-Dr Pastor Paul Enenche
Day 3, Evening Session, DRC 2021

*Don’t end up as a merchandising prophet; where everything is prophecy
*Stay rooted in the Word of God first
*God doesn’t want you to build on gift
*God wants you to build on His Word.

What were the Odds against David?
1. Family rejection
How can you be so talented, how can you be so anointed, how can you be so gifted and then your family rejects you? Your father couldn’t see anything good in you, your mother couldn’t see anything good in you and your brothers couldn’t see anything good in you, to a point when it was time to announce the king, nobody could call him.
Psalm 27:10
It means his father forsook him, his mother forsook him…how could you be so gifted…and then people of your household don’t believe in you.
-I am here to tell you, it doesn’t matter who does not believe in you, the most important person that must believe in you is your God. He is your Maker, He is your Creator and believe in yourself.
I am telling you what I have experienced, my siblings: where people concluded on you before you had opportunity to prove anything or the opportunity to be anything. They just see you growing, “look at this one, your type, what can you become?” Our mother was such a godly woman, raised godly children.
“you are listening to woman”- godly woman!
Godly woman who woke you up by 5 am in the morning. Who taught you not to touch corruption from age 7! Who told you to look away from anybody because God wants to make you somebody? You say, “don’t listen to such a woman? For where!”
It is listening to such a woman that makes a person to become something like this. I will listen to her again and again.
It doesn’t matter who does not believe in you. If God believes in you and you believe in the purpose of God for your life, to hell to the devil, to hell with human opinion, to hell with witches and lizards and bitches.

2. Undiscovered, under covered and covered potential: 1 Samuel 16:17-18
I remember a time in my life I carried so much fire. In those days, before I became a Pastor, up till now, my fire is on the increase but from the period of 1986 to 1996, the 10 year period, I would pray between 3 to 7, that is at least 10 hours, that is minimum is like around 3 hours, 7 hours. 5-hour prayers is normal prayer life. That is you didn’t pray. That is you prayed for 7 hours before you check the time, “how long have I prayed, let me take another 3 hours!” I had so much fire and I was wishing for how the fire will be expressed. So I went to one night vigil one night, I couldn’t boast to be a singer as at that time. At least my voice was still coming up and I came to the night vigil: I wrote my name for special number, just where the fire could be expressed small. They didn’t give me time. Why? because the potential was under covered, significant to be believed in. Meanwhile the night vigil finished around 2 or 3 am for lack of agenda. Nothing to prove.
The same place where they said I cannot give special number, I have been invited to preach and I didn’t have time to go, it was now my turn not to have time to go. It was not deliberate, I didn’t plan it. The invitation clashed with our Programme and I didn’t have time to go. It was not the same place.

3. Background existence: 1 Samuel 16:11-12
There is one there in the bush, there is one there in the background…let him just remain in the bush. The devil doesn’t care what you can do for as long nobody is aware.

4. Continual exposure to danger and hazard: This small boy was facing lions permanently, he was facing bears permanently. It is like coming face to face with death frequently.
Maybe you are like that. When you have a great future and a great destiny, death will like to attempt you. One day, I counted the number of times the devil wanted to cut across me by death. I think I counted almost 20 times: from childhood, to facing gun men face to face. That one happened at least twice, all manner.

5. Murderous envy and jealousy from his master: It is one thing to be envied, it is another thing for it to graduate to murder – 1 Samuel 18:10 -11
Those who want good people dead, they never succeed. Haman did not succeed in Mordecai’s case. Joseph’s brothers wanted him dead, they didn’t succeed and this was David’s work place. You may experience that in your work place. This is unfortunate but there are Pastors who want others die, that is co-Pastors, they consider you a competitor. As long as you are there, you are spoiling their market because it is a market to them. They forgot that the forest is too big for 2 elephants to jam. They forgot that a sky is too wide for 2 birds to clash. They forgot no star is shining at the expense of another star. Murderous envy, murderous dimension of envy.

6. Oil on the head without a vacant throne
You have been anointed king and the king is still alive; the king is not ready to die till the next 13 years. How do you cope with that?
Unction with a platform to function, how do you cope with that?
When the songs began to flow and the singing began to come because I never dreamt of writing songs, or even one album, never. Lord what did you do?
He said to me, “the grace and the gift has always been there but I detained it for the right time.” Because from age 9, myself and my brother, we presented ourselves for special number in Methodist Church: Age 9 and 7. Yes another special number and they gave us the chance, because the Overseer knew us, knew our family. Till tomorrow, I don’t know what we sang and how I sang but there is something I can tell, the songs must have been a challenge to others. Church Gist. The spirit was willing but of the sing-ability. So that was to show there was something inside there.
He said, “I detained for the right time because if I released it on time, you could have been distracted to another distraction.”
I could easily have said that I am a Praise Worship Leader, I am a Music Minister full time and then the Pastoral would be secondary, the Apostolic would be secondary, everything will be secondary. This is what I perceive myself to be, so let this one hold on until you step into fullness and let that one join to assist the main one.
The oil on the head of David was detained until the time appointed.
There are people with prophetic graces that have not even manifested…they blind your eyes with selotape, you will see nothing, because God wants you to be rounded and rooted in the Word, so you don’t end up as a marketing prophet or end up as a merchandise prophet and everything is prophecy. So that even when you receive the prophecy, you judge it by your side with the Word because you are too loaded to be deceived. You saw a vision and the angel said, “you are not an angel from God. The scriptures said so.” Before you can finish it, he disappears into oblivion.
I don’t want that gift to manifest first, until your root is developed in the Word, until you are solid and sound and rugged: then when I give you the vision and the revelation and the things you will not shorten preaching time, then finish the Service with prophecy. I don’t want you to build on gift, I want you to build on Word.
Psalm 119:89
I don’t want you to build your life, destiny on gifting, I want you to build your life, your Ministry on insight.
7. Betrayal from unbelievable quarters – 1 Samuel 23:1

1. Maintain your love for God
2. Maintain your commitment to the Father’s assignment.
3. Maintain your commitment to personal potentials development
4. Maintain commitment to the defence of the Name of God – 1 Samuel 17:26
5. Maintain commitment to the extra mile operation
6. Commitment to loving and lifting others – 1 Samuel 30:11-13, 1 Samuel 22:1-2, Ju dges 2:10
7. Refuse to destroy your master – 1 Samuel 24:6-7
8. Be addicted to divine direction – 1 Samuel 30:8
9. Decide to work while you wait
10. Be given to continuous and extensive sacrifice – Psalm 132:1-5

Whether you are able to give tens of millions, a million, I will be part of this Revival crusade and I am going to give. Like my wife said, there are givings we can’t mention, but you know women, they can talk what we will not talk. She just mentioned somethings now that was not in my dictionary to mention at all. By the way, that car she mentioned, the man said, take it.
Just like that?
Anything you have, give me.
I said: anything like how?
He said anything.
I said: What of 1000 (Naira)?
He said: bring
That was what happened and drove off with a 5 speed vehicle. It was our own duty later on, that it cannot be like this, let us know ‘what is the real price of this thing?’ and then make that up later on. But he said, “take it with 1000 (Naira) dropped.” We were not Pastors yet, so the seedtime and harvest has been working since.
T.L Osborne said, “success is finding out what God is doing and doing it with Him.”
God is doing this in this season, let’s do it with Him.



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