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Legit Ways to Make Money Online Blogging 2021

You might have been hearing several stories about people making money via their blog, there are several people that even have to quit job, businesses and concentrate on blogging, the beautiful thing about owning a blog is the fact that you can always be at your comfort zone, and earn millions of naira from blogging. 

The fact that blogging is a work you can always do at your comfort zone doesn’t means it is lazy type work, if you are the type that is not ready to pay the price for the future you desire then I don’t think you should opt in at all, because it will always take a lot of hard work and time to get your blog up and running, but trust me once your blog is up and start running you will be surprise with what it will later become of it, but it take a lot of work to build it up, so if you are interested in putting up a blog let’s see together ways via which you can make money from your blog online, but I tell you it will require serious dedication.

Selling Digital Products

This is one of the simple ways to make money on your blog, Digital products such as eBooks, Audiobooks, Pictures & Videos, Digital Music, Software Programs, and Website Themes. 

This is another way via which you can also make money from your blog there are a lot of buying and selling that goes on daily on the internet via ecommerce platforms website and even blogs, though blogs are most time paint in such a way to only disseminate information, but I tell you can still sell digital products on your blog and make money.
Selling Physical Products

We have seen together that you can sell digital products on your blog; you can as well sell physical goods such as Clothing, Jewelry, Handmade goods, Household Items, Electronics etc.

 on your blog, but while talking about selling of physical goods on your blog it is of importance that you study your audience, because you can’t be blogging about fashion and trying to sell cars or motor parts, it won’t flow it make basically look somehow, but if in any means selling cars is your desire you as well set up a secondary blog not to mix up thing and help your customer to flow along with what the blog is all about, if you blog about fashions and sell Clothes, and clothing material it will give your market a very good atmosphere.

Selling of Online Courses and eBooks

Sales of eBooks and online courses can also be that which works for you, if you haven’t find your place in the above mentioned ways. 

Do you have this confidence in the topics of your blog then you might want to consider doing some in form of educational documentation. Whether you do a few online courses or write an eBook, if your followers really respect your ideology about in the field your talk about businesses, agriculture, sport, making money, fashion etc. 

They will definitely want to buy whatever it is you offer. And even the best product to sell on your blog will vary majorly on that which you run on your blog as factual blog will work very well for eBooks and so on.

Sales of Advertising Space

This is one of the common ways to make money via your blog, the more your blog attract traffics the more likely you are open to advertising agencies, and this really quick way to make money, we have bloggers who solely make money from advertising on their blog, and trust me they are really making it big, the fact is that once you are able to build up your blog and it is command people’s attention very well, you are liable to making more money even from big brands that will want to advertise on your blog.


This is another way you can make money online, if you’re reading all of these listed tips and thinking that it does not really apply to you, just keep calm this might be an answer to what you are looking for. We have all got our strengths and where we are very good at doing, and it is of necessity that you engage that which you will do better rather than doing what is not your passion. 

Whether you are coming from a financial background, web design or bookkeeping, they are all skills that are highly sought after for a lot of people. And the beautiful thing about advertising your skills on you blog is that you are more likely to pick up a job that directly corresponding with your interests. 

Your blog may be the perfect place to get business, and before you know it you could be a freelancer running your own business.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is also another ways of making money on your blog, and this doesn’t necessarily include actively selling their goods in that you don’t have to deal with the postage and packaging though! 

This really a way to make money from your blog if you are very smart about how you go about your things, picking your affiliate sensibly and going for products that will actually hold the interest of your audience and just a simple plug about the product at the end of the post could be all it takes. 

Makeup and fashion blogs do exceedingly well at this sort of sales.

Membership sites

This is what will be talked about on this article on how you can make money on your blog, offering a membership to your blog will allow people to check out extra content on your blog.

 This is a great way of making money when you’re a well-established blog you’re basically offering a bonus to people that pay for it while still keeping up with the basic info for people that have followed you from the start.

If you’re willing to start a membership site but you don’t really know what to do, here are some basics things you can do;

  • Offer exclusive downloads each month via email (i.e. apps, graphics, recipes etc.)
  • Exclusive educational videos, blog posts, webinars, or courses
  • Downloadable guides or books
  • Offer Expert advice

Final thoughts on making money on your blog, it is a very great little bonus for you. However if you are really desiring to make money out of your blog diligence is required, you need to be very focus and dedicate your time to that which you’ve chosen, make sure you know the niche you want to go into and stay with it, and after you’ve settle in for that which you want to do be aware that making a big thing out of your blog means you need to be consistent with updating and working on it.


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