Today we will discuss three key pitfalls to avoid in order to have a successful marriage and relationship.

    2 Corinthians 10:12
    Couples should avoid comparing their partners and marriage with that of others. It’s easy to think the grass is greener on the other side and forget to water our own grass. You hear Statements like “Why can’t you work as hard as Mr A” or “Why cant you dress like Mrs B” or “Why cant you spend like Mr B”.
    Honestly, you are bound to meet someone who is more handsome or beautiful or richer than your spouse. You have to learn to be contented with what God has blessed you with. Even the scripture deems it unwise to compare yourself with others.
    Every union and its couple is unique and it becomes unfair if you have the same expectations.
    Each couple has different experiences, upbringing and perspectives which result in a unique marriage experience.
    More often than not, you can never tell what happens in a marriage. We draw our inferences from what couples choose to display to the world.
    It is your responsibility to build, embrace and accept the uniqueness of your spouse and marriage and make the best of it.
    Philippians 2:3-4
    Marriage is a union and a union is made up of partners not competitors. You are joined together to complement your partner and not to compete. You’ll inevitably lose your home if you see your spouse as someone to one-up or do better than.
    The two of you have become one and your spouse’s weakness should not be exploited. Rather your strengths should make up for their shortfalls.
    This support could be financial, fashion, career & business, personal development etc. Our Spouses should be a reflection of who we are; your strengths should rub off on each other. In marriage, you should form a united front with your spouse both in private and in public
    1 Thessalonians 5:18
    Do not forget that life is not static. Things change. Do not complain and murmur excessively. Complaints leave your home vulnerable to the devil and shuts the door on God’s blessings.
    Murmuring casts a dark cloud of despair over your marriage and kills every chance of it blooming. Learn to create an atmosphere of peace and gratitude.
    There will be times where resources are lean and all may seem bleak. In times like this, rather than complain, be grateful for the opportunity to go through life with someone you love. Accept and enjoy every season you’re in. Rather than transferring pressure and aggression on your spouse and children, choose to find humour in little things.
    Complaints breed agitation and aggression while thanksgiving and gratitude create an atmosphere for open doors.
    Remember, life is in seasons. Your partner is not the source of your problem, rather they are your solace. Marriage is to be enjoyed not endured.
    My goal is to help you achieve marital success & sexual fulfilment in marriage.
    Blessings Always!
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