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How To Start Waste Collection In Nigeria And Make Money

Everything on this earth has the possibility of making one rich, wealth is something that is hidden and obscure; only those with curious mind make wealth.

 Nothing is negligible or worthless when it comes to money making, in fact the most ridiculous jobs are more valuable than the most sought after white collar jobs. One of such is the waste collection business, don’t be amazed; it makes a living for some individual.


Waste collection business is a very lucrative business, though looks very squalid and unappealing but believe it, it is like a gold mine. 

There are wastes everywhere, collecting them and selling off to companies for recycling into finished goods can fetch you a lot of money. This business opportunity surfaced as a result of the advancement in technology; through the invention of the recycling processes. With this, you can make a steady and chilly income for yourself on a regular basis. 

All you need is simple, at the end of this article, you will be preparing your mind to make fortunes in an unbelievable way next year.
There are waste everywhere, sachet water nylon, rubber container and any waste materials you can think of, these are source of huge income. 

All you need to do is simple, just pile them up and contact any waste recycling plant, to sell off and make your money. It is as simple as that. 

I know you might feel disgusted but when creativity creeps into any business idea, money orbits the brain behind the business.

There are many firms who are greatly in need of waste suppliers, do not be amazed, even the government are in this game, so keep calm and prepare your mind to make a new way for yourself this new year. 

This business doesn’t require much capital to start up, you can start from your neighborhood with any amount you earmark for this business. 

This business has several benefits, apart from the financial benefits, it is more or less like an humanitarian job but a joyous one. As you remove dirty from the environment, keeping it clean, you move money to your account, thus, doing your civic duty and make a living simultaneously.

The firm you sell to is very crucial, they are not hard to come by, you can make research within your vicinity; the internet is very accessible, make use of it to get your clients as other top business bodies do. 

Anything you term waste is what you need for this business, gather them all and pile  to make them organized. 

Your sale is based on the weight of the wastes, your payment is made based on the weight of the waste and not how massive they are; a kilogram sells for about #45-#50. 

Imagine you are privileged to supply about 100kg daily, it amounts to #5000 daily; so if you now supply 30 days in a month, you make cool #150,000 per month.

 However, you can do more; like supply up to 1000kg a day, if you really know how to play the game.

 You don’t necessarily need to go around to pick up wastes yourself, it is really going to be tiring and discouraging. 
You can hired people at a cheaper rate to get this done and pay them penny to make your own real money. 
As time goes on, you can invest greatly in this line and form a venture that you manage, making money on a regular basis.

 The only cost you incur is that of transportation from your base to the recycle plant after payment has been effected. 

This business is a very lucrative one, you don’t need to be literate to take up this business; and as a graduate you can as well do more to add more value to this business and make a living for yourself, instead of hunting around for white collar jobs, get your hands dirty.
Business initiatives are derived from the uncommon.

 Before now, wastes have always been treated as waste because the exposure and technological level was low compare to now. 

Nothing is a waste anymore, there are many business opportunities to explore that are yet to be revealed. As new generation comes; it comes with new business opportunities, it is left to you to think out of the box and make yourself rich. 

Everything that exists is in the favour of man, to make him wealthy and happy; these two are functions of money making.
Waste collection business is a lucrative one, that can change your financial status next year, you prepare a feasible action plan and watch the manifestation.


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