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IPOB and the own goal called Ofe nsala day

When Kanu said there will be no elections in Biafraland starting with Anambra, I told you guys that there will be elections and that any attempt to boycott elections will not further your quest for independence in anyway. 
Today, there has been election in Anambra and it was successful. 

And you have missed a golden opportunity to make a statement and make yourselves relevant.
Let us not dwell in the election, it has come and it has gone. But it has been a very big own goal scored by the leaders of the ofe nsala election boycott day.
 You have run a rule on your popularity and conducted your own referendum and failed woefully. I did warn you guys not to engage in any conclusive popularity related struggle because it will expose the level of support you have in the region.
Inasmuch as you have sympathisers, you need to get it into your heads that you are just one of the groups talking about Biafra. 
Today, because of your shortsightedness and bizarre overconfidence on your popularity, you have conducted a referendum on your strength in the region and have seen that not a lot of people subscribe to your process of searching for independence.
Before it is too late, get an arm to work on your strategy going forward and a group of intelligent people to advise you on policies and decisions.

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