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Greed is man’s greatest enemy and if this enemy of yours defeats you, you’re doom.

In everything we do in life, we encounter greed from our side and from others. It’s so sad that this enemy of ours have defeated many people so many times.

Many have paid dearly because of greed, what’s appalling is that many still get defeated by greed time without number. 

They keep falling into the same pity over and over again. Some of them have been brainwashed to the extend that their favourite quote is “life is all about risk”. 

Without knowing that there’s what we call calculated risk, when greed set in, calculate the risk and don’t get your mind clouded with the promises.

I can remember last year during Zarfund scheme, I have visualised what I will get in return when I get to the highest stage. I have already converted the btc to Naira, thinking that I have made it, to the extent that I have planned for what to do with the money immediately it enters. Haha ghetto dream. I got defeated by Mr greed and that was the last time I got defeated.

Yes, life itself is a risk and before you take that risk, weigh out many options. There should be plan A and B, if possible plan C. If you can get this right, then you can say that life itself is a risk. This is calculated risk unlike putting all your savings into one scheme and come online shouting life is a risk, calling yourself a RISK TAKER.

I have come across many deals this year worth millions of Naira but I rejected it. Yes, I need money than the FG lol, but I have to reject when the greed set in. This deals were deals that if I had worked on it, it will give me so much profits but at the same time likely going to send me back to the village when some forces set in.

I started seeing money in my account starting from the day I defeated greed. One thing with greed is that, you will see money, at the end of the day you will lose all and even add more from your pocket in some cases.

It’s greed that will make someone to play MITM (Man in the middle) in buying and selling of paypal funds without doing some verification. The greed within will tell you, Oboy see money. This guy has $2,000 and He’s selling at 300/$ if you get a buyer who will buy at 330/$ that means you get a profit of 60,000 NGN. Wow! This is a ‘softwork’. You will ‘mumuliciously’ go get a buyer and finalise the deal. After some days, the fund you sold to the person got reversed and the seller’s account limited. Now, you have spent the profit you got, same goes to the seller. To make things worst, PayPal declined the documents you provided to them, in some cases they may not give you access to the account or the fund that you played a middleman was a stolen or hacked fund. Immediately the seller block you, you will be left with the buyer. Before you know it, you will be labelled a scammer and your name will be all over the cyber space. You will have no option than to pay through your anus every dime.

It’s also greed that will not allow you to sell a fund 320/$ to someone who have built credibility over the years, who you know that cannot run away with your money. Instead you will go look for one hungry dude, probably someone playing MITM who is willingly to buy at 330/$, someone who when He scam you, He have nothing to lose. SME goes to buying from a reputable company/individuals. At the end of the day, you got scammed because the greed within defeated you. Always have it in mind that a bird in hand is worth more than a thousand in the bush.

The above are some of the ways greed works in our lives. Greed is an evil spirit if you aren’t sound emotional, you will get defeated.

Now, before I engage myself in some certain deals, I have to scrutinise it, those who sell PayPal funds to me will understand this. Buying the PayPal fund in the first place is a risk and doing some verifications before buying the fund is a calculated risk. All the funds I bought after my scrutiny never have issues.


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