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Is It Healthy and Logical to be Dating at Workplace?

We need to build our lives and CAREER with wisdom, emotional and affection demands may come at various intervals in life, but how well are you prepare to handle it?

Dating at Workplace comes with a lot of big challenges and vulnerability aswell, you must ask yourself, how well are you prepared for it, and for what is to come?


A lot of people have problem with managing intimate relationship, with the opposite sex and when it comes to the workplace, it can be a little more difficult to handle, considering the fact that, every now and then, your mind goes to your partner, and probably, she’s in a gorgeous dress, as you behold her, you lose the consciousness of workplace and the corresponding concentration that is expected of you, this can have conscious that you don’t expect, it becomes worse, when its an affair between the Boss and the lady, especially in situations where the boss is a married family man, and he kept pestering you into an unhealthy relationship, you are mentally destabilized and the end will be terrible, most people that engage in relationship at work, end up losing their job.

On the other side, many commercial firm tends to employ beautiful ladies, with certain body curves and make them dress in a seductive way just to attract customer, this is also destructive, as it brings unnecessary attention, emotional attraction, sexual desires and it can lead to many mishap, mental break down, unwanted pregnancy, i have seen a situation where a man decided to keep a lot of his money in a bank, to favour a lady he was trying to hunt for, they became close, develop intimate relationship, she was having so much money from the man, apart from her salary, the man takes her out for lunch, to hotel to pass the night, drop her at home in the morning.

However, the man is a married man, with a very hostile wife, the wife got to know about this secret relationship, and began to threaten the life of the young lady, she was mentally destabilized, almost not knowing what else to do again, out of frustration, she changed her location, and quit the Job and started looking for another job else where, which is not forth coming, the bible says, Give no place to the Devil, even if he is trying to get at you, don’t give him the opportunity, many times, people are also forced to sleep with the Boss, just to get a Job, now you are trying to get a job to make ends meet and live a good life, but the procedure is always leading to destruction, this is a sign that you are heading towards destruction, don’t look at the financial gains only, look at your soul, which matters even much more to God.

Remember; “You can not enter RIGHT through the door of WRONG!


God is able to provide a Job for you without compromise, you don’t have to bribe your way or sleep with the Boss to get a Job.

Someone is saying; what of a situation whereby, the both party are single and they love each other?

Well, you have to consider many factors, some workplace conditions and law is against dating in the office, so you have to check that you are not going against the rule of your company already. Secondly, check yourself, emotionally, mentally, can you manage it?

Hope it will not affect your performance at your workplace? Your reactions to clients, your mental stability anc creativity.

Now, let me address a major part of the whole thing;

In a situation where one of you cheat on the other or the both for whatsoever reason break up, it can steer up a very dense hatred, to the extend that, one party foster enmity against the other, speaking bad or giving false report to the management, just to satisfy his or her hatred for the person, at such instances, it becomes very difficult to enjoy workplace, to balance mentally, this leads to emotional stress, so you really have to check yourself and study the other person, before you conclude on dating at work.

Remember, how desperate you were, when looking for Job, it won’t be nice to lose the Job cheaply like that, whatever can cost you , your Job should be avoided.

I have seen people that met each other at workplace and they are married now, so i am not completely against it, but search deeply within before you start dating that person at work, also consider the working laws and be sure you are not breaking it.

I remember a major personality, working at a big company, he earns millions of naira monthly from his work, he was the manager as at then, the company was against relationship among workers (for obvious reasons).

Not long, the manager start getting attracted to a particular lady, he approached the lady and after a while, they got into one another, somehow along the line, she got pregnant for the man, and it became a serious issue the management got to know and the man was fired!

It was a big loss to him, he could not even tell his wife the reason, so let us be wise, your marriage is just one aspect of your life, just like finances, career and other areas of life, it is required that you plan it well, so that one aspect won’t affect the other, many people have lost their great potential and high place in life to dating at workplace, especially the unhealthy relationship.

May God grant us the wisdom to live right.


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