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Mitchelle Obama Drops a Rap Song That Breaks The Internet’

Video: Michelle Obama drops rap song, breaks the internet

America is seeing a new side of Michelle Obama, this time as rap artist.

The first lady and “Saturday Night Live” actor Jay Pharoah rhyme on 

a new video to encourage students to “go to college” and “fill your 
head with knowledge.”


She also sings a brief solo about her Chicago hometown, 

with body movements and facial expressions like professional rappers.

The video is part of Mrs. Obama’s new “Better Make Room” 

campaign to provide teens with the resources they need to pursue
 higher education.

The campaign is part of a broader initiative by the first lady to 

encourage students to continue their education after high school.

The comedy website College Humor released the brief video Thursday.

The video has been trending on social media since it dropped.

 It inspired the hashtag #FLOTUSBars, a riff on #PopeBars.




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