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Pastor Paul Enenche at Dunamis International Gospel Centre on “The necessity of vision Part 1”. Proverbs 29:18
Our objective this morning is understanding why it is necessary to live with vision.
In the course of this month, we have seen the vital necessity of vision to the destiny of man. We have seen that behind great destinies are great vision. Men and women of great destinies are people of great vision.

  1. Vision brings reason and meaning to living. Jeremiah 1:4. You are not just existing by accident. Vision delivers people from the tragedy of living life to chance. Vision delivers people from the tragedy of living by random motion. It imparts meaning and reason to vision. Life is reasonable and meaningful by vision. Vision raises the quality of a man’s life. It impacts qualitative living.
    -I declare that every life that appears unreasonable, that spell is broken right now.
    The absence of vision is the reduction of life’s quality. The absence of vision is the major tragedy behind low self esteem or value. Proverbs 29:18. God’s servant said where there is no vision, people are deprived of honor. Proverbs 23:7a. It is when you have no vision that you are intimidated by others. By God’s grace, I have travelled to countries both in and outside Nigeria and i have never felt inferior. I’m too aware of who i am. I remember many years a tall lady came here speaking American English. She was so proud and arrogant. You know how people who grew up and live there believe that nothing good can come out of Africa. She came here and was doing anyhow but she jammed the wrong person. She said “what help can we render to you?”. I told her, “we are the one to meet your needs, you should know that we are not a church looking for help”. Her pride broke on the spot. You see people running helter skelter shaking and fidgeting because this person is from here or from there. If you know who you are and you know what God has made you to be, you are inferior to nobody under heaven. When somebody begin to think of dying, he doesn’t understand the value of life. There are people who are looking for life and more time. It doesn’t matter what you are passing through now, life is more than worth it. If the man by the name Job who passed through all manner of things could bounce back, how much more you. Where you are is not as important as where you are looking. If you can see there, you must get there and leave here. Heaven is where we are living forever so no need to hurry. Life is worth the living.
  • Something good is coming out of your life in the Name of Jesus.
    A woman by the name Helen Keller, blind and deaf, trained herself and got degrees. First deaf blind person to earn a Bachelor of Arts Degree. A lecturer and author, impacting people’s lives. Somebody asked her, “isn’t it terrible to live without eyes to see?”. She answered and said, “not as terrible as a eyes without vision.” Everything is working in your life but you have nowhere you are going. There are people without hands and legs impacting their world. I was on the road traveling for a 8 hrs journey. I was in a filling station taking fuel. A blind man came to the window where i sat and was singing with a voice that was heavenly. That blind man was showing me how to worship God.
    -Every spell of inferior existence, today is the final existence of that spell in your life.
  1. Vision brings wisdom and discretion to life. The place of vision is a place of wisdom. People of vision are people of vision. Matthew 6:22-23. If you have vision, your body will be flooded with light. When you know what you want out of life, the mind begins to open up as to how to get at it. The mind is as closed as a parachute to a person without vision. The mind works best when you see far. When you know what you want out of life, God will begin to give you inspiration. Before the Jalingo crusade held, i was still wondering because of some factors in consideration as to the hold-ability of the crusade. I asked my wife if she has prayed concerning the crusade and what she saw. She told me of a revelation she saw before. I said she should be in prayers and i will be in prayer too. I prayed and God spoke to me clearly and told me a troop has gone ahead. He said he is the Governor General of the Universe and doesn’t need permission from anybody to visit any of his estate per time. There is nothing that fires faith like the voice of God. There must be vision in place before there can be direction. God does not speak to a person who is doing nothing with his life. When you know where you are going, you will find out how to get there. I knew for a long time over 20 years ago that we will worship God in a place like a stadium so we were taking Sunday morning services into town. We took it to Eagles Square. We took it to old parade ground. There was something inside our heart that was yearning for crusade ground Church and how to get there opened by the power of God. If you don’t know where you are going, every road is a road. Somebody said in their place na anywhere belle face. That is directionless. People’s hands are empty most times because hearts are empty. Ecclesiastes 2:14. When a person lacks vision, he becomes a fool.
  2. Vision births drive and momentum to life. Habakkuk 2:2. People of vision are people of action and motion. They are throughly driven. They carry momentum and are very energetic. When we speak about terrorism and the things happening in the country, it is not because of show off but because we have something and someone driving us. What use is your life without impact? What is your life all about if your absence is not felt? Of what use is a trumpet that was not blown or flute that was not played? I Corinthians 9:24, I Samuel 17:48.
  • Every Spirit of slothfulness is arrested today in the Name of Jesus.
    A man of vision doesn’t get tired or weary. I can’t tell you when i slept and I’m here again and I’m looking age 25. Hard work is more refreshing than laziness. Vision is going to make you a runner out of life.
  1. Vision births hope and expectation.
  2. Vision brings discipline and character to life. People of vision can’t do everything that ordinary people do.
  3. Vision imparts determination and persistence.
    My counsel to you is:
  4. Ensure that you do not live or exist with an empty heart because it will lead to an empty life. When Solomon’s heart became empty, he began to marry and marry, 700 wife, 300 concubines. He built one temple for God and many others for idols because all his wives needed a temple for their gods. Everything became vanity because what was in his heart finished.
  5. Connect with God for continuous inspiration and vision because vision is most authentic and guaranteed when it originates from God. Let God place in your heart what he wants you to do.


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