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Nigeria : PDP’S “Tin Tanks” and the shame of a so called opposition

Since the inception of this present administration of President Muhammadu buhari of the APC,the PDP as the party with the second highest number of elected officals  is expected to do what all opposition parties are expected to do : serve as a check for the government,point out its short doings and profer better alternatives.
However the PDP has been a total disgrace to the word OPPOSITION , they’ve succeed in ridiculing themselves their party and abused the intelligence of unsuspecting Nigerian youths

Nowhere is this more evident than Nigeria’s social media space notably Twitter and Facebook where they engage in all sorts of character assassination, story skewing and cooking of blantant lies,most of which are too gulible and embarrassing to even bother reveling in. I’ve mostly come across most of this stories and ignore most a times.
Until recently was a group exposed by jj omojuwa @omojuwa ,the group was named PDP SM THINK TANK, it was revealed from subsequent group chat screenshots that the group is coordinated by a certain “social media overlord ” Deji adeyanju who  was once prosecuted for murder in kano and is now a rising member in PDP’S youth circle  . This group is where all  all attacks on the APC party ,its members and suspected personalities not joining hands with them pull down the present government are coordinated and pre-planned  A member of this said “THINK TANK” was caught saying and I quote “…this team is doing a tremendous work and I hope the PDP leadership compensates accordingly” ,if anything this only shows all the personality bashing and blatant lies they vomit on daily basis are only based on “appropriate compensation” from the PDP  leadership and nothing more, not for the love of Nigeria not for the sake of good leadership but for the sake of there pockets.

 just like a Twitter user Wale Adetona
@iSlimfit said :Not surprised there is such a propaganda peddling group. Things people do for ‘Compensation’. However I’m surprised at the extent at which youths who are supposed to be hope of the party have gone to well the selves so cheap. If thr PDP is going to stand any chance of saving its sinking ship it has to stop this senseless attacks and personality assassination.There’s more to opposition than that


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