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How To Start Flower Gardening Business In Nigeria

Flowers are known to be pleasant in our environment, not only to beautify our surroundings but also to produce fresh air for healthy living. The sight of flowers instigate people to have a deep thought about nature, it enhances natural feelings and brings back vigor to life. 
As flowers beauty our environment and add more glamour to life so also it can improve our living by adding glamour to our bank account.
Flower gardening is the act of cultivating or raising flowers for commercial purposes. This is a good business opportunity, people love and adore flowers. Before now, flowers are gotten from the wild but with the increase in agricultural knowledge, flowers are now cultivated and raised for sale, it is one of the ways to make money all year round without stress. It requires little or no capital.
 Delving into this venture requires some basic knowledge and skill, there are individuals trained on this profession, they are the florist.
Flower gardening is a fast growing business that has turned many to millionaires especially in Europe, America, and Asia. The basic  need for this business is the passion for it because, it requires a lot of patience, care and a desire to nurture and grow a flower, starting from the seed and then as a flowering plant. After all these, lots of monetary rewards come in. Imagine, the price of a simple flower pot is N2,000 in Ikeja GRA Lagos and the price varies depending on the flower specie, while a flower bouquet sells at  N15,000 and above.
Flower gardening is a very cheap, easy but lucrative business. However, you need to learn from professional gardener you met in the business before dabbling into it, as you know, experience is the best teacher. You need to be able to recognize the flowers and their names so also their growth habit and their market values. 
Also, you need to have some rudimentary knowledge on soil and it’s properties, the type of soil that favours flower growth. 
These are the basic knowledge you need to have a profitable flower garden.
The location of the gardening is key, it must a place that can be easily accessible, rich with good soil and conducive atmosphere for the flower growth. The location must be centralized such that it attracts buyers. 
Road sides and little hubs are always used as the venue for flower gardening.  Estates are big market, especially where elites reside.
 I bet you, they will pay handsomely to get good flower.
Knowledge is key, learn basic principles on plant growth and management of plants. The propagation method, either through seed or through the vegetative parts of the flower, planting duration etc.
Get good planting materials, get good seeds or vegetative parts.
 Prepare the soil by enriching it with adequate nutrients, especially nitrogen.
After lengthy period of nursing flowers, making sales is what comes to your mind. Its quite easy. You can sell your flowers at occasions like Mother’s Day, Birthday and Anniversary, Get-together parties, Funerals, Weddings,. These aforementioned periods are just but a few of the times and circumstances where flowers is highly needed. If you are well grounded, you can make deals with building contractors such that for every building they design, there is always create a portion for flowers to beautify the house.
Flowers are good in the environment, they provide oxygen and also beautify the environment. Every civilized person will acknowledge the importance of flower in the community. 

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