*You are not meant to be an executive Pastor.
*Engage also in street evangelism.

Go ahead and give Him all the praise. If you are trusting God for a heavenly experience like that.

When we came back from Jalingo, “Excuse me Sir, this is my first time in a private Jet and it is something else.”

The other day, we travelled for some program, somewhere in Lagos with another (aircraft), a bigger one from the same person. One of the people who flew with us said, that is Mummy’s P.A, she said, “nobody has told me to switch off phone yet.” She said, “nobody is announcing, “switch off your phones, this one is different.” Hallelujah.

Supernatural supply. Please listen the sole purpose of the Church is the evangelizaton of the lost.

There is no Church or Ministry that has any business operating, I don’t care what the calling is. You don’t need to be a teacher to teach your children. By being a parent, you are automatically positioned to instruct your children, both academic instruction, moral instruction, every form of instruction.

And those who say, “my child has teachers in school, has house help”: those children will be lost. Please understand, you don’t need the title of an Evangelist or even the title of a Pastor to be a soul winner. You cannot justify your salvation until somebody is saved through you.

your salvation is not justifiable, you are not saying the truth that you are born again. If it is not worth sharing with others, it is not real. If the experience you have with God is not worth sharing with others, it is not authentic.

We came back from Jalingo the other Friday and then the next…Now Jalingo was stadium filled, I am sure you saw the stadium filled to overflow, filled, jammed until we put screen outside the stadium. We came back from there and still went on street evangelism here. We went to one village where you don’t have any road, where the vehicle was having challenge in terms of moving on the road and preaching to one by one.

There are pastors who are only specialist to preaching to Church. Paul said, “having therefore obtained help of God, I continue unto this day, witnessing both in little Churches and great Churches, witnessing both to people on the streets and people in the stadium, witnessing both to small and great…”

I know you pastor a Church and you preach and you give altar call in the Church, when was the last time you preached to one person?

Witnessing to both small and great
And as we went to the road side and we were witnessing, people started bringing chairs from their house: my wife looked at me and said, “you are a crowd puller ooo.

You just came here on this trip to be talking to people and people started bringing chairs from their homes.” From everywhere, suddenly the District Head arrived.

All of a sudden, a woman with crutches started walking, by reason of road side evangelism.

I said, “there is someone being healed of deafness”: footballers who were playing…they pushed one man out, you want to pray for somebody who is deaf, see him, deaf and dumb from birth.
That was a challenge: the boy heard on the spot until he began to scream. The whole football team came to Church on Sunday morning with their jersey.

That was this Sunday, 3 days ago
That is if you go out for God, you go with His presence. If you go out, you go with power. If you go out, you go with supernatural supplies. He said, I am not on salary in this Church and what God pays me this month, if I ask this Church to pay me, there will be crisis.

Only you! They might even report the case to government, “that there is a thief Pastor here.”
Yet the bulk of it, back to the work. Please I want us, let Christianity become more authentic than synthetic. Let it be more realistic than synthetic. Be on fire for God, be passionate for God. Let people know you are not talking mouth.
Don’t be an executive Pastor, be a real one.

Don’t be an executive Christian.
My first convert of 35 years ago is a Missionary today and I am very, very happy to have many people that I led to the Lord who are Pastors in Ministry; and from that today till today, I have not stopped talking to one by one, one on one individuals.
To the glory of God and by His mercies, this assignment of talking to people, raw evangelism will continue till Jesus comes.

That is you just step out of a crusade ground 5 Million people, you step into the streets again, looking for that lost prodigal son who will not attend the crusade ground.
It is a new day for us.
I am emphasizing some of these things because this is what made us when we gave our lives to Christ in the 70s. Authentic Christianity. Not today’s kind of Christianity where it is all about prayer request.



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