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Photos: The ARK Church Building Project in Progress

Here are latest pictures of the 109,345 capacity Ark Auditorium. The Ark is not being built by angels from Heaven but Nigerians employed by the Church and paid in millions daily.
The Ark is a divinely ordained multi-million dollar Ultra-Modern Church Auditorium project being built without fund raising or special annnouncement for donations from rich or poor members of the Church while providing thousands of jobs for citizens.
Many church members and residents of Ota will become richer and not poorer as a result of the Ark.
In the history of Nigeria, Church has always brought development.
A plot of land sold at Ota near Canaanland at N20,000 in 1999. Today, it is in millions.


The British Broadcasting Corporation also admitted from their investigation that more money comes to Ota on Sundays than from Mondays to Saturdays combined because of this same Church.
The Church of Christ is always a plus and not a minus to every community, city or Nation.
No wonder Jesus said…I will build my Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.
Fact: The Ark has a foundation depth of 21 meters or 69 feet.


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