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Infidelity Complex! See what This Man do to his Cheating Wife!

So one married woman was shagging her neighbour in South Africa, the husband on suspicion of her infidelity decided to catch her on that fateful day.
On returning from work, knocked at the door and the woman took all the time in the world to answer the door cos she was busy hiding the neighbour.

So she hid the bobo in the store and locked it with key so the husband won’t be able to open it, the smart husband who is working on information, who knows very well his neighbour is locked up in the store with no way of getting out insisted they go and visit his mother at that instant.

The wife refused but the man insisted, and they packed and left and the man made sure they spent 3 days there knowing fully his neighbour is still locked up in the store in his house.
They were still away in the village when the police called him that a foul smell is coming out of his house. So the neighbour had died in the store, swollen up and started smelling.
Did this man commit any crime?

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