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Pastor Korede Komaiya celebrates his Wife in Church

My Baby – Pastor Esther Komaiya (@estherkomaiya) and I are living proofs of the covenant and she delivered such potent words this morning as she delved into the mystery of faithfulness, in the matter of FINANCIAL OPEN DOORS.

There is a way to be rich in the world, but there is an authentic dimension of blessing in the Lord. Faithfulness is the name of the game.


Understand that money is for giving to God’s kingdom. Every money that comes your way, has in it a portion for God (the seed) and a portion for your own use (bread).

There is no point saying: “I love the Lord ” when your heart is not in it. This truth is checked at the altar of sacrifice, when the call comes to let go sacrificially of what money comes into your hands. Never add God’s portion to yours.

Why is it that some Christians can’t give?

  1. Giving is a trust issue. Some can’t trust the person and integrity of God.
  2. Struggle -free giving is a product of revelation from God.

Any man or woman that is making haste to be rich is only digging the grave of poverty for his or her self. Financial open doors are strictly the preserve of those that are faithful at giving . Nobody but God, can open doors for you.



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