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Lists of Business Opportunities in Nigeria

If you are the type interested in getting engage with businesses and investments, there’s need to know where to invest your money, what risk to take and what the risk will yield for you. 

And in considering starting a business you must consider a business that as a very good market and as the tendency of making a very good profit, many sweat over a business because they don’t choose the right kind of business. 

It is not enough to choose a business; it is about choosing the right kind of business. 

You don’t just barge into a business because you feel or think it is the best thing for you to do, I tell you if it is best for and not best for people around then you will have to start  producing and consuming for yourself, it doesn’t work that way.

The first and foremost thing to consider in starting a business is your environment the people who are going to buy it from you or be your customer , think about what their problem is there, and create a business around their problem. Many Nigeria has cultivated the habit of complaining about every problem instead of finding what to do to turn around the problem all we do is complain.

We will be writing some key business ideas you can kick start in any state or any city in Nigeria that will yield you a very good profit, the idea of setting up a business is that the need of people is met and at the same time yielding you a desired profit.

Here are the lists of business you can start in any area in Nigeria depending on the suitable one for your area

  1. SETTING UP A RESTAURANT. I tell you this is one of the very hot business in this country as a developing country, many as taken this business as a full time business in this country and as really make a lot out of this, setting up a business like this in a very good area is really a jackpot, when I say good area, I mean an area where you a lot of people coming to, and having a unique tasty delicacy will also give you an edge in this business. I tell you are good to go on this kind of business. As we all know that food is not a luxury.
  2. STARTING AN INTERNET BUSINESS. The rate at which the world is going digital is increasing on daily basis, especially in this part of the world where we are getting exposed to being digital. And there are a lot of online businesses you can engage yourself with, and make your money easily which will not even cost a lot to start such as blogging, set up an e-commerce platform, digital marketing, web designing, graphic designing etc.
  3. PROFESSIONAL DRY CLEANING. This is also a business that has made it to the lime light in Nigeria especially if you are privilege to stay where many elite stays, you can easily make your money from this business too.
  4. PROFESSIONAL CAR WASH. You will bare me witness that this is also a business that is capable of yielding a very good return if situated in a very good area, especially busy areas.
  5. SALES OF BUILDING MATERIALS. I tell you in a country like Nigeria where almost construction of buildings is becoming rampant on daily basis; if you can raise a business like this in Nigerian you have a good chance of becoming a millionaire in just a few years after starting I tell you.
  6. SALES OF CEMENT. If you have the money and you have thinking of where to invest it, this could be the best decision you can ever make, we have a lot of people who has really made it to the top in this business, and you can as well give it a trail and give your own testimony.
  7. AGRICULTURAL BUSINESS. There is no doubt this is one the most lucrative business in this country, that you can even get yourself engage with as a part-time business, if you are the type that has any other thing you are doing, with the increasing rate of farms we have in this country the market demand for farm products is still very much higher than the supplies, the amazing thing about this agricultural business is that there is readily available market for it.
  8. A REAL ESTATE BUSINESS. This is a particular business that many don’t really notice in this country and I tell this is a business you can easily make millions from, if you really understand the way to run and do this business.
  9. PURE WATER PRODUCTION. We all know how many that is dispensed on daily basis and how popular it is in this country but I tell you this also a business you can invest in, if you can manage it properly and professionally.
  10. TRANSPORTATION BUSINESS. Invest in this business with good and proper management and you will be wondering what hits you with bags of moneys; this is a business you can generate times two of what you started with if properly managed, such as taxi, maruwa, bike, moluwe and the likes.

This are just glimpse of different business opportunities around us in this country, there are a lot of things you can invest in and make a very solid profit from in Nigeria presently.


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