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English as a major language in most countries especially in Europe is amongst the top three most spoken languages in the world.

 It has become the lingua franca of travel, business and international communications. It is so hard to imagine the world without this language.

 In fact, Nigeria is ranked fourth among countries with the highest population speakers but how important is it for us?

Nigeria is a country mixed with different cultures and ethnic groups. In this nation, there are varieties of tribe and each has their native language.

 In order for all to communicate well, the language English comes in as a unifying tool. 

It became the language of corporate environments such as Schools, 

Post Offices, Airports, etc. English Language has become a way to connect with each other even when you hail from different ethnic groups. In this piece, we would be considering its importance for students. Below are listed some;
  1. For Communication: This has been slightly touched earlier as it is essential for communication. It helps a lot when you have to deal with foreigners when travelling to an English speaking nation. The basics are the most crucial and if thats settled, you are good to go while learning the rest later. Never, should you be afraid to make mistakes as people are very kind to those who are learning their language.
  2. For finding a Job: Knowing and Understanding more than one or two languages has become a significant benefit when it comes to seeking employment. Today, there are lots of companies whose requirement amongst others is that you understand language in an expert level.
  3. For SelfImprovementOn the internet is a big amount of useful information there and the only thing you need do is to be able to search for it in this language known as English through the depths of the Web as it is a universal mode of communication. The problem there is that most of it is in English. However, you can try and translate it using apps or online services but not always accurate as there are some issues with it. In the process, you may lose something that cant be translated or might not make sense when translated. Understanding the language will grant you opportunity to explore anything you develop interest in and in the exact way it is or will be communicated.
  4. For Understanding the Culture of Others: It is important to know what people are talking about if you want to understand the culture. There are different references and cultural subtitles which can be easily lost without a good knowing of the local language.
  5. For Books, Films, Games etc.: It is also important for having fun too. Isnt it great to watch movies with the original voices? Or read a book and understand that you havent lost anything due to transition. Having a good language skill with surely help in doing that.
Finally, knowing and understanding English comes with a great benefit and to be honest, knowing any foreign language is an addition to an individual. It has been proved that people who have started learning languages in kindergarten or primary school, are better at multitasking and also possess the ability to remember. So, make a move of improving your English language skills today.

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