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How You can make Money by organizing Seminars – Business Success

In this course we’ll look at all the various aspects of organizing a seminar, seminar topics, seminar presentation formats and how to market your seminar effectively.


This post is very long. Almost 9000 words. We sold it as book previously. You can copy and print or put in pdf format.

Table of Contents:

  • What You Need for Good Seminar.
  • Rule #1: Find The Right Seminar Topic.
  • Rule #2: Know Where to Find Your Market?
  • Rule #3: How to Effectively Reach Your Market
  • 6 Major Ways to Reach Your Intended Audience Effectively.
  • How to Craft Very Effective Seminar Adverts
  • The Most Important Aspect Of Your Advert.
  • Examples of Sneaky Headlines that Sell.
  • The Body of Your Advert
  • Using your Classified Advert Effectively.
  • Follow ups methods that work.
  • How to Pull in More Profits From Your Seminars.
  • How to Use “Birddogs” to Draw More People to Your Seminar Halls Than Ever in More Profits.
  • Timing of a Seminar.
  • Making More Profits From Seminars Via The Lichen’s Principle.
  • Seminar Case Study –MADE 740k, Over $4,500 AT ONCE.


Seminar marketing is one of the highest levels of information marketing.
And you don’t need to know a pin about any topic; neither do you need a lot of money to get started.
I like to call the seminar money system, Leverage Cash Marketing. This is because you will be leveraging on other people’s time and money to make money yourself.
Leverage marketing or seminar marketing can make you a lot of money – starting with little or nothing – just desire to be successful. So take a sip of drink, relax and lets go through the strategies.

What You Need for  Good Seminar.

  1. A good topic
  2. Knowing where to get your audience
  3. Knowing how to reach your audience
  4. Ability to work with experts, facilitators
  5. A blog
  6. A serious Marketing sense
  7. Honesty

Rule #1: Find The Right Seminar Topic.

It all begins with a topic, an idea, and an area of need that needs to be addressed. Let’s face it. If your seminar topic does not interest a lot of people, then go back and work on that first.
If you want people to rush to your seminars, then you must be sure that the topic is hot…really hot!
Any topic that has a powerful lesson about the following is usually hot:
  • Making money.
  • Dating.
  • Business.
  • Sxex.
  • Improving finances.
  • Educational topics.

Find an area first

There are some seminar topics that might be on other things like “How to build inverters, how to generate electricity from solar energy, etc
These topics too are hot because it is based on a major problem that the society is facing.
So, before you start spending money and time on adverts for your seminar, ask yourself 2 major questions.
  1. Is my seminar topic hot and marketable enough?
  2. Do I know the right place to advertise to the right people?
In this long post, I can’t be giving out examples of hot seminar topics that you can work on because there are so many of them outside there (tens of thousands of them)
If you are short of them, look through business magazines and journals for different adverts by various people and groups.
You can also look at your environment and check out the problems people are facing there.

Rule #2: Know Where to Find Your Market?

Got the first point?
Find a good topic area!
Then Second, know where your market is and go there.
You can imagine someone who organizes a seminar on “How to find your Mr. Right’ who now goes to distribute his seminar flyers in churches where the percentage of the unmarried congregation is only 5%.
Okay, it is good that you now have a seminar topic ready but you should also shout loud that “Where do I find my market”
What this means is that where would I have to spend the least amount of money to get the greatest results?
For instance, one of my friends wanted to do a seminar on forex in his area. This is what he had to say after wards.
“I wanted to organize a Forex seminar in my area but I discovered that the people there do not read Success digest (How do I Know? From the vendors who sell them)
I also know that people who have been using handbills don’t get good results. So, I decided to ask them a lot of questions to know where the fault is.
Good! My Forex seminar was a hot one but how do I reach out effectively to prospects that would want to come?
The first thing I had to do is to answer the question: where are the people?


It is only when you know where some people are located that you will be able to strategize on how to reach out to them. If you know they are in London, then that is when you know you have to use the Internet.
So, where do you think you can find people who will be interested in your seminar?
  • Is it in a particular country.
  • Is it in a particular state?.
  • Is it in a particular town?.
  • Is it in a particular church?.
  • Is it in a particular career?.
  • Do they read a particular publication?.
  • Is it on the internet?.
It might also be all over the counter like in the country like in the case of the ‘Solar power generator seminar” which is a solution to a problem that is affecting the whole country (including the FCT)
Pick up a paper and a pen and write down where you can find them?
So, if you are through with this exercise, let us now move on to something better and that is how do you reach your prospect (i.e. the people you want to come to your seminar).

Rule #3: How to Effectively Reach Your Market

Let my friend finish his forex seminar talk. Over to you…
“I was saying something on how I wanted to organize a Forex seminar and had to look for how to effectively reach out to people.
I had a great topic. The next thing I had to find out was where my market is and how to reach them.
From my brief research, I found out that the people I was looking for hanged out at cybercafés, offices, went to the banks etc.
With that, I knew I had to reach them through the radio or via handbills.
Another thing I did was to know how these people think and I discovered that due to some “wonder banks” operation in the past, some of them thought that Forex is the same thing as the wonder banks and that Forex is a scam.
So, I knew I had to use an advertising medium that will allow me to educate them to market to them and I choose to use the handbills that was different entirely from the ones you see everywhere.
I have decided to re-produce the words on my “Weird Handbill” below so that you can see that it is totally different….


NOTE – This write-up is strictly for some set of people below! If you are not partof them, simply ignore it. This write- up is for you …..
If you are a salary earner and you are desperately in need of a secure…and FAST way to earn more income!
If you are currently jobless and you do not know what to do right now to MAKE you survive!
If you are about to retire and you currently do not know where finances will come after you leave your job!
If you are currently serving the government (NYSC) and you are aware of the fact that the BIG monster called “Unemployment” is out there waiting!
If you just need a way to generate more money…FAST!
In short, if you would like to start earning INCREDIBLE Extra Income trading Forex…2 hours or less per day, this write up is for you
A young man named Ebenezer – not real name (One of the trainers) came into Forex after losing all his money to the fraudulent “wonder Banks” that so may people suffered from. He paid N30,000 for a poor Forex training (like most of the ones you will see around now) and because he was determined to succeed, he studied every book he could lay his hands n until he was bale to turn an account of $40 into $700 within a few weeks!
The second trainer (Remi) transformed an account of $230 into $7000 within a few months and you will hear more from him soon.
And That Is Why These 2 Guys Are Out To Confidently Reveal Closely Guarded Forex Trading Secrets To Only A Few People Simply Because….Most Forex Seminars And Course Out There Are Taught By People Who DO NOT Trade Forex…..and DON’T Really Know How To!

4 Real Reasons Why You Should Start Trading Forex Today!

  1. Forex means Foreign exchange and Forex is NOT a SCAM like most ignorant people think!
  2. Forex is the fastest and Most stress less way to make cool cash right under your house!
  3. The Forex market opens 24 hours a day and 5 days a week al over the world with a turnover of 2 trillion dollars!
  4. Forex is NOT a Get-Rich – Quick – scheme.
In case, you still need more info about Forex, simply pick up your phone now and call 08037654895

Would You Like To Succeed In Forex?

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Ok that’s enough.
The sales letter was pretty long so I stopped it halfway
The Point is finding the best way to reach your market.
The way you reach your market is dependent on the location. For instance, in my area, there are no widely read publications where you can advertise in.
But in a place like Lagos, there are hundreds of them for different niches.
I also know that you can’t paste posters all over the place in some areas of Lagos and other cities like you might be free to do so somewhere else.

6 Major Ways to Reach Your Intended Audience Effectively.

1. Handbills

The handbill system is cool and cheap especially if you are not organizing a big seminar where you have to reach out to people beyond your area.
Handbills are cheap and can only be used when you have a very clear idea of where interested prospects can be found. If you do not know exactly where you can find people who will be interested in your seminar, don’t use handbills but if you are sure that the people you are looking for hang out in some hotels, go there and give them your handbills.
If they are in a particular department or in a school, go there to give them the handbill. However, handbills only work very well if the adverts created on it are catchy. We would discuss how to create catchy adverts in the next section.

2. Posters.

The posters system is another good system but you also need to know where to paste the posters so that your message can effectively reach your prospects. Depending on the size of the posters, they are definitely more costly than the handbills.
Another thing about them is that people tear them away too often. That is why I suggest that you have to use the posters with another medium like handbills so that people don’t just forget about the adverts immediately they see it.
Under the section on creating adverts, I will show you what your handbills or posters should be able to quickly achieve as soon as the prospect looks at it.

3. Radio.

If you are willing to cause some hell of noise about your seminar in your area, then the radio is a way to go about it but the funny thing is that it is expensive. You can however get them to give you free advertising for your seminar by:
  1. Doing a JV with them
  2. Getting them to interview you on a widely listened to program.
Before I explain more about the 2 above, I want to call your attention to the fact that I said “Your area” because when you go over the radio to advertise, most of the time, 95% people who listen to you are in your area. The reason is that every area has their own radio stations.
This medium is good and I will advise you not to spend money for all those 1-2 minutes jingles where your seminar advert will only be mentioned once in day.

Instead of that, do the following:

Do a JV with the radio – if you have a very powerful seminar topic, simply approach the radio executives to sign up a deal with them. In the deal, they will help you in publicizing your seminar and they will get a certain commission of the profits from the seminar attendees.
You can even make their own commission 60% since you will still make money on the backend and this will make them want to help you by all means when they see ho much you are wiling to give to them. You must make this very enticing to them so that they can readily want to sign up the deal with you.
Get them to interview you on a widely listened to program – if there is a program that people listen to a lot and that is a little bit related to your seminar topic (that means your prospects will be listening to it), you can also call the presenter of the program for a JV or get him to invite and interview you on his program.
If you have some money to spend, another effective strategy you can use instead of jingles is to buy a period of time of like 5 minutes over the next 2 weeks – I month depending on your time for marketing the advert. This is referred to as infomercial.
You just educate the listeners on your seminar topic and make it very attractive and then, the adverts come up for your seminar. If you listen to Rev. Sam Adeyemi or Tony Olukoyede’s 5 minutes messages on the radio, then that is an example of what I am saying.


I have never used the TV but I know it is good only if you are holding a great seminar.
As you already know, the costs are high but you must know the kind of people you want to reach and research if they are watching the television station you have chosen to advertise in. another area you must be careful of when talking about TV shows is the timing.
Most people go to their work and they only have time for TV in the evening while the younger ones at home prefer to watch movies and music. You can also use the 2 free advertising methods I gave for radio here.

Banner Advertisement

This is another cheap and affordable means of advertising your seminars but as usual, not all seminars can be advertised with banners. The seminars you can advertise with banners are the ones that require some few words of advert to attract prospects. Topics like:
  • Forex Trading (When it was hot).
  • How to build inverters.
  • Internet browsing solutions (E.g. Browse for FREE).
  • Computer Repairs and Networking.
  • Solar Power Generation.
When it comes to other topics like “How to make money issues, people are skeptical due to the high level of poor seminars out there.
So you would have to combine 2 forms of advertisement to do that if you want to use banners and I will talk about that soon in the report.
Your banner must be strategically positioned and should be displayed in a place where people can not easily remove it (especially if it is big because a lot of street people use nice looking banners for domestic purposes)

Tabloid Advertisements

This is advertising through newspapers or magazines.
For the purpose of a seminar, daily publications are not good for advertising but weekly, bi monthly or monthly publications are okay due to expenses.
Now the next question is that which size of adverts would help you in driving enormous traffic to your seminar halls?
Here, the answers are:
  1. Classified adverts (starting from a 2inches by 1 column)
  2. Quarter paged adverts.
  3. Half paged adverts.
  4. Full paged adverts.
Tabloid adverts are excellent because they reach out to a vast number of people and if you are putting up your seminar in any of the cities (Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan, Enugu, Port-Harcourt etc) the tabloids will work very well provided you advertise in the right medium.
For instance, a lot of financially inclined people would read publications like MoneyWise, Financial Standard etc
So, if your seminar is on “How to make money from stocks trading,” your adverts should go right one of those types of financial publications and must not be found in HINTS magazine or Encomium.
NOTE – Actually, there are some seminar adverts that should come out inpublications like Punch, The Guardian etc but it must be quarter, half or full paged adverts and it should be seminars for business people, politicians etc
And you must note that Tabloid adverts are a little bit expensive, so read the next section very well before you ever place your advert in a tabloid.

Social Media Advertising.

Place some paid ads on Facebook and Google adwords and you could pull in more people than you thought.
As a matter of fact, this is compulsory.
Image result for seminars

How to Craft Very Effective Seminar Adverts

Now, it does not matter if you are using a handbill, posters, banners etc to advertise your seminars. The truth is that you are going to advertise using WORDS!
This simply means your ability to use great words to influence the prospect would make people rush to your seminars. This might look stupid but when done very well, it works like magic!
And that is exactly what copywriters do. They are able to creatively use words to influence and sell because “Words are Spirits” or don’t you believe that?
Okay. If you do not believe, have you ever seen someone crying before just because someone said some words to him or her? Okay, what about ladies who practically give everything they have (body, money, clothes0 to a guy simply because of some sweet words?
Now that is exactly how the words in your adverts are supposed to work wherever it is read or heard.
But most adverts suck. That is the truth. Let me quickly say this: if you do not know how to create powerful adverts or you do not have the patience to learn it, DON’T ever write one. Instead, employ, hire or persuade someone skilled at it to do it for you.
A lot of people think marketing is all about placing adverts. Some people think it is about selling a needed product/service but the truth is that marketing is a combination of all these things.
For instance, when I started organizing seminars, I used only about 50 posters and I got some results, then later I increased it to 100 and I got better results and I increased it to 200 and I got better results.
One thing I did not know then is that if I had worked to improve the adverts messages on the 1st 50 posters, I would still get better results.

The Most Important Aspect Of Your Advert.

The MOST important part of any advert is the headline. If you have missed it in the headline, then you have missed it together after all. I am telling you this from personal experience.
And you see, writing headlines is not something difficult. All you have to do is sit down and answer the following questions:
  1. Who I am writing this advert to?
  2. What is the HOT need of this person?
  3. What are the innermost desires of this person?
  4. Are there other adverts that I can tweak to crate mine?
That is all. Let’s take them one by one.
Firstly, you must have recognized who are likely to turn up for your seminar by now (prospects) because that is why you have decided to advertise using the medium you want to use now.
The next question is for you to define what the needs of this person are (Extra income, a way of making money with sports, investing etc)
The next thing you must work on is the innermost desire of the prospect. Does he want something fast or easy, cheap or great? Answer that and also list out the benefits the prospect will get from your seminar. Then pick out the greatest benefit and write it somewhere.
Also, ask yourself “why would this person prefer my seminar than others?” give reasons for this too.
Now, try to weave all this into a single sentence. It might not be easy here but keep trying the different suggestions that come to your head on a sheet of paper.
Also, to make your work easier since you are not a copywriter, there are some headlines that have been proved to work effectively that you can simply edit and use for yourself instead of cracking your brain. I have included some great ones below that you can use by tweaking them to create your own powerful headline.

Examples Sneaky Headlines that Sell

Speak Street French in 28 Days – Even if You’ve Never Taken a Single Foreign Language Class – 100 Percent Guaranteed!
Get Fit in 30 Days or Less No Matter How Out of Shape You Are Now – Guaranteed!
Discover How to Slash Your Cost of Living By at Least 30 Percent Within 10 Days without Lowering Your Standard of Living – Or Your Money Back!
Free Special Report Reveals How to Instantly Avoid the Catastrophe of Identity Theft Which Can Take Years to Clear From Your Record!
At Last, Within Seven Days You’ll Meet at Least One Person Who Tests Out as Your Ideal Romantic Partner – Or Your Money Back!
Finding it Impossible to Keep Off Those Extra Pounds?
Now you can stay in great shape and still enjoy Those foods you really love! (Sub-headline)
Worried About Losing Your Job?
Here is a proven time-tested way to get a new job fast, even in today’s tough times! (Sub-headline)
Worried About Your Child’s Grades in School?
Here’s a guaranteed system for turning C’s into A’s, improving concentration and transforming your Child’s self-esteem! (Sub-headline)
Can’t Find Quality Super Star Employees?
At last, here’s a proven guaranteed system which enables you to locate the truly outstanding employees in your field (Sub-headline)
Would You Sleep Better if You Had the Ultimate Protection Available Against Losing Your Job? Your best solution may be in starting your own profitable home-based business in your spare time! (Sub-headline)
The Secrets of Living in Style Without Any Money Worries!
* * * * * * * * * * * *
The Secrets of Becoming a Popular And Sought After Public Speaker!
* * * * * * * * * * * *
The Secrets of Dating the Most Desirable Women in the World!
* * * * * * * * * * * *
17 Conversation Secrets That Will Help Make a Favorable Impression on Any Important Business Contact!
* * * * * * * * * * * *
Seven Headline Secrets That Will Practically Compel Your Prospects to Respond to Your Advertising!
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
If You’re Tired of Your Old Sofa and Thinking of a Change, We Offer a Superb Selection, Helpful Design Consultants and a Comfortable Shopping Experience – At The Best Possible Prices!
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
If Your Car is a Wreck and You’d Love to Own a Cream Puff, This Free Report Will Show You a Guaranteed Way to Get the Best Price, and How to Avoid Getting Stuck With a Lemon!
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
If You’d Like to Dump Your Present Romantic Partner, This Confidential Free Report Will Reveal How to Do it Humanely While Exploring the Best Source of Single Men on the Planet – All at a Reasonable Guaranteed Price!
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
If You’re (describe the prospect’s biggest want) We Offer (Benefit #1) (Benefit #2) (Benefit #3)…
AND (bonus benefit)
No More Butterflies! No More Fear!
Learn the Tricks Pros Use to Speak with Ease to Any Size Audience!
No More Wet Beds! An Amazing Technique from Europe for Training Your Child in Just One Week! Try it Risk Free – a 98.7% Success Rate!
No More Bad Hair Days! Here’s a Proven Way to Maintain the Perfect Look Any Day of the Week!
No More Lost Sales! Here is an Automatic System for an Effective and Timely Follow-Up With Every Prospect!
No More Job Worries! Here is a Proven Guaranteed No-Risk System to Earn Big Money in Your Spare Time Beginning Without Capital!
Tired of Small or Sagging Breasts? Finally, a Natural Remedy for Stimulating and Tightening the Bust – Guaranteed!
Imagine…You a Millionaire Publisher!
Imagine…You on Top of the Best-Seller List!
Picture Yourself at the End of Your Speech Experiencing the Entire Audience Spontaneously Giving you a Standing Ovation!
Seven Reasons Why Information Publishing is Today’s Best Business Opportunity
11 Secrets I Wasn’t Taught in School That Have Put Millions in My Bank Account
Ten Ways to Survive and Prosper During the Current Recession
Six Ways to Beat the Coming Tax Increase
13 Inside Secrets to Getting the Best Deal On Your Next Automobile Car Dealers Do Not Want You to Know
101 Little-Known Ways to Add Perceived Value to Your Home So it Sells Fast For at Least 98.5 Percent of the Full Asking Price!
17 Ways to Make More Money From Home With Your Own Internet Business
There are Three Good Reasons an Internet Offer Succeeds… And You Already Know Two of Them– The Third Reason May Be The Final Piece of the Puzzle That Makes Your Next Offer Click
Here are some examples:
How to Grow Your Business, Gain More Free Time and Profit Like Never Before in Just Three Easy Sessions – Guaranteed!
Discover 147 Time-Saving Ideas That Will Help You and Your Staff Get Organized, Accomplish More in Less Time with Less Effort – Guaranteed or Double Your Money Back
How to Safely Lose 10 Pounds in 10 Days, Maintain Your Energy Level and Avoid Sagging Skin – Guaranteed or Your Money Back
How to Earn Money in Your Own Part-Time Internet Business, With Low Investment, Without Major Stress and Still Have a Life – or You Pay Nothing!
How to Meet Three Qualified Single Men in 30 Days Who Have Been Thoroughly Pre-Screened,
Now, the function of the headline is to get the reader to read the rest of the advert and you have achieved that if you have created a good one.

The Body of Your Advert

You now have to write the body of your advert.
Now, regardless of how or when you are advertising, the body of your advert must carry the following for maximum effectiveness.
  1. Your credibility.
  2. Proof/Testimonials of satisfied customers.
  3. A bait to collect prospects phone numbers/emails
  4. Great bonuses for the prospect.
  5. 100% satisfaction guarantee/Refund Policy
  6. An affordable price.
How do I know all these things? It is from study and experience.
You now have a headline that has lured the prospects into the adverts. The next thing is he wants to know if you are one of the scammers out there and you need to prove to him that you are not one and do it FAST!
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