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Python dance II

Ola Abrahamovich Pedro Akhigbe Buhari sent the NA ahead of UN meeting next week to get video evidence against IPOB as a terrorist and violent organization.
That‘s why they are provoking the boys to act so they can collect video evidence and spread while keeping more dirty ones for surprise exhibit in any international resolution meeting are kept for the future.

Why they attacked and destroyed the recordings of the NUJ staff at Osisioma.

Most of those sharing those videos of youth with stick might be Igbo implants working with the NA to destroy IPOB’s non violent reputation as well as find more public opinion backed reason to commit more carnage both for it’s sake, as provocation and as intimidation to stop them.
It is easy to find any bitter family member or kinsman of Kanu who is so eaten by jealousy for Kanu’s fame that he can work against his goal. 
That’s how colonialists and secret agents everywhere infiltrate groups successfully
Even the BSS though unarmed, harmless and clearly stated as such might have been engineered and urged on by some implants and moles within IPOB. The secret service is not there for nothing with the huge uncaptured budget at their disposal.
The so-called Turkish diplomat cannot be genuinely interested in Biafra. Turkey is a Sunni nation and Erdogan has a very cordial relation with Buhari and the Nigerian Sunni Community. He may be a trap to get secret info about Kanu like possible plans for armed struggle. I can’t believe him or trust any middle easterner to be pro IPOB.
Python dance II achieves many things for the Fulani invaders. 
That includes to work in harmony with those who will start the October pogrom in the North so that the Igbo are closed in and incapacitated on all fronts.


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