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-Bishop David Oyedepo at 1st Service, Faith Tabernacle
*From changing mantles to building Churches.
*Start from where you are. God is not a taskmaster.
*Promoting the Kingdom will always be a plus at any level.
*You can’t build a Rural Church, you can buy a plastic chair.
*It will show tomorrow, but without a seed in the ground, the harvest is never in view.
Today is our Covenant Day of Favour and we will be looking briefly on ‘keys to flowing in supernatural favour’, not once and for all.
Remember we live in a Kingdom that operates on keys. After Peter confessed Christ as the Lord, He said, “I give unto you the keys of the Kingdom” (Matthew 16:19).
In Luke chapter 11 verse 53, Jesus interpreted that key to be revelation. Revelation is key in the Kingdom, we just need to have an understanding of spiritual truth to make the most of it.
What are the Keys to Flowing in Supernatural Favour?

  1. Favour demands righteousness as in the case of Joseph.
    Favour followed him into slavery. Favour handed over the estates of Potiphar into his hands.
    “But how can I do this thing and sin against God?” was his stand (Genesis 39:9).
    “But I fear God” was his testimony (Genesis 42:18).
    Favour followed him into the prison and favour catapulted him from the prison into the palace.
    Genesis 42:18 – But I feared God!
    Psalm 5:12
    But I feared God.
    1 John 3:7
    But I feared God.
    You can’t enjoy and sustain the flow of favour without the fear of God as a lifestyle.
    Don’t rob nobody, don’t cheat on anyone. Don’t outsmart your business partners. Don’t swear falsely. Don’t take bribes.
    Favour is the companion of all that fear God and favour shall be your companion from now.
    Flowing in favour demands the doing of righteousness. You know there is the appropriation of righteousness that people emphasize today, but don’t be deceived, he that DOETH righteousness is righteous (1 John 3:7). The doing righteousness: favour!
    There was an explosion of favour, until the time that his Word came. The Word of the Lord tried him.
    Psalm 105:17-22
    Everything just jumping in favour, but the testimony is, “but I fear God” (Genesis 42:18).
  2. Serving God and the interest of His Kingdom as in the case of Daniel.
    No, we won’t take this wine and God has brought Daniel into favour with the chief of the eunuchs and we know what that favour translated into eventually (Daniel 1:8-9).
    Why are you in a hurry to destroy the people? Give us time (Daniel 2:18).
    Then like a dream of the night, the king bowed down and worshipped Daniel (Daniel 2:19, 46). Nothing flies like favour. A captive boy receiving the bowing of the king, the President of the Nation where he was.
    Favour. Nothing flies like favour. Joseph was on that flight, from the prison to the palace and now from a captive boy to one that is lord over the king. Nothing flies like favour.
    “Daniel, servant of the living God. Is thy God, whom thou servest continually, able to deliver thee from the lions?” – Daniel 6:20
    “Whom thou servest continually” – My God!
    Serving God brings believers into favour with God.
    “Thou shall arise and have mercy upon Zion for the time to favour her, yea, the set time is come” – Psalm 102:13
    How? Psalm 102:14-15
    Everything about the Kingdom turns them on. There is no one that operates in that realm whose time is not on the way coming.
    -Your time is coming.
    Until the time that His Word came, the Word of the Lord tried him (Psalm 105:19). But his time came.
    Say, “My time is coming!!!”
    If you will stay on, you won’t miss His timing. No. He makes all things beautiful in His time (Ecclesiastes 3:11). Daniel stayed on, His time, the king thought to put him over the whole realm, there was a gang up. God shattered the gang up and Daniel prospered, 65 years in Babylon (Daniel 6:3, 28). A point of reference. Favour. 3 kings came and went. Daniel was in place.
    Serving God continually without looking back guarantees a tomorrow. Serving God continually without ever looking back guarantees a tomorrow.
    That man said in that testimony, “in spite of the mockery, God stepped in and decorated my life.”
    There is always the mockery before the glory. Church Gist. Stay on. That is the key to it. Stay on.
    You can imagine God coming down and saying, “my son, stand up and follow Me”; I followed Him.
    Open day vision, like Ezekiel would say, “with my eyes open.” My God and yet it was going at His pace. At His pace! With that great revelation and unequaled dedication to it, it was going at His pace. Going at His pace!
    Then after we had reached about 3,000: now, get out from here. Go and start again. My God.
    If you don’t stay on, you’ll miss it. You have to stay on. All this withdrawal and re-joining, it won’t work. You have to stay on Sir. You have to stay on.
    And this Daniel prospered: My God, favour (Daniel 6:28). He just prospered supernaturally.
    Serving God continually secures a tomorrow: a colourful tomorrow, an enviable tomorrow.
    Serving God continually without ever looking back, without sitting behind with backbiters, without hanging around scorners: just pressing on, just pressing on guarantees a tomorrow.
    -Your enviable tomorrow is just at the door.
    -Your enviable, colourful tomorrow is just at the door.
    Don’t let mockers distract you, stay on course.
    Luke 9:62 – “… No man having put his hand to the plough and looking back is fit for the Kingdom of God.”
    Is thy God whom thou servest CONTINUALLY like I know, I know you are serving God continually (Daniel 6:20)
    Thank You Jesus.
    Matthew 6:33
  3. Sacrificial giving in promoting the Kingdom of God as in the case of David and Solomon.
    1 Chronicles 29:3, 12
    Favour will always bellow, both riches and honour come of thee…favour will always respond to everyone that is tirelessly committed to promoting the Kingdom of God with his resources.
    From where you are, God is no taskmaster, you start from where you are. You start from where you are, but your heart is in it.
    I still remember we used to have a fellowship where we used tilling lamp, I don’t know whether you know it: something that has a mantle, not your kind of mantle, like whatever. Any time, I saw a pinch on it, I had bought some to keep, I am not the leader, so when I see a pinch, I will go there earlier to change it.
    Somebody said, “let’s announce when there is anything like that”
    No, your eyes can see it. Church Gist. I was changing mantles, now I am building Churches. From changing mantles!
    Sitting down doing nothing is the worst thing that can happen to a man. Start from where you are.
    I remember in school, one of those young men got stranded, he couldn’t get transport money to go home, then school had closed. I said, “Segun, what is happening to you?”
    He said: I have not received my transport money.
    Not in the days where you have all this electronic transfer. If you don’t get somebody travelling from your village to bring money to you, that is your end.
    I had a very liberal grandmother, so I said to her, “there is someone stranded, we need to help him out.”
    She said: give it to him. Not borrow him. Life.
    Start from where you are.
    In those days, when I reach out my hand to my pocket, I can’t pull out more than 10 Naira. But somebody is hungry, now I put this in your hand, “you will never think of what to eat next in your life in the name of Jesus.”
    Start from where you are. God is not a taskmaster.
    Today, to pay millions for medical attention for this and that is not a problem anymore.
    By starting from where you are. Promoting the Kingdom will always be a plus at any level.
    You can’t build a rural Church, you can buy a plastic chair: that this money is for 3 plastic chairs for that Church in my village.
    From 3 plastic chairs, you will soon build a Church. From one Church, you will soon build 3.
    Then you will start saying, “the only thing I could give that time was 3 plastic chairs. Now, thank You Jesus, I am having 3 Churches that You have granted me grace to build.”
    You start from where you are. Kingdom Promoters always have testimonies. There is no genuine Kingdom promoter without a testimony! ‘Not make them see’ kind of people, I mean genuine from the heart, you are engaging from the heart, it will show tomorrow.
    It will show tomorrow, but without a seed in the ground, the harvest is never in view.
    Let’s get to know this, that this is the only way out.
    He said, “go to the mountain and build this house and I will take pleasure in it. I will open the windows of heaven over your life” (Haggai 1:8)
    There are 2 ways to have the windows of heaven opened over your life: your tithes and your Kingdom promotion endeavours.
    Haggai 1:3-10
    I won’t deceive you, let me say this again: it is impossible for God not to have 10,000 people in this Church who can build a rural Chur ch, but where is the heart? It is not in the heart. He is always believing for himself.
    It’s time to open your life up to favour.
    -The good news is commitment to Kingdom promotion opens you to strange favour financially!!!
    We had an issue one time, I said, “look, I have given everything I have except my body. God knows! Not that God was in need, He is never in need, but that was my commitment to it.”
    1 Timothy 6:17
    Everything you and I have is given us by God. We didn’t come to the world with it. No one was born with a cheque book. No one had an investment at birth. It is all of grace.
  4. A lifestyle of thanksgiving and praise as in the case of David.
    “I will bless the Lord at all times and His praise shall continually be in my mouth” – Psalm 34:1
    Psalm 30:5
    “…joy cometh in the morning”
    How? Psalm 34:1 – I will bless the Lord at all times.
    7 times a day do I praise thee, because of thy righteous judgments (Psalm 119:164).
    He has praise and thanksgiving as a lifestyle so favour becomes his portion.
    Psalm 30:7 – you make me to stand out by your favour. When you hide your face, I was troubled. It is favour that makes us to stand out among others.
    Let’s quickly check it before we close. We had this case of one wicked king, had a birthday and Herodias daughter danced well and pleased all that were at that event (Mark 6:22-23). Favour was provoked from the realm of praise.
    We saw the case of the woman called Esther, she put on her royal apparel, scripturally, that apparel is the garment of praise and she secured favoured; the same Word, “ask me anything to the half of my kingdom” (Esther 5:1, 3).
    So the two of them relate: Mark 6:21-23 and Esther 5:1-3
    “Ask me anything.”
    There are many people here today, in the course of the praise we are going to have, God will sound to you that Word: “Ask Me anything that I can afford and it is yours. Anything that is within my disposal and it is yours.”
    She danced and pleased the king well (Mark 6:22).
    She put on her royal apparel and the king said, “ask me anything” (Esther 5:1, 3).
    He has given us a garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness (Isaiah 61:3).
    -Favour landed on the platform of thanksgiving and praise, you will have it today.
    -Whatever wants to block your way will be judged.
    David was dancing and Micah put out her mouth; mocked him and became barren till the day of her death (2 Samuel 6:23).
    -God will silence any of your mockers today and decorate you before all your mockers.
    So we got it, 4 keys to flowing in supernatural favour:
    The fear of God; Serving God and the interest of His Kingdom; Sacrificial giving in promoting the Kingdom of God; A lifestyle of thanksgiving, praise and worship. These would empower any believer to keep flowing in favour all the days of his life.
    We know that divine favour imparts on all areas of our lives including the following among others:
  5. Supernatural breakthrough as in the case of Peter
    You have served Me with your boat, now let your net into the deep and there was supernatural breakthrough (Luke 5:4). Net braking and Boat sinking order of breakthrough came Peter’s way (Luke 5:3-8).
  6. Marital breakthrough as in the case of Isaac
    Before he was done speaking, Rebecca showed up. He said, “show kindness to thy servant today” and God showed kindness (Genesis 24:13). Kindness also means favour.
    Genesis 24:12-15
    He that findeth a wife or findeth a husband, findeth a good thing and has obtained favour from the Lord (Proverbs 18:22).
    It imparts on marital breakthroughs.
  7. Supernatural fruitfulness as in the case of the Shunamite woman:
    She just took care of Elisha and his team on their journey.
    2 Kings 4:16 – verdict. She didn’t ask for it, favour just trailed her and gave her a child at her old age (2 Kings 4:17). She was old, the husband was old but God stepped in.
    -God will step into somebody’s affairs today.
  8. Supernatural exemption:
    The world may be burning down, but you will be going up. Serving God exempts you from the horrors of life, what troubles others tremble at your presence.
    Malachi 3:17-18; 4:1-2
    …you shall be growing up and going forth as fatted calves, in the midst of a burning down.
    -Favour will exempt you from the horrors of the day.
    -None of your endeavours will be shattered.
    -Your labour will not be wasted.
    -Devourers will not come near your dwelling.
    There was a famine in Egypt, people were offering themselves to be sold and at the same time, the Bible says, “Israel dwelt in the country of Goshen and they had possessions therein and grew and multiplied exceedingly” (Genesis 47:27). You check through Genesis chapter 47 verse 15 to 27, you will see the level of drought, the horror of the famine and they were gallantly exempted.
    -In the name of Jesus, no matter what hits this world, He Your Father in Heaven, as you keep serving Him, He will exempt you in grand style.
    So shall it be.
    As in the case of David, which after being anointed experienced supernatural favour which took him from following the sheep in the desert, straight to the palace:
    -God will change your story beyond your wildest imagination.
    1 Samuel 16:13 – He was anointed.
    1 Samuel 16:22 – he was announced in the palace and the king sent to his father, “please let your son come and stay with me, because he has found favour in my sight.”
    That means the anointing he received in verse 13 (1 Samuel chapter 16) provoked favour. The king had a trouble, they were looking for a solution: I have found a son of Jesse, he is very skillful in playing.
    How? He was living in the bush.
    -Favour will announce you.
    You can imagine sleeping under a tree and suddenly a well-furnished room in the palace. That is God.
    Gave him an inside insight into the palace because he was coming there. Favour found him.
    -Many of us will receive calls of favour from quarters least expected.
    The favour of man is limited to what man can do. When God favours a man, no devil can dis-favour him.
    Somebody is in power today, he favours you. When he is out of power, you are off. You are off, you will start all over again. But when God favours you, whether you are in power or out of power, it won’t change it. It’s just there. You are favoured by God, you will naturally have favour with men. There is no arrangement, you don’t have to arrange it. You naturally have favour with men.
    -In the name of Jesus, your life will not dry of favour anymore.
    The child grew, having favour with God and with man (Luke 2:52).
    That is the way it works, you can’t have favour with God and miss favour with man.
    That is the realm of favour you are flowing into. Nothing can change it as long as you keep engaging with the keys. Just engage with the keys and God will keep opening doors on their own accord to you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
    -Everyone should expect showers of favour that will start announcing each one in places never imagined.
    Favour will locate you.
    -They will tell you, “We have been looking for you.”
    -They will tell you, “You are the best fit for this assignment.”
    -By the anointing of today, the siege of misfortune shall be destroyed and the favour of God will exempt you from all evils in the name of Jesus.
    Give God thanks for light. Give Him thanks for light!!
    I received this prophetic alert that will be a lot of blessing to you:
    As you turn the issues of your life to thanksgiving, God will turn them to testimonies.
    As you turn the issues of your life to thanksgiving, your God will turn them into testimonies.
    We have not power or might against this great company that is risen against us, neither know we what to do but our eyes are on you (2 Chronicles 20:12).
    He said, “Okay, just stand out there and turn these issues into thanksgiving, I will turn it into testimonies” (2 Chronicles 20:17).
    And they began to sing, “your mercies endureth forever”; God turned it into testimonies (2 Chronicles 2 0:21-22).
    He hasn’t changed.
    The Lord said to me, to tell you:
    Turn those bugging issues of your life into thanksgiving and I God, will turn them into testimonies.
    They didn’t have to shoot an arrow there, God just took over. He turned the enemies against themselves until there was none that escaped.
    Turn that bugging issue of your life into thanksgiving and God will turn it into testimonies.
    Abraham didn’t pray anymore, he was strong in faith, giving glory to God, knowing that it shall be as it was told him and God turned his thanksgiving into testimonies (Romans 4:20).
    God hasn’t changed.
    Paul prayed, Silas prayed and then they sang praises. They said, “we have prayed all we know how to pray. Thank You Jesus.”
    Acts 16:25
    As they turned that issue of life and death into thanksgiving, God turned it into a testimony.
    Now, that bugging issue, turn it right now into thanksgiving and your heavenly Father will turn it into a testimony.
    Turn it right now into thanksgiving and your heavenly Father will turn it into a testimony.
    Watch Jesus:
    Andrew said, “what is this among so many, 5 loaves, 2 fishes?” (John 6:9)
    Jesus said: bring them to me. Father, I thank You for this bugging issue and it multiplied supernaturally (John 6:11).
    John 6:8-13
    They carried over and above all that have eaten (John 6:13).
    God turned it into a testimony as Jesus turned it into thanksgiving.
    Lazarus was dead. Prophetic Word went forth. Chapter 5…”I am the resurrection and life”, he prayed and nothing happened.
    In verse 4: He said this sickness is not unto death, but for the name of the Lord to be glorified (John 11:4)
    Verse 22: he went on, the prophetic Word just kept on coming. Your brother shall live again (John 11:25).
    He got there: Father, I thank You because You have heard Me (John 11:41).
    He turned it into thanksgiving and God turned it into a testimony (John 11:44).
    Jesus is our perfect example.
    Turn that bugging issue, you have cried enough, turn it now to thanksgiving and God will turn it into testimony.
    -Somebody’s miracle job will happen this week as you turn that bugging challenge into thanksgiving.
    -Somebody’s long awaited pregnancy will happen this time as you turn that issue into thanksgiving.
    -Somebody’s marital delay will turn into a testimony as you turn that issue into thanksgiving.
    -Somebody’s crawling business will pick up again as you turn that issue into thanksgiving, God will turn it into a testimony.
    -Somebody’s health will bounce again, as you turn that issue into thanksgiving, God will turn it into a testimony.
    So shall it be in the name of Jesus.
    The anointing today shall be the oil of joy:
    -You will be ever grateful to God from henceforth.
    -Everything that murmurs and complains will be destroyed in your life.
    -Every siege of misfortune shall be finally destroyed.
    Thank God for showing you the way to go. Thank your Heavenly Father for showing you the way to go. In Jesus precious name we have prayed.
    …we have 462 people that were baptized in water yesterday. 262 of them were baptized in the Holy Ghost, 110 gave their lives to Christ. Give the Lord praise, He is building His Church.
    We can rely on Him any day, any time. Thank You Father.
    All those who have reasons to celebrate God, stand to your feet.
    Has God been good to you?
    Psalm 48:9
    God is awesome. Will you please, lift up your two hands and celebrate the awesomeness of God in your life. Acknowledge the awesomeness of God in your life.
    “Lord, I acknowledge You as the One behind the events of my life. I would not have been here without You.”
    Thank You Jesus. In Jesus precious name we have prayed.
    Let them praise Him in the dance. How many people are dancing, praising God this morning? Psalm 149:3
    God will show up in your life.
    Let’s celebrate Him.
    Father, thank You for accepting our thanksgiving today.
    Thank You for turning everyone’s mourning into dancing.
    Thank You for turning everyone’s trial into testimonies.
    Thank You for confirming the mystery of thanksgiving in our lives.
    Thank You for opening strange doors of favour this week.
    In the name of Jesus Christ.
    Please take your bottles of Oil up:
    This shall be to you the Oil of joy and gladness.
    It will bring an end to every air of depression.
    It will destroy every yoke of murmuring and complains in the name of Jesus.
    It shall also be to you the Oil of favour. It will destroy the siege of misfortune.
    Launch you into the realm of Supernatural favour.
    Lift up those bottles:
    The content of your bottle is hereby declared the Holy anointing oil.
    As this comes upon your forehead, you begin to smell favour!
    All that believe in the efficacy of this mystery, put that on your finger tip, straight to your forehead and begin to make declarations on what has just occurred to you right now, what has just happened to your life.
    -This is the oil of joy and gladness on my life.
    -This is the oil of favour that terminates all forms of misfortune.
    -This destroys everything that complains and murmurs in my life.
    -This launches me to the realm of Supernatural favour from where I will operate all the days of my life.
    Receive it by faith everyone, in Jesus precious name we have prayed.
    Finally by the revelation of the Holy Spirit from Matthew chapter 3 verses 11 and 12, 1 Corinthians chapter 6 verse 19: when He goes in, He (Holy Ghost) goes to sweep you clean, sweep me clean, perfect the organs in your body and burn off every chaff the enemy has planted there.
    You have heard, many of you have seen the hand of God through this mystery.
    In the name of Jesus, all that believe this, watch out:
    -Every tree that my heavenly Father had not planted shall be rooted out in anyone’s body.
    -Every failing organ will bounce back to fullness of life.
    -Every deformity shall be restored back to order.
    -Every malfunctioning organ shall be perfected right now by the anointing of the Holy Ghost.
    So shall it be.
    All that believe in this mystery, take a shot of the Oil and celebrate Jesus.
    Give God thanks. What a day.
    -Somebody’s name has just changed.
    -Somebody’s status has changed.
    If that is you, let me hear your loudest Amen!
    I said, “your name has just changed.”
    Your status has just changed.
    -All those who are involved in the Cell Growth and Replication, be blessed in return in the name of Jesus.
    -All those who are opening their doors to Jesus, I decree testimonies will never run dry in your family.
    -Everyone hosting a WSF in their homes, whether current or past; you’ve been there all your life: in the name of Jesus the next 3 months will mark you out.
    -All our Pastors, all our Ministers, who are driving this, nothing will get stagnated in your life anymore.
    -All the new Cell Ministers, receive grace for delivery; receive grace for impact in the name of Jesus.
    Next Sunday is another day: Please invite families to join you here and watch how Jesus will build a wall of fire around them and there shall be no breaking in, into anyone’s family, in the name of Jesus Christ.
    Security has gone bonkers in Nigeria but God’s defence around you will remain intact.
    God’s defence around your family will remain intact.
    Your children, at home or abroad, they shall all be kept.
    You shall not receive any evil tidings this year from whatever concerns you in the name of Jesus.
    Give God thanks everybody.


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