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Pleasing God in your Relationship

Let me talk to some special people tonight.
Over time I have heard the “saying” if two believing persons who are in a relationship fall into ‘sin’ they can make amends with God and set their part straight as long as they repent of that sin.
You might not agree with this but if one person can hear me I am okay. Please if you are in this special category where you are still struggling to keep it pure in your relationship, you are still struggling with sex, struggling with touching body, you know what I mean, please hear me, stop hiding under the canopy of ” Lord we have sin again” and stay in a relationship that is draining the godliness in you.
I know how much you have tried to substitute staying indoors with meeting at a public space to help keep it pure, you have changed your meeting point to where all eyes can see rather than stay private in other to avoid another episode of “God it was a mistake”, yet one way or the other it still happens.
You are trying to make it work in purity, but it seems the more you try, the more some lonely days come crawling at your emotions and before you know it, you are back at your pants and boxers down the waist
Hear me please, CUT It off..
Cut it off and grow, cut it off and build your self with God, build yourself to a place of strength that says NO to sin and stand by it. Give it space dear sir and ma, I don’t mean let’s just be friends kind of space where you can still be texting and encouraging emotions, please sir/ma cut it off totally and build your oneness with God.
People may chose different ways to get into a house as man and wife and call it ‘normal’, but please not you, not me either.
You can’t start the foundation of your marriage struggling to keep God In your Temple.
Just as it is too late for my marriage to fail, it is too late for my single seasons to fail too.


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