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Mother Almost Drowns Her Daughter For Bad Grades

This is the shocking moment a furious mother almost threw her daughter into a river because of bad grades at school in Chaozhou, Guangdong Province, China.
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A disturbing footage of a woman dangling a girl above a fast-flowing river has recently surfaced online, causing a stir among Internet users.
According to local media reports, the girl’s mother decided to teach her naughty daughter a lesson for bad grades and constant threats to kill herself when she tries to educate her.
Harsh punishment took place in the center of the city with dozens of baffled passersby watching the bizarre situation unfolding under the bridge.
The enraged woman is seen seizing the schoolgirl, repeatedly shaking her and pushing into the brown water, while screaming at the top of her lungs.

At one point, the woman pulls her distressed daughter out of the river onto the ledge but apparently not satisfied with the effect shoves her back again.
Eventually after scaring the life out of her, the girl, who is visibly unharmed, her mother and friend leave the scene.
The girl was allegedly being punished for bad grades, she was eventually dragged her out soaking wet
Though the river appears not too deep at the point where the girl is being threatened, it is murky all the way through and extremely fast flowing in the middle.
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