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  • Apostle Joshua Selman on “Mysteries of the Kingdom part 2” at Koinonia Abuja
  • The price for all of God is all of you.
  • The secret to fame is to forget about it.
  • The way up is to go down. That is what Jesus taught us.
  • The miracle of a transformed mind is a real miracle
  • Success is not what you pursue but what you attract by who you are becoming
    The Mysteries of the Kingdom are revealed; No man has the ability to know it. You have to be introduced to that spirit of truth by the Spirit of God.
    Ephesians 3:3,8-10. John 15:8. Galatians 1:24 Matthew 16:25.
  1. The Law of Complete Surrender.
    The price for all of God is all of you.
    The price for unusual dimension of power, more than fasting, more than praying, more than night vigils and prayer conferences, the real price for the grace of God is a heart that is completely surrendered. It is a realm in the spirit called Galatians 2:20.
    The last enemy the Bible declares that shall be destroyed is death. The highest fear of men in this realm is death. Men will do anything to preserve their lives. That means a man who is dead no longer fears because the highest thing that can happen to him, has happened to him already. Matthew 10:28-31. Jeremiah 29:13. ‘Your entire being must pant for me. You will seek for me with your reputation, your intelligence, your knowledge and everything.’ That means if you claim to seek God and you do not find him then there is something still alive in you. Isaiah 6:1. Something must die for you to see him. There is a price to see the Lord. The price is that, that king must die. Whatever is Lord of your life is your own Uzziah.
    If you do not sustain the ability to let it die, you will not see the Lord. The motive of a man’s heart must be purged and vetted for you to do business with God in this Kingdom. The price for all of God is all of you. This is one of the fundamental laws that God taught me. If you are able to die to self, die to your ambition. To die does not mean to not focus on them but to demote them until Jesus becomes enthroned. God does not intend to take these things out of your life.
    The moment you are complete without God, you do not need him again. God blesses people by creating a system around their lives where he becomes the completer of their lives. Genesis 32:31. Don’t just pray for a man’s anointing, pray for his hunger, pray for his sacrifice, pray for the administration of death that happens. Power does not just come, there is a track record, there is blood dripping upon the alter. Where death ends, is where resurrection starts. It all happens inside the grave.
    The law of complete surrender.
    There is nothing in my life today that I cannot give to God. Never leave where fame and lifting met you. If it met you on your knees remain there. Don’t let men clap you into your doom and destruction. Owners take responsibility. Stewards only maintain. When you own things in this Kingdom you are responsible for keeping it. The secret to fame is to forget about it. Focus on his presence. Death is the price for life. You want to be great in this Kingdom, you want to last? Go back and flog it with God. Enter a covenant with God and say ‘no matter how great you lift me, I will lift you while people are lifting me, you must be the highest. It must never be about me.’ God is not a magician or herbalist, there are mysteries in this Kingdom.
    You have not seen prosperity until you die. You have not seen lifting until you die. When you really die, you will lay up gold as dust, you will not know what to do with it. When you die to yourself, God will take somebody’s prayer request and give it to you as a gift.
    Father take away everything that makes me alive in the flesh. Let there be that spiritual circumcision.
    Dear people of God, there are levels of liftings, there are levels of influence, there are levels of honour, that we are yet to tap into. The way up is to go down. That is what Jesus taught us. This is a principle that I have learnt, one of the mysteries that the Lord gave to me. So forget about the issue of business now, forget about the issue of fame and lifting, just focus on him and say ‘Lord purify my heart sincerely.’
    The reason why you can trust the bank with your money is because of the ease of withdrawal. God is only able to trust you with anything to the degree to which he can have it back without complaints. Honestly, if it is God you want to do business with no matter how you pray and fast, the litmus test of death must happen to you. If it is greatness in this Kingdom you seek, there will be a demand. Something that is so alive in your life must die one day. You want the anointing genuinely, you want superior grace? It won’t just come by dropping an offering and hands laid on you. No sir! There are wells in this Kingdom that must be dug through hunger, through sacrifice and through death.
  2. The Law of the Mind (The Law of Mental Transformation).
    Your life will always be a reflection of your mindset. 2 Kings 4:3-5. Everytime people receive more than what their mindset and their hands can hold, they waste it and they abuse it. God answers what we ask or think. Your mind is a prayer warrior too. Both your mouth and your mind are prayer warriors. Psalm 78:41. Your mind is the authorized usher that leads your body to your tomorrow.
    Anywhere your mind has not entered, the gate will not be opened for your body to enter.
    You have to conquer the spirit of smallness. If your mind defeats you, you are defeated completely. The miracle of a transformed mind is a real miracle. You have to be convinced that God is able and that you can do all things.
    Do not be ashamed of your journey to tomorrow, don’t try to fake anything.
    Success is not what you pursue but what you attract by who you are becoming, more than what you do. Sustainable success is attracted by growth, not just by doing things. When you have grown almost anything can prosper in your hands. I continue to invest in my mind because I don’t want to be limited. Faith is not foolishness. Why fake what can be real? You carry failure mentality, no matter what kind of prayer is prayed on you, you will fail. God is about making us great, the key is not running around trying to do things, settle down and build your mind. Search for knowledge. Life will push you back to where you mindset really is. But when you grow, from that your one room you can start growing.
    Don’t go around admiring people’s results and laying on your hands and just claiming. Claim their mindsets, forget about the results. If the mindset is yours, the signs that follow that mindset will come. Every business expands to reflect the mindset of the leaders. Every ministry expands to reflect the mindset of the leaders there, every home expands to reflect the mindset of the parents. Every nation expands to reflect the mindset of their leaders. Singapore was turned from a third-world nation to a first-world nation. Not because something came from heaven and landed there but superior ideas. Dubai was turned into a ‘heaven.’ Yes they’ve not given their lives to Christ in as much as we know but they are living in heaven now as far as paradise is concerned on earth.
    Three Keys to Transiting Mentally.
  3. Exposure.
    Exposure is a powerful blessing and a double-edged sword. It can kill and it can make. You can be exposed wrongly and from that day you will never be patient towards life again. But there is a correct exposure. Exposure is broadening your horizon. Opening you up to the possibilities that exists beyond your frame of reference. Make up your mind that in the name of Jesus, I won’t be at this level again. Jesus was born in Nazareth but he refused to allow Nazareth live in him.
    At age 12, when his contemporary teenagers were roaming up and down, he was investing in his mind even though he was s smaller God. As a result, in three years he took the world and said ‘I am done’ and levitated with honour back to heaven.
    Africa we must wake up! The problem is not lack of mineral resources, the problem is not only leadership. Leadership is there, but more than leadership, we are victims of out thinking. The many years of servitude has done something to us. The color of your skin does not have an effect on your mind. Your background and where you come from does not have an effect on your mind. There are no 2nd Class citizens on earth, except you make for yourself. The moment you receive Jesus, you are born into a superior class of living. This is a fact. Make up your mind that you will not be small.
    Hustling is a demonic strategy! ‘Walk circumspectly as wise,’ hustling is why people don’t give God the glory. We have systems of advantage in this kingdom, we are not left alone. The favour of God is there. The capacity to restore is there. The gift of men is there, the ministry of the Holy Spirit showing you what to do part-time. Contend for transformation. More than the clothes you buy, invest in your mind. Buy materials. Superior materials. Secular education, school does not teach people how to think. Achievement is a science. There are exact equations that produce achievements. You must sustain the ability to replenish so you don’t fear your success.
    You only fear when your result came by luck. When it comes by knowledge, knowledge of the mysteries of the Kingdom, you can find rest. From where you are, you can make up your mind.
    Dr. Myles Munroe, my eternally revered mentor changed my life radically. He was one of the first people the Lord began to use to change my belief system. I love him even in death, bless his soul. I heard his story, how that he grew up in a family and they would look from their room and they could see the stars, that was the level of their poverty, and he made up his mind that things will not be this way. But empty talk does not lead to result. He began to contend for transformation. Buy the truth more than clothes. Philippians 4:6-8.
    🎶 I know who I am, I’m walking in power, I’m walking in miracles, I live a life of favour, cause I know who I am. 🎶
    Genesis 11:4-5. Everything in life is built twice. It is first built in your mind then it is built physically. Whatever is built physically and not built in your mind, you will lose it but destroy anything physical, if its built in your mind, the Lord said it must be rebuilt. You will only fear your results when you do not know the laws that produce it.
  4. The Law of Mastery and Competence.
    Proverbs 18:16. It is powerful to be valuable. To be valuable means that you sustain the ability to provide solutions that are needed and useful as far as the context of a civilization is concerned. Not just the ability to provide solutions, the solutions must be needed and they must be useful with respect to that civilization. You are considered valuable to the degree to which your life and your skills provide solutions. Many believers are just waiting for some magic to happen as far as their relevance is concerned. Men will only come to your light and not you. If you are not carrying anything of value, nobody will look for you. Gentiles don’t come to you, they come to your light. You are alone because there is nothing notable coming out of you that is commanding the attention of men. Value is powerful. You must have something to offer. The table of greatness was so designed that you don’t just go there and shift a chair and sit down. The condition to join the greats to sit on that table is that you first provide your value, then that value is vetted. There is a threshold level of competence you must attain in order to be granted a seat with the great.
    Being valuable as powerful as it is, is not enough. The highest position in every organization is for masters. Competence is a promoter. It can lift you beyond your background, it can lift you beyond your limitations. You must trust God to be a master at something. Nobody will come and be indefinately loyal to you for nothing. When you study leadership, there is a dimension of leadership that comes by results. People want to see results, they love you, but they love themselves too. They want to see genuine replicable consistent results.
    Refuse to be small. Value is powerful. Mastery lifts you to such a pedestal in life. You are so distinguished, it would look like life is flattering you, but its true. The Kingdom of God operates based on a reward system and there is an auxiliary law that is tied to the law of competence, the law of value, and the law of mastery.
    The rewards that we have in life is directly proportional to three things.
  5. The need or the demand for what you do.
  6. Our ability or proficiency to do what we do. This is where skills and excellence comes in.
  7. The difficulty in replacing you.
    When there are easy replacements for you, you will never go far in life. Make up your mind to be
    exceptional. It is true that no man is indispensable, but make it difficult to find an alternative to you.
    There is a measure of honor that only comes to masters. Until you serve kings, you cannot receive the rewards of kings.
    Don’t come and stand in front of the stage when you are not prepared. You can relax with honor. Don’t embarrass yourself, relax with honor and train and train and make that mistake. The stage is not for training. Before you ask men to come, make sure the table is ready. Let all things be ready before you call men for a feast. Don’t call for a miracle service when you’ve not contended for the grace for healing. There is nobody who leaves what works. Results are magnetic, they can keep men there. Believers let us not bring reproach to the name of Jesus, let us go back and do our homework. In music, in business, in politics, in leadership. Buy the truth and sell it not.
    The difference between you and anyone is;
  8. Your level of enlightenment.
  9. The relationships that come at that enlightened level.
  10. The grace at work on your life.
    Anybody you ever admire, this is what seperates them from you.
  11. The Law of Faith. Mark 11:23-24. Hebrews 11:1.
    In this Kingdom, the Word of God is a currency. It is the instrument we use to purchase possibilities in this Kingdom. Everytime you find truths, its like money been given to you. There is an exchange system in the realm of the spirits. Everything in this kingdom is bought, but you must know the currencies that we use to buy with. John 1:1-3. Faith is based on two qualities of God.
  12. His Integrity. Numbers 23:19. There is a weakness in all men, we lie. We lie because we are human. God is not a man, when he says a thing you can trust him. Deuteronomy 28:1-2. God is dependable.
  13. His Ability. Ephesians 3:20. Believing is not faith. It is only part of the faith equation. Just because you have rice does not mean you have fried rice. Every blessing in Scripture, there is a participatory condition that must be met. When you work in keeping with the principles connected to any blessing, there is no power in existence that sustains the ability to stop you from entering that inheritance. This is called the law of faith. John 11:40. Faith is the name given to the action that you take based on your conviction of who God is and the integrity of his word. Faith is the action that you take as an obedient response to divine instructions and divine principles.


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