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Make Money Online with Google Adsense Program

Do you dream having a flourishing Online Business and work from the comfort of your home?

The Google is a company that is more than ready to help you walk your dream into a reality, there are many ways to make money online, but there are specifically working ways to make profits on the internet and one of them is Google adsense program, but before we go further what is google adsense and how does it work?

That is very simple!

Google Adsense is an advertisement displaying network that works by showing/displaying google adverts on webpages, this is one of the ways by which google earn their most profits.

The adverts shown on google adsense are run by businesses on a program called google adword (a pay per click marketing system owned by google).

So as a website/blog owner, internet content publisher, a youtube channel video creator, you can monetize your platforms by showing google adverts on them and hence, make profits.

Google adsense program is not just one of the ways google earn most of their income online but it is also one of the ways internet content creator (bloggers, writers, webmasters, website owners, youtube video creators and so on) earn huge money online.

 Google adsense shows on various platforms like webpages, blogs, youtube videos, search engine results, hubpages, and much more whenever you see google adsense showing, know fully well that an advertiser as paid some amount of money to have it on those platforms and for every clicks on google adsense including impression, there are some cents and dollars that the publisher working with Google earns.

In the case of adword, its an auction based advertisement platform where advertisers bid for space and the person with the highest bid will show forth on top, but you know the good news?
 You can actually get your own share of google’s earning from adsense, how?

By signing up with the program, google tends to pay you 68 to 70% of their revenue from adsense and they get the rest, sounds great uhm?

That’s how beautiful working with google can be.

One beautiful thing about adsense is that, it is not always about how old your website is, or how much you rank on search engine, you can actually run advert for your website to pick up and stand strong; most top bloggers and website owners runs adverts on google and facebook to increase their adsense earning.

Showing below is the adsense earning of some bloggers,

But just like every other normal business, when you are working with google adsense, there are terms and condition and there are responsibility on your path, you are not just gonna join and expect the money to get rolling in, No!

Very importantly, i must also emphasize here that adsense is never a GET RICH QUICK Scheme, most top website that earn huge money from adsense do take responsibility, you must create original content always on your site and you must drive quality traffic to it via adverts and search engine ranking,

But for those of you who takes adsense is one of the online scams out there, i can assure you adsense pays, google adsense as been running for nothing lesser than 10years now and they have never indebt their publishers, so they pay well.

How much can you earn from Google Adsense? 

Now, many always want to know what the average amount per click is. Really, no one knows the answer to that except Google. 
It is impossible to give a sure information because the ads all cost different prices (and you even have no idea on what advertisers are paying). 
And, we can say you can earn anywhere from 2 cents to $15 for a click.

 Nevertheless, we know that there are some niches that obviously pay more. 
Some keywords phrases should earn more than others because they are highly competitive keywords that are searched. 

Thus, we can conclude that the more competitive the search term, the more the advertisers pay (and the more you earn as a publishers). 

Some  of the important factors that also influence and affect your earning, is your ads positioning, the way you structure your adsense placement on your website/blogs will go a long way to determine how much your audience will click on the ads, and how their interest can be drawn to it, keywords are another necessary determinant factor, at times the source of your traffic, like the country, state and so, all these are factors that determine how much you get from adsense program.

To Make good money from adsense, take the following serious in your business;

1. Craft a very attractive, responsive and impressing website, this can be achieved on various platforms like wordpress, drupal, blogger and so on.

2. Write original articles of interest to readers always, google adsense don’t play with copyright issues, they take it very seriously, so you must be committed to writing original content only and always, by so doing, you will be ranking for various keywords and hence, you will be earning pretty well for those keywords on adsense.

3. Place Your adsense appropriate on your website; this is very important, the way you position adsense on your blog matters a lot, if you put it anyhow, it is like that a reader won’t notice it, and he won’t click aswell, some of the best position for adsense on your site include; banner at the sidebar, leaderbox at the top, square box and text ads below each post title, text ads within the content and square ads below the content ending, before the comment system.

4. Target high keywords and good country, countries like U.S.A, U.K, Canada, Australia and most of the white men’s country will earn you pretty awesome cash on adsense, so you must do your keyword always to target those locations, get what they are searching for online, publish them and when you rank for them you can be sure of earning more from adsense.

How Do You Join Adsense Program?

Once you have some good contents on your site, simply apply for adsense at
And when you are accepted, you simply copy and paste the provided HTML code into any page you will like to show the ads. 
You can even opt to display text ads, image ads, or a combination of both. 
Google has given the privilege to set how you like. 
You can even either display the ads vertically alongside the page like Google does (or even in a banner like formation horizontally across your page. 
You can also customize the colors to match your site’s theme.

In our quest for success with google adsense, we must recognise the fact that there are two very import factor we must take serious;

1. Quality Traffic.

2. Original Content.

These two are too important for any publisher to ignore, one of the best ways to get new and targeted traffic coming to your site always, is to create new and quality content on various topics, issues and keywords.

Some many publishers in the adsense network around the world as successfully make so much from adsense, and some have earned their living from there and so you too can do the same.

How Does Adsense Pay Their Publishers?

It is important you know how you get paid from adsense, so that those figures in your adsense account can actually get to your bank and then to your hand,s two years ago, adsense pay by cheque but there use to be too many issues, like publishers in some countries don’t get the cheque delivered to them and so many complications too but, in recent time since last year, adsense start paying directly from their company down into the local bank account of their publishers, for instane, I am an adsense publisher in Nigeria and at the end of the month, adsense pay me some amount of money [my earning] into my local nigeria bank account, this as been the easiest way adsense pay publishers, so you don’t have to worry, your earning will get to you.

   Adsense pays publishers their January earning by february 21, at times it my tarry till 24th, but the minimum withdrawal from adsense is $100, but with quality traffic you can make $100 and above per day!

I hope you find this article?

In my subsequent updates on this blog, i will give you more quality reasons why you should take google adsense serous if you truly want to earn good income on the internet.

If you have questions, you can drop them below and please kindly share this article with your friends online.

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