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Make Money Online, List of 5 Best Internet Business

But among the numerous ways through which Nigerians can make money through the internet legitimately, these five mediums are reliable. 
They include: 
 information marketing, 
affiliate marketing, 
 and blogging.
Many Nigerians had used them to amass wealth for themselves.

So, we can confidently talk about them.
And in case you are still among the numerous Nigerians not yet aware of the possibility of making money online fast, I want you to know that not only is it possible to make money online in Nigeria, but it is also possible to turn online business into a highly profitable, full-time commitment.
Let us talk about five simple ways to make money on the internet in Nigeria.

1. Freelancing:
Make people make money online in Nigeria without a website What Am I saying? Freelancing simply involves rendering services such as ghostwriting, website design, graphic design, and data entry to clients online. Clients can be found either on freelance outsourcing sites ( such as,, etc.) or on other platforms such as online forums, social media and other sites to make money online in Nigeria. These clients pay per project rather than paying a fixed salary. And yes, keep this in your head: THERE ARE NUMEROUS CLIENTS IN NEED OF DIFFERENT INTERNET SERVICES.
So? Simply learn this skills, and go make money.
2. Information marketing:
Knowledge is power! People want to make money on the web. Not only the whites are keen on learning new things – Nigerians too are.
This model of online business simply entails packaging valuable information into e-books, e-courses, or videos, and selling it online to people that will make them better in life. Ebook on how to make money online in Nigeria are the commonest forms of information products. Videos (such as fitness guides or language lessons) are also becoming increasingly popular.
Can I participate in this business? Yes! Do I know anything? Yes! That thing you know, others needs it, and many of them wouldn’t paying you for it.

3. Affiliate marketing:
You see, internet business isn’t a kind of ‘money falling from somewhere stuff’, it is actually a business, using the internet as it platform.
In offline business, when you bring a customer for a seller, you will be paid a commission. That’s the same with online business. When you help someone sell a product, you will be paid a commission.
An affiliate marketer makes money by promoting products or services created by another individual or business (the merchant). Each time a new customer referred by the affiliate marketer completes a purchase, he earns a specified commission. The commission could be a fixed amount or a specified percentage of the sale amount. This is one popular method if want to make money with or without Google Adsense.
4. E-commerce:
This method simply involves creating and running an online store where physical or digital products are offered for sale. You know, in offline businesses, the seller have a shop or store where he or she displays the products.
Online stores are becoming more popular because Nigerians find it more convenient to buy things over the Internet from the comfort of their homes or offices. Jumia and Konga are examples of e-commerce businesses in Nigeria.
You can create a simple site (or hire someone to do it for you) and display your products there. In fact, you don’t need to have products to sell. When someone places an order, you can easily buy offline and send to the person.
5. Blogging:
There are different ways to make money on the internet but another smart way to make money online is to set up a blog, which is a simple, easy-to-update type of website designed for frequent updating. 

Usually, a blog focuses on one or few topics.

 As the blog is promoted and updated frequently with new posts, it will attract more visitors and build a loyal audience over time.

When you have lots of traffic, you can monetized your blog through selling advert slots to interested advertisers or through other methods  like Google Adsense Program

Truly, blogging is one of the easiest way to make money online in Nigeria even as a student.

So, that is all. 

You can make more inquiries about the ones you want to go into.

 Just ensure you read more resources on them, and you are good to go.

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