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– Grumbling complicates matters.
– Patience means ‘Waiting while glorifying God’ or else you wait for life.
*Insufficient becomes overly sufficient through thanksgiving.

– Bishop David Oyedepo at Mid-week Communion Service

Hallelujah. Praise the Lord. Thank You Jesus. Thank You Lord. Hallelujah. Lift up those two hands and let’s celebrate this God one more time. Ever reliable, ever faithful.

Give Him thanks for the unspeakable gifts at work in you. Give Him thanks for making you a part of this end time army. Give Him thanks for bringing you into this Promised Land. Celebrate Him. Thank You Lord. In Jesus precious name we have given thanks.

Father thank You again, for the grace granted us to be in Your presence. Receive our thanks in the name of Jesus. Now speak to us tonight and let Your Word have a hold on us. Grant us access to the wine of Your Word that will endure for life in the name of Jesus Christ.

Now one of the requirements for dwelling in this Land is to keep praising the name of the Lord. It’s a Land where we’re required to keep blessing the Lord.
Psalms 10:4

If you’re not given to a life of thankfulness, your permit in the Land may be withdrawn. Your Promised Land is a Land of pleasure not pains, not pressure.
Deuteronomy 8:12
You have entered into a place where everything will multiply. We’re called to bless the name of the Lord in that Land and I pray that this month of thanksgiving each one of us will be addicted to a lifestyle of thanksgiving.

Thank You Lord for your visitations amidst us in the cause of the Prophetic Feast, we return the glory to You. For the diverse signs of miracles and wonders, in the midst of Your people by confirming Your Word we give You thanks in Jesus precious name.

Remember the prophetic focus for the month is


In our midweek services we shall see looking at


It’s a common statement here that when you give God thanks for what He has done you’re simply reminding Him for what remains and so when that man came back with a loud voice glorifying God , he reminded God of what remained and he was made whole from his leprosy. So his fingers came , his cheeks came back.
Luke 17:15-16
Everything became normal by giving thanks for what He had done.

Giving thanks to God in season and out season is gateway to a life of breakthrough in the Kingdom.
1st Thessalonians 5:18
After we have done the promise we’re entitled to the promise.
Hebrews 10:36
The glory comes through with patience so don’t be slothful, it takes consistency to fully realize God’s agenda for your life.
Hebrews 6:12
You have to keep going in season and out of season.
– Grace to remain consistent in obeying God receive it now in the name of Jesus Christ.

Romans 8:29-30
Everyone who is justified by the Blood of Jesus is justified to be glorified.
2nd Peter 1:3
Every one who is saved is called to a glorious adventure on earth.

Thanksgiving is a requirement for fulfilling our glorious destiny in life.
Romans 4:20
Luke 17:18
Isaac came and God gave Abraham the privilege to see Isaac become an old man before he died. Isaac was 75 the time Abraham went home. Praise God.

Abraham didn’t consider the physical evidences.
Romans 4:18
He gave glory to God and then Isaac showed up. Glory to God.
Habakkuk 3:17-19
Our glorious destiny is not in view of full realization without a lifestyle of thanksgiving. Your grumbling complicates matters.

I saw the Church grow from 6 to 9. My car will park up on the road and I’ll start going to where I’m going. The first time my wife came to Church in Kaduna, she thought we were doing Sunday school when we concluded because it was massive. Glory to God. She couldn’t trace in my life that that was the number.

I wasn’t pretending. It’s very important to know that but it takes patience to realize the fullness of our glorious destiny in Christ and that patience is not waiting, “let’s watch what he will do”, no. It’s waiting and glorifying God to prove that you believe what He said and then you get Him committed to bringing it to pass.

We also saw from the miracle of feeding the 5,000 that thanksgiving is key to turning our insufficiency to all sufficiency.
John 6:5-11
The insufficient became overly sufficient through thanksgiving.

I had a raw encounter with Jesus who tapped me and said “Stand up and follow me”. Broad daylight. No guess work. I followed Jesus outside from the prayer room ah He said “Turn back now”, I heard Him. I turned back and then he opened my eyes and I saw a layer of thick darkness on the Church and it was a lot of drama. I took authority over it and it was rolled away and He gave three standing instructions on explosive Church growth. Sir you know I’m a God greedy man so I went full blast into every weekend seminar back to back. At the end of it sir we grew from 24 to 90. You need to see the celebration sir. I said Jesus the builder of the Church brought me out and gave me the mandate that will grow any Church in any desert of life but with patience.

When we ordained our first set of seven deacons, Bishop Aremu was one of them, Church was full. You say how full? 90. We danced ourselves to places. You’re celebrating and jubilating and dancing while you wait. What God said He will do that’s what He will do. Waiting without glorifying Him, you’ll wait for life.

Romans 4:20
– I see God stepping into Your affairs.

For our thanksgiving to be acceptable we must continue to do it in understanding of why and what to expect in return. Some people give their tithes as a donation to God. That’s what they know so nothing returns. You can’t know why and still be waiting for somebody to push you.

Sir till Jesus comes I cannot tell how God kept us going at 300 Naira a month. He makes every insufficiency sufficient. We didn’t borrow, we didn’t steal, we didn’t beg, we didn’t go from house to house. Your business won’t go up without thanksgiving.

That is Kingdom catalyst for growth and expansion. You have a small shop you say well “look at my shop, my friend on the other side has three times this size”. Be happy when somebody is expanding because you’re the next to expand.

Be happy when somebody is going up because you’re the next to go up. You know every time you start comparing yourself to others, you’re not wise. You didn’t come the same day.

Even when you’re a set of twins, one came after the other. In my place number one is number one.

Let’s give thanks of understanding with why we’re doing it and what it is in return.

2 – Our thanksgiving must continue to emanate from our heart.
Malachi 2:1-3
It has to come from the heart. I heard the Holy Spirit send me one wonderful song.

You are the mighty God
The great I Am

When it’s coming from the heart, it ascends to Heaven. It’s time to throw away your pride and let God know you’re where you are, you’re what you are, you live where you live all by His grace. Everything about you and me is thanks worthy. The reason we’re even called to believing is because He sustains our breath.

So we owe God thanks at all times. God does not look like man who looks. Man looks outside and God looks into the heart.
1st Samuel 16:7
Isaiah 29:13
So for your thanksgiving and my thanksgiving to be acceptable it must emanate from the heart. The Word works.
– Your story is changing

If He didn’t give you anything what can you do? Only those who appreciate God go forward. You depreciate without a heart of gratitude. You get grounded without a heart of gratitude but that’s not you anymore.

Let me tell you what to expect.
God beautifies His people in praise so expect any ugly area of your life to clear off before this month is over as you engage in intense thanksgiving for bringing you to where you are now. He will take care of what remains. Can I hear your amen.

Next Sunday is our Covenant day of favour but one of the requirements of favour is intense, tirelessly thanksgiving. We saw a dicey situation in the days of Mordecai.
Esther 5:3
Mark 6:21-23
That simply interpretes the royal apparel we’re talking about.
Isaiah 61:3
That’s how much favour we attract with genuine thanksgiving to God. He shows up to decorate us with favour.

Finally God executes vengeance on our behalf in praise so as you’re giving Him thanks he is dealing with every opposition hanging around your life.
Psalms 149:7-9
As you praise Him expect Him to silence your enemies and silence them permanently.
Psalms 92:12

My prayer is that this heavy weight thanksgiving and praise this month will deliver maximally in your life.
So let me recommend praise and worship CDs that we have and dance heavily to them.

Experience favour, it’s real. Experience the silence of your enemies, it’s real. If I don’t sing the way I sing or dance the way I dance my enemies would have had their way but they can’t.

When you find a man who is genuinely praising God and doing it from his heart be careful with him. As David was dancing and jumping around and Micah Saul’s daughter felt “that was not royal enough”, “you can’t be dancing like that, my father used to go softly”, that’s why he was removed softly.
– No devil will remove you from your place.

Lift up your hands every body and give God thanks. You know what it is now, you know why you’re to do it, you know what to expect in return. Give God thanks. This thing is real. It’s working, it will work in your life in Jesus precious name we have given thanks.

Let me conclude by saying you don’t only give thanks for what has happened, you give thanks for things to happen.

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