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Internet Business You can do to Earn Foreign Currency in Nigeria

With the unstable rise and fall of Nigerian Naira currency right now, the best way to stay wealthy and earn good profits in a time like this is to embrace a foreign paid businesses and deals, there are quiet a lot of opportunities around us that we can embrace and with it earn foreign currency in Nigeria.

For instance; right now, a Dollar is 330naira at Banks but 490/$ in Black Market, and that is a big cash for anyone earning in dollars. 


There are quiet a lot of folks currently in Nigeria right now that earns in Dollars, Euro, pounds sterling, cedas, and lot more other kinds of currency, gone are the days when all Nigeria know how to do in order to get and earn foreign currency was “Yahoo YAhoo” which connotes scamming people online and running away with their money while you leave them in pains, tears, agony and regret, that is not rampant anymore now, thanks to the Efcc and other crime monitoring system in our nation.

There are whole lots of folks like Linda Ikeji that earns thousands of dollars monthly and legitimately on the internet right now and they are not breaking the bank, that is exactly what this article centrals on, i will be showing you how you can earn good money in foreign currency and by the time you are converting it to naira you are even way more richer than you think.

How o Earn Foreign Currency in Nigeria today;

1, Blogging :  This is one of the most popular and most sort after career in Nigeria right now, thanks to Google that has made it easy and possible for Nigerians to also get audience from all nations of the world, writing contents on the internet would have been meant solely for the purpose of storage and not business or money/profits if not for the search engine that brings in the ideology of search engine ranking and post traffic. This is how we have been able to create a business around blogging business.

Blogging is all about having a website that is continually updated with relevant keyword oriented and original articles to suit the needs, focus and concern of certain group of audience (people) across the world. 

You can make very good money from Blogging, people like Linda Ikeji makes a good amount of dollars from blog ads, like Google Adsense and other direct adverts when there is  a huge traffic inflow to your blog on a daily basis, brands and personalities will find it interesting to run ads on your website and this will result into good profits for you.

There are two major ways to drive good quality traffic to your blog ( which will ultimately lead to good earning for you through google adsense and some other platforms of blog monetization programs).


1. Search Engine – This is talking about the giant web companies, yahoo, bing but mostly google, this kind of traffic comes literally as a result of your ranking, you rank absolutely well when you write original articles and your domain gets older, the older the better. 
2. Advertisement : You can run adverts on top websites like google, instagram, facebook, twitter and other ad sites and gain good readership, traffic and audience and this will also lead to money for you, by either blog ads or sales of products and consultancy. 

There are thousands of Bloggers in Nigeria right now that earns a whole lot of profits from their blog and earn a living also.

2, Exportation Business : The vibe of exportation business is now becoming relevant gradually and daily in Nigeria, because when you export products for sales outside the country, you are bound to earn foreign exchange, the truth is the Nation’s GDP can actually be enhance by exportation business, but before our nation can do so well in exportation business, then we have to develop strength and capacity in our Production level first, this is a major requirement, as long as we refuse to manufacture goods that are needed in international market, we will not do well in Exportation Business, there are some exporters in Nigeria already but they are few, though its a very good way to earn foreign currency, nevertheless, we must gain access to the international market and know what is needed over there, probably Nigerians in Diaspora will also do well to help us understand how this can work.

But if you take up the responsibility, you can earn good profits exporting goods outside Nigeria.

3, Affiliate Marketing : This is the real deal, Great Internet Entrepreneurs and Bloggers like Harsh Agrawal of earns not lesser than $21,000 monthly from Affiliate Marketing, this is a good business on the internet, i would almost want to say that sales goes on daily on the Internet, than it does in the physical block and brick shops and store, and there are many companies around the world that pays a good amount of money, you can also earn good money through Affiliates Marketing Business Model Online, in Nigeria we have majorly Konga and  Jumia that runs affiliate programs but they pay a ridiculous amount to their marketers, but you can join some global affiliate programs like Commission Junction, Amazon Associates, ClickBank and some other ones that pays good money.

To really make good money with affiliate marketing, you must have a good audience network like a facebook page, website subscribers, email list or a data base of audience that are always waiting to receive from you, like youtube and so on, There is no end to the amount of money you can make daily with affiliates marketing, CPA programs has also enhance the profit margin greatly.

My Friend’a Blogger has earn a whopping of $500 daily by just sharing links to weight loss products on a facebook page that targets U.S and U.K audience in the health and weight loss niche. Click here to learn how Affiliate Marketing works.

4, Freelancing Services : This is reliable and incredible, to be sincere this is one of the best model to make money online anywhere around the world, all that it entails is for you to be skillful in good deals, like writing, voicing, Video covers, web design, web development, coding, graphics design, proofreading, copy writing and so on. 

This is one of the ways techie and web guys in Nigeria are making good profits right now. 

There are folks in the United state who earns not less than $50,000 in 6 to 7months from solely working as a Freelance Writer and Copy writer on Fiverr, there are quiet a lot of people around the world who are in need of this skills and if you are found skillful in any of these services, you can earn a whole lot of profits working as a freelance both personally as a professional and as a freelancer on freelance websites like; Fiverr, Fourier, Seoclerk,, iwriter, and so on, Nigerians are skillful in website creation, app development, software management, coding, c++, and lots more skills that are highly sort after and in the global market, get on google research how you can list your business and expertise on some of these freelance website platforms and buyers will order for your service and pay you real good.

To enhance your service and give you maximum exposure you can also create an online profit like instagram, twitter, and even a website/blog just to advertise your skill and you will be able to reach more global audience and earn more money.

5, Investment Programs : This is another good way to earn foreign currency in Nigeria, but you have to be careful and smart, for instance; in a crypto-currency time like this, when there are a lot of Bitcoin business investment opportunities out there, you can take advantage of some of these programs and earn good profits. When you are considering Online investment programs, please endeavor to invest into highly safe secure and guarantee programs or website and only use your spare money this is very important. 

6, Currency Exchange : Since there is a good number of Nigerians doing e-business and earning in Foreign currency, there will be a need for exchangers, burea de change as been the exchange that does the major big deals in forex and exchange market, however you can go in partnership with them or even single-handed begin to exchange crypto-currency like Bitcoin for profits, this is a good business right now, especially with the status of naira to dollar.

Another very reliable business you can do as a way to maximize the dollar-to-naira season that we are in currently is Pay4me service‘ a lot of businesses, brands, marketers and companies that run adverts online, most of their Nigerian Debit cards can not make payment online anymore, with services like Payoneer Card, you can begin a pay4me service and charge in a good way to the end that even you too will earn good profits.

These are just few ways to earn money in other countries while you are in Nigeria, and become rich, euros and dollars are one of the best currency you can earn in Nigeria right now and you’d be very rich.

I hope someone will truly and sincerely take step inline with this articles and start earning good profits Online from the comfort of his/her room.

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