The list is endless.

3. The sincere: This set of people actually care about the uncertainty of the MMM scheme, and their warnings are borne out of an honest desire not to see people lose their money. The banks, the government, and some religious people are sure not here. This is the 10% group. Bless them.

There’s another group that I don’t even know where to place them. The Religious Group. They say God told them that people who invested in MMM had their names struck out of the Book of Life. Liars they are. God told them nothing! And they would not go unpunished after using God’s name in vain.

It is sinful to desire to see the downfall of others so you can say, “I told you”. That’s Satan’s way of doing things, not God. Never God.

Furthermore, there are several reasons for feeling restrained from participating in anything. It could be God, your spirit, level of exposure, experience, etc. As a believer, please, if you aren’t sure of which, do not pin an unrelated scripture to it and say “God said…” Rather, tell the truth and leave it at that.

Finally, I hope the scheme comes up in January — it should actually — so that people can pull their money.

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