-Dr Pastor Paul Enenche
1 Chronicles 4:9-10
Three things stood out in the life of Jabez:

  1. Jabez was a victim of pain and sorrow from birth. His mother bare him in sorrow. The word ‘Jabez’ apart from sorrow also mean pain. That was why he prayed ‘that you may deliver me from evil that it will not pain me nor grieve me. I am tired of pain.’ The Lord showed me clearly this morning, that this encounter this morning is the conclusion of sorrow in the life of somebody. It’s the conclusion of pain in the life of somebody, it’s the conclusion of trouble.
    When we mean pain, it could be physical. One day I was in a flight and I just saw an arrow very painful, I retrieved it straight back to sender. The Holy Ghost said ‘people live with this for life.’ So when somebody said ‘God healed him of pain,’ don’t think its a minor miracle. There are pains that somebody will prefer to be deaf than to have the pain. Somebody will prefer to be blind or even dead.
    If I am passing through this, what is the aim of life? And it brings sorrow, sadness.
    Some other realm of this sorrow or pain is emotional. Something out your mind under pressure, you are not happy. Maybe it a marital situation, relationship situation, a situation of conspiracy or false accusation. You are in pain. Somebody at his wedding reception told his friend that he just made a very big mistake, the friend asked ‘what mistake is that?’ He said ‘this marriage.’ There are those who are feeling the pain of words. Words from loved ones, words from people that you never believed could speak such words. Some is the pain of bondage. There is something that has tied your life, maybe an iniquitous bondage. ‘When will I ever be free from this life?’ That was the life of Jabez and it followed him from birth.
    As a young child myself, I knew pain. My elder ones told me that I was laughing or smiling maybe once a year. Fever all the time, convulsion all the time growing up from birth till God killed it. The God of Jabez is here this morning. I decree in the name of Jesus everything that followed you from the womb of your mother is dying here this morning. Every negative thing, every pain, every affliction, every rejection, every frustration, every satanic confrontation, every conspiracy, every thing not working well they shall be terminated this morning.


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