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Kwara Poly Student Protest Widely Today over #10,000 Increased School Fee


Just about this morning at kwara state polytechnic the students protested because of the ten thousand naira (#10,0000) added to the school fees and the school portal they closed, you need to witness the sequence of the drama; it was really played to the extent that the protesters (Students) invaded the school with different kind of cutlasses with various size and length according to the news gathered we are told that different kind of woods which the yorubas will call (GBONGBON) was attached to their hands,

 it was really fire on the mountain thanks to ASA for that song. My people I noticed that when reporters in abroad broadcast news they are always at the spot where the whole thing had happened, U’ll here something like this
.. it’s Kenneth Maxwell reporting live on CNN I am at a warfront at Afghanistan to cover a story(war) between the Afghanistan and the Pakistan is so bloody to the extent that 1of my reporter is been shot dead as you can see
they will cast the news exactly where it happened. Oya come see where Nigeria dey cast news No be kwara poly I talk say the “gbege” (protest) for happen you will see Nigeria reporters in front of shoprite at fate in ilorin instead of the sch premises saying.. We are live in kwarapolyc reporting D unexpected protest, riots, trouble,wahala, damages the students had caused just because of the ten thousand naira(#10,0000) added to the school fees and the school portal they closed right now kwarpoly is now tougher than that of the Boko Haram. pls we are begn you in the name of God dat shuld in case you have children, friends, relatives, families even ur enemies not 2go anywhere close to kwarapoly 4nw til further notice, mayb in D caused of D news a boy just walk around the camera you will see the reporter hitting him on D head saying … IDIOT wia do u tink say u dey go? go to kwarapoly let dem break your 2legs ‪#‎lol‬ 


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