-Dr Pastor Paul Enenche, Day 2
Destiny Recovery Convention 2021, Morning Session
*Every wrong identity in your life, catch fire!
*I reject death without success.

  • I refuse to live in defeat and I refuse to die without victory.
  1. Jabez was a victim of a wrong label, the wrong identity.
    How do feel when you are coming and they say ‘hey, how are you? Sorrow Good morning.’ And whatever Adam called the animal that was their name. There are people, you don’t even know what people call you when you are not there. A wrong label. There are people, Satan dressed them with the wrong dress. Imagine a high priest clothed with a filthy garment. Address means Identity. If you see a military man, you know this is a military man, a nurse, you know this is a nurse.
    Many of us, different label, different identity. You have an identity that is contrary to your destiny. You are a woman but they see you like a man, and man doesn’t marry man. You are a woman legally, but the devil clothes you with the cloth of a man. One day I saw a car, and I saw a man riding the car and it belonged to a lady. She drove to this premises but driving out it was a man. I called and said ‘did somebody drive you?’ She said ‘No,’ she drove herself. Then I said ‘I saw a man driving.’ She said many times she has been told by people that she was a man in a woman’s body. Many times she has seen it in revelation.
    If not that God opened my eyes and I saw it, not another and I asked her and she confirmed, now young men who should have married her will be seeing a man, and a man is not looking for another man to marry except he is mad and calls himself Gay. There are some men that look like women, they are clothed and dressed as a woman. When they pass, the women sees the woman. So when he says ‘I want to marry you,’ they reply ‘Sisi like you, am I looking for a woman to marry?’ There are people who have shops, they have not sold anything in their shops never because when people are passing they see on the signboard ‘shop closed.’ These are spiritual things. When it is a bakery shop, people are seeing mechanic workshop in the realm of the spirit and since it is bread I am looking for and I don’t want to repair my car, no need to drive there. There are some churches in the spirit, that they put ‘warehouse.’ The devil labelled the church as a tailoring factory. So it is church I want to go not factory of tailor.
    It happened to Papa Oyedepo. He said one of the young men who repented and became a pastor in their church later, every time he is passing their church, he saw everybody wearing white like a white garment church. He said so there is another new white garment church in town? Until they saw that cloud on the building that rolled back and people began to see the church as church.
    For many of us you are battling in the territory of a wrong covering, a wrong label, a wrong identification. There are people who failed interview before the interviewer interviewed them because of what they saw on their forehead when they arrived.
    I want you to get angry today because the bible said from the days of John the Baptist until now, the Kingdom suffereth violence and the violence taketh it by force (Matthew 11:12). I prophesy today, every label on your life, every identity on your life that is not correct, is set on fire this morning. Every label on the church, every label on the work of your hands that is not the correct one is being set on fire today.
    There are young ladies that on their forehead the devil wrote married woman, she has never married before so nobody will approach her for marriage. I’ve seen many like that. I saw one with my wife and I said ‘how are you and how are your children?’ My wife answered ‘she is not married,’ young lady. She was never married. The person who should favour you, the devil said don’t favor him, he doesn’t need it. He himself has money. These things are real. In the realm of the spirit, they are very very real. Apart from wearing the clothe of Egypt, Moses lived in Egypt until Egypt came on him. When Jethro’s daughters came back home and were asked ‘how did you come so quickly?’ They said ‘an Egyptian assisted us’ and Moses was an Israelite. I can wear an Igbo cloth without being an Igbo man, I can wear a Yoruba cloth without being a Yoruba man.
    Lift up your voice and say: In the name of Jesus, every identity on my life that is a wrong one today is your end, oh you wrong identity, oh you wrong garment, you wrong garment catch fire now.
    Jabez was a victim of pain and sorrow from birth. A victim of the wrong label, a wrong identity, also from birth.
  2. Jabez was different from his brethren. I believe that was what drove him to God.
    “Why is my case different? Why am I not like the others?”
    Jabez was different from the others. Maybe as a child in your family and this is not positively different, negatively different. Maybe you have come from a house where father, mother loved every other person but you. I have seen children when they say, my mother always tell me, ‘it doesn’t look like you are my child.’ You have experiences that are different from others. Maybe you were so sick as I was until your case was different from others. The father of Jacob loved Esau openly more than Jacob and so on and so forth; but I always discover something, if you appear to be different from others, that is the devil decided to make you different negatively, then it means you are on earth to make a positive difference. That is what it means. If the devil tried to make you appear different from the others in a negative sense, then it means you are on the earth to make a positive difference, because at the end, Jabez that didn’t look like the others became more honourable than all his brethren, until Jabez built a city.
    -I am here speaking to somebody and giving someone hope that if you appear negatively different, then congratulations because you are on the earth to make a positive difference.
    The devil decided to attack from birth because he knows the implication of your life, but that devil came too late. If he couldn’t stop you from being born, he has failed in his attempt to make you to be negatively different.
  3. Jabez decided not to accept the situation. He decided not to accept his situation as his destination. This may be my situation but I refuse it to be my destination.
    This may be where I find myself but I refuse for my life to end there and that is what you do: When you have found in a situation of pain from birth, found in a situation of wrong label, wrong identity, you have found in situation of appearing like you are just a black sheep, the one that has the problem.
    He decided not to accept his situation as his destination.
    That decision must be made: I refuse to live as a failure and I refuse to die without succeeding. I reject death without success.
    I refuse to live in defeat and I refuse to die without victory.
    I refuse to live in the background and I refuse to die without arriving at the forefront of God’s purpose for my line.
    It is a holy tension: it is a decision that is backed with tension
    Prayer: Father, I thank You today. I thank You today.
    Do you know when I just mentioned, I refuse to live in defeat and I refuse to die without victory, the Lord showed me something, just reminded that there is even something beyond victory. There is something beyond victory, it is called triumph.
    2 Corinthians 2:14
    Look at your neighbour, “I am called to triumph, not just victory.”
    What is the difference?
    In victory: you punch me, I punch you; both of us received punches but I defeated you.
    In triumph: the punch is in one direction. Gbam! One blow, 7 dies. In triumph, it is a walk over, you are marching.


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