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Nigerian police officers shows off their newly acquired counter terrorism skills.

Some  Nigerian police officers, this afternoon, February 2, 2016, took to the street of Abuja to display their newly acquired training from the counter terrorism unit of the force.

The counter terrorism arm is responsible for curbing of any possible terrorist attacks. The officers whose morale are very high took to the street of the FCT to display their newly acquired tactics. Demonstrating in unison and flaunting their sophisticated fire power.


Other security personnel from the counter terrorism unit were also seen on the street display.

The security dogs handlers were not left out of the public display of security preparedness, which is believed to be aimed at sending a stern warning to the Boko Haram

Police officers practicing how to aim during counter terrorism training in Abuja

Security officers during the training on counter terrorism and crisis response in Abuja

Counter terrorism officers running with security dogs in Abuja
Recall that as Nigeria became deeply plagued by the destructive activities of the Boko Haram terrorist group, the Federal Government received help from the U.S. Government’s Anti-terrorism Assistance Programme (ATA) in October 2015.


About 200 Nigerian police officers benefited from that training, which ATA said was the largest in Nigeria.
The U.S. Embassy Chargé d’Affaires, Mrs Maria Brewer, at the training in Abuja, explained that the exercise was aimed at achieving new innovation among the participants.


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