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Powerful Warfare Prayer Points for Nigeria and the Forces of Darkness!


_Prayer for God to arise and judge those that are pillaging Nigeria and pawing it off to support their debauched, greedy lives._

The endowments of Nigeria amongst the nations of the world in natural resources, human resources, intellectual resources, spiritual resources, etc., are astounding in superfluity. Glory to God.

However, enigmatically perplexing is the depravity and wickedness that has incessantly plagued and devastated our blessed nation at the hands of its pillagers. It is time for God’s judgment upon them!

The pillagers are the privileged crop of men (and women) who devour the wealth, health, and viability of Nigeria, plundering and divvying the nation’s vast endowments as their personal inheritances.

They are the individuals gobbling up the tremendous resources of our blessed nation, draining to the last drop the assets and livelihood of the commonwealth and its citizens.

Their lavish and licentious lives are being sponsored and sustained at the expense of the entire nation.

They stop at nothing as long as it feeds their insatiable appetite for money and power. If not stopped, these voracious ransackers will complete their mission of finishing off Nigeria – an enterprise which is scarily at an advance stage already.

An average Nigerian knows these people – at least by name. They are even hailed as heroes by many – unfortunately.

They permeate different sectors of Nigeria – they are politicians, influential business tycoons, so-called kingmakers and godfathers.

Their pernicious influences upon the politics and governance of the nation are not hidden from the citizens. But despite that, they have continued to exert their stranglehold on the entire nation, with near absolute impunity.

Their wicked hands are clasped as it were, on the throat of the nation, squeezing it ever so tightly, until, if permitted, they leave no trace of life remaining in its flailing, gasping body.

Yes, our dear Nigeria is suffocating and gasping for breath right now – it can’t breathe. The blood of our precious nation is copiously spilling to the ground. And unless these vampires are immediately stopped, the nation will bleed to death.

So, why hasn’t Nigeria been rid of these villains?

There may be multiple reasons. But one the strongest is that they have strategically extended and planted their tentacles deep into sacred grounds and corridors.

They have craftily used their looted money, power, and influence to curry favor with men and even with God. They donate large sums of money to churches, and in turn, procure prayers and blessings from anointed men of God – prayers which God must honor as a matter of His principles. it is not in vain that Isaiah 44:26a says of God, “Who confirms the word of His servant, and performs the counsel of His messengers.” Is that not what happen when Isaac unwittingly pronounced and heaped blessings upon the deceiver Jacob?

By virtue of patriarchal and spiritual authority, God honored every word of Isaac’s. Upon realizing the truth, “Then Isaac trembled exceedingly, and said, “Who? Where is the one who hunted game and brought it to me? I ate all of it before you came, and I have blessed him—and indeed he shall be blessed” (Gen 27:33).

This is the same scheme that has been successfully employed by the pillagers of Nigeria. They have “hunted games” for the anointed men of God, and received (and continue to receive) blessings sustaining them – believe it or not. They build churches and sponsor church projects.

They seek out the backing and sanctioning of pastors and prophets when it is election time – of course, with large sums of “thank you sir” in cash and kind. Like Father Isaac, the anointed proceed to heap blessings upon them. And the blessings potently stick.

But they do not stop there.

They employ and deploy mercenary prayer warriors, paying them sumptuously to stay on the mountains, praying for their protection and sustenance. And when they perceive stormy times, they go to anointed men of God to whom they have extended or even apportioned largesses, to obtain prayers – which of course, works for them.

With these insidious spiritual machinations, they successfully continue to preserve their lives, positions, and their power, and in turn continue to perpetuate their ruinous activities upon the nation of Nigeria.

This ingenious and shrewd spiritual scheme of buying protection ad preservation through offerings, gifts, church building projects, intercessory prayers, and other such benevolent acts is one of the ways the pillagers of Nigeria have averted punishment and even cheated deaths continually. If you have been wondering why many of these cronies have stayed alive and continue to wield power despite many prayers and wishes to the contrary, wonder no more. That is the reason. Those are the schemes that have perpetuated the vicious cycles. Through these schemes, they have managed to blind the sight of many spiritual figures, who, otherwise, ought to have publicly opposed and rebuked them, but have instead released blessing and benediction upon them, either inadvertently or intentionally (and it doesn’t matter) upholding them in their wicked acts of feasting on Nigeria.

But, now it must stop!
Now it must stop. It must end! Indeed, it is true that God honors His own principles. He honors the prayers of His anointed and blesses those who bless His house. However, as the saying goes, “The Oyinbo that manufactured the pencil is also the one that manufactured the eraser.” There are two sides to every coin. According to the scriptures, there are times that God disregards all the favor-currying gimmicks and prayers of the wicked, and releases His righteous judgment upon them. Yes, God does judge the wicked despite their sacrifices and offerings. That is what needs to happen right now in Nigeria! In fact, that is what this write up the appended prayer points are about! In Psalm 109:7, King David, praying about the wicked, says, “When he is judged, let him be found guilty, and let his prayer become sin.” The wicked does pray, but God can turn the prayers of the wicked to sin. The bible says that the sacrifice of the wicked is an abomination to God. Several other scriptures that are applicable with regards to these plunderers of our nation are in the bible. Now is the time to apply them in prayers. If indeed you are tired of the needless afflictions that are being foisted upon us Nigerians by the greedy, clever devourers, let’s arise and offer up such specifically targeted prayers that will counter and nullify their twisted schemes, and unleash immediate wrath from heaven upon them. That is why you are reading this writeup!

Just imagine!
Just imagine what Nigeria would have been like if noble, skillful, qualified, well-meaning, young and bright ministers, governors, commissioners, etc., were at the helms of affairs in the country – men like Joseph, Daniel, and David. Can anyone dear to say we don’t have them in Nigeria? Of Course not. We have plenty of them. But, no, the pilfering and pillaging cabals – the landlords, kingpins, kingmakers and godfathers– would not allow it to be. Imagine the incalculable potential – intellectual, economic, natural, human, and spiritual – abundantly and graciously given by Almighty God to Nigeria. We have always had everything to make Nigeria the envy of the world, not just of Africa – *and we still do.* But no, the pre-conveted “Jacobs” of Nigeria would not let it be. So, it is either Nigeria’s vampires who have their fangs sunken deep into the her flesh are met with wrathful judgment of God, or they bring the nation to extinction. Yes, Boko Haram, herdsmen, kidnappers, terrorists and jihadists are running rampant and posing serious existential threats to Nigeria right now, but the truth is that this nation would not have been placed in this precarious posit ion in the first place were if not for these rapacious scrooges who would sell out the entire nation for just one more penny. They have used their money and political clout to help install bad presidents, incompetent governors, unqualified ministers, and local leaders. They have made pacts with dangerous extremist groups. They have, and continue to make deals intended to jeopardize the economy of the entire nation just in order to funnel money into their personal coffers. The truth of the matter is that, as long as these heartless rogue kingpins dot the political landscape of Nigeria, the nation cannot know peace whether politically, economically, spiritually, civically, or in any other aspect. That is the reason for these special call to prayers.

As we are praying for God’s mercy and forgiveness for the sins of our land – which we must, earnestly and feverishly, if we really plan on surviving as a nation- we must equally arise now and pray for rain of divine judgments upon all Nigerian citizens that have turned the nation into their pawn, reveling, sacrificing and mortgaging away the nation, while covering themselves with spiritual enterprises. No more. Let God, the judge of the earth arise and rid Nigeria of them so that the nation can breathe and realize its potentials. Their political, religious, or ethnic affiliations are of no relevance at this point. They must go for the nation. So, if you agree with the thesis of this writeup, rise up immediately, and not only heed the call, but circulate it far and wide. This is one to share virally. Is it not time to pray differently, so that we can get a different result? Let God arise, and let all the pillagers of Nigeria be judged! Let’s pray!


1. Father, in the name of Jesus, we thank and praise You for sustaining Nigeria, its economy, and its citizens despite all the years of looting by rapacious human wolves.

2. Father, in the name of Jesus, we thank you and praise You for Your time to judge the devourers and “landlords” over Nigeria has

3. Father, in the name of Jesus, we ask that in Your great mercy, forgive us of our greed and foolishness by which we have repeatedly sold ourselves and our nation into their hands

It is written in your word in Psalm 109:7 that, ““When he is judged, let him be found guilty, and let his prayer become sin.”

4. Father, in the name of Jesus, as from now, turn all the prayers of the wicked oppressors of Nigeria to sin in your ears. Let all the intercessory prayers on the mountains, the prayers of anointed men of God, and any other forms of prayer offered on behalf of the oppressors and pillagers of Nigeria become an abomination to You.

5. Father, in the name of Jesus, according to Psalm 109:7a, arise and judge the pillagers of Nigeria. When they are judged, let them be found guilty in your sight.

A privileged man, Joab, David’s chief military commander, used his position and power to murder two men in cold blood – Abner and Amasa. He would later betray David’s heir to the throne, Solomon. When the treason failed, he ran into the temple to seek refuge by grabbing hold of the horn of the altar. This was an attempt to escape death based on God’s ordinance in Exodus 21:13. But in this case, refuge failed Joab because he committed his evil acts premeditatedly. When Joab refused to leave the altar in the temple, King Solomon said to the executor, “Do as he has said, and strike him down and bury him, that you may take away from me and from the house of my father the innocent blood which Joab shed” (1 Kings 2:28-34). The altar in the temple did not prevent wicked Joab from being executed.

6. Father, in the name of Jesus, all the pillagers of Nigeria that do evil and make use of churches, altars, and anointed men as a place of refuge – like Joab, let those places of refuge fail them as from now. Let your sanctuaries no longer provide security for them

7. Father, in the name of Jesus, like Joab, arise and begin to require the penalty of their wicked acts from them

In 2 Samuel 20, a rebel by the name of Sheba, in an attempt to escape death, ran into Abel-Beth Maachah, a city in Israel. As a result, Joab, David’s military commander (before his death mentioned above) and his troops surrounded and besieged the entire city. But a wise woman cried out from within the city and asked if Joab was willing to destroy the entire city because of one fugitive. He asked for patience so that the criminal could be handed over to the military men. With the help of the citizens, Sheba’s head was cut off and thrown down to Joab, and the troop retreated from the city. Thus, a wise woman saved the entire city by having the criminal element executed, rather than the entire city being destroyed, (2 Sam 2:1-26)

8. Father, in the name of Jesus, as Sheba was judged and the city of Abel-Beth Maachah was saved, arise and let the pillagers and destroyers of Nigeria be handed over to Your judgment, and save the nation. Do not let Nigeria be destroyed because of a few wicked “landlords” in our land

John 11: 49-50 says, “And one of them, Caiaphas, being high priest that year, said to them, “You know nothing at all, nor do you consider that it is expedient for us that one man should die for the people, and not that the whole nation should perish.”

9. Father, in the name of Jesus, according to Your word, make the pillagers and devourers of Nigeria the sacrifice for the entire nation. Let Your righteous judgment be executed upon the destroyers of Nigeria, instead of upon the entire nation. Father do so because it is in accordance with Your word

In Acts 8:20, Apostle Peter said to Simon, “Your money perish with you, because you thought that the gift of God could be purchased with money!”

10. Father, in the name of Jesus, every politician, godfather, kingmaker, and pillager of Nigeria, who has been using money to buy favor, protection, and preservation, but has failed to repent, let their money begin to perish with them as from now

Job 8:20 says, “Behold, God will not cast away the blameless, Nor will He uphold the evildoers.”

11. Father, in the name of Jesus, according to Your word, do not uphold the evildoers in Nigeria as from now

Romans 2:8-9 says, “But to those who are self-seeking and do not obey the truth, but obey unrighteousness—indignation and wrath, tribulation and anguish, on every soul of man who does evil, of the Jew first and also of the Greek”

12. Father, in the name of Jesus, according to Your word, let Your indignation, wrath, tribulation, anguish come upon every soul of the wicked pillager eating up and devouring Nigeria as from now

Isaiah 49:24-26 says, “Shall the prey be taken from the mighty, or the lawful captive delivered? But thus saith the Lord, Even the captives of the mighty shall be taken away, and the prey of the terrible shall be delivered: for I will contend with him that contendeth with thee, and I will save thy children. And I will feed them that oppress thee with their own flesh; and they shall be drunken with their own blood, as with sweet wine: and all flesh shall know that I the Lord am thy Saviour and thy Redeemer, the mighty One of Jacob.”

13. Father, in the name of Jesus, arise now and perform Your words in Isaiah 49:24-26 on behalf of Nigeria.

Jer. 30:16 says, “Therefore all those who devour you shall be devoured; And all your adversaries, every one of them, shall go into captivity; Those who plunder you shall become plunder, And all who prey upon you I will make a prey.”

14. Father, in the name of Jesus, we demand that according to Your word, arise and let all who devour Nigeria be devoured. Let all adversaries of a prosperous Nigeria go into captivity. Let all who have been plundering Nigeria be plundered, and let all those who prey upon Nigeria become preys as from now.

15. Let’s begin to thank God for answered prayers.
Kindly let this go viral. The Lord bless you as you pray.

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